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Co-Creators World is exploring the art of conscious co-creation and the work of restoring harmony to our planetary life.

Are You a Co-Creator? – Do you accept responsibility for experiencing the life you are creating, care deeply for the life we are living together – one family of 7 billion souls on a blue planet?

rbowlineDiscover the Harmony of the One Life

– Insight into how group consciousness can advance humanity in creating new culture and harmony on Earth – the esoteric dynamics of light, colour, sound and electricity for healing, preparing for new civilisation by restoring our earth´s biosphere.

Download my E-Book “In Harmony With The Spheres”.

rbowline Learn about Profound Health Recovery with LIGHT Therapy

– A “Do it Yourself” (essential) Guide source now within everyone´s reach based on ancient wisdom and the updated work of leading pioneers Dinshah, Babbitt and others.

Get REAL News Now – by the people for the people!

– What critical forces are influencing your life and our Society right now?

– Should Governments and Corporations be held accountable for what they do?

–Are you really aware of what´s happening and willing to accept responsibility?

A new monthly news media project by the people for the people talking about their real life experiences.

Join us in the People´s Forum – “Get Real News” – putting truth, meaning and value back into our lives and our world debate together.


Join us on our Community Page

– Share your thoughts and insights on consciousness and our part in universal creation.

– Check out Wisdom Sharings – your comments are welcomed.


Talks and Presentations

Science of Conscious Co-Creation Seminars and Workshops are taking place
at our Environmental Community Centre in Alentejo Portugal and internationally.
Register for further news and bookings.


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