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Discover Sacred Portugal

Discover Sacred Portugal

Discover Sacred Portugal – Pre-booking Now for Summer/Autumn 2017

Join us for a 3 day tour of sacred sites – a long weekend adventure
or longer for 7 days – a sacred journey to all these locations.

* Cromlechs, Dolmens and the Solstice Trackways of Celtic Europe
* The Way of Living Waters, Sacred Architecture of Old Lisbon
* Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Masonic Initiation and Atlantis
* Tomar, the Templars and the Ascension Mystery of Isis


oin a group of spiritual citizens to experience, to discover and to explore sacred places in Portugal. This is a land that retains clear soul energies, a nation moved by historic changes from the legend of Lusitania- ”Land of Light”, rooted in the Celtic culture, Templar first nation and the initiator of global discoveries.

Awaken Timeless Consciousness * Activate Sacred Earth Energies

We will travel together, meditate and reconnect within ourselves to the lineage of ancient knowledge and of earth mystery. As a group we will honor the Teachers and their gifts of Wisdom and Power. We will seek to unlock the doors within , to welcome and reinvoke the spirit of place for a new era and beginning.

Opening our hearts and communing with nature is to invoke spiritual reconnection. Now is the time to reawaken our selves to the sacred knowledge of the living energies that connects us to our Earth and to the Stars. Now is the time for Earth Healing.

Our societies are changing. We are between civilisations, seeking a new vision and opening to oneness and cosmos within. It is up to us, with integrity and in response to these critical times, in transition from one age to a new one of unity consciousness and unconditional love, to participate, to renew, and to unfold a more holistic future for our children and the generations to come.

Group Experiences for Earth Healing in Sacred Places of Portugal

  • Accomodation in Cottages and Pensions with full board (vegetarian options)

  • Choose from programs of 3 to 7 days. (+ 1 day excursions by special arrangement fo groups of 5 to 10 people)

  • All inclusive cost. Please arrange your own travel insurance.

* Cromlechs, Dolmens and the Solstice Trackways of Celtic Europe

Iberia’s largest Stone Circles exists in Portugal, the Cromlechs of Almendres. The region is rich in the large tripod enclosures known as Dolmens. The most ancient Trackway of the Solstice Sun known as the Via Herakles (Way of the Sun God Hercules) to the Celtic people begins in the South Western tip of Portugal and extends across Southern Europe to the Pillar of the Sun in the Swiss Alps!

Evora Megaliths Celtic Map

We will journey to some of these sites where earth energies are focussed. With dowsing and meditation we will consciousnessly energise the Earth grid, a medium of cosmic vitality and lifeforce.

* Tomar, the Templars and the Ascension Mystery of Isis

One of the most sacred mysteries of ancient knowledge in Portugal was brought by the Knights Templars where they established Europe’s first independent Free Nation State in the region of Tomar where they were known as the Knights of Christ.

Tomar Templar Mysteries
Certain Mystery Teachings of ancient Egypt were recovered during the Crusades that gave rise to the Renaissance era. Whilst the Templars outer activities influenced all of Europe, the inner Sanctum of the Grail mystery was maintained in the sacred Temple complex of Tomar.

* Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Masonic Initiation and Atlantis

Sintra is a small mountainous region between Lisbon city and the Atlantic ocean. Said to have links with Atlantis, Sintra is bathed in kundalini energies and steeped in mythology.

Sintra Regaleira
Amidst the woodlands bordering the Moorish Castle, caves and tunnels lead underground. Do they connect to Agatha the central kindom of the Earth? What was the initiation well used for at Regaleira, a mansion of magnificent architecture?

* The Way of Living Waters, Sacred Architecture of Old Lisbon

Legends of “The Fifth Kingdom” are hidden in plain sight within the sacred architecture of the old city, rebuilt by King John (João) V after the major earthquake at the end of the Renaissance era. Like an eternal ceremony, seven water sources supply the old city from across the longest stone viaduct in the world. The “free waters” flow into the Mother of Waters then underground to twelve city fountains. We find the journey of humanity from cosmic origins recorded in the old street names, leading us upon the Way of Ascension from the source to the heart of the golden city within.

Please enquire now for Details and Bookings – for the coming season !

Discover Sacred Portugal

Typical Itinerary

Long Weekend – 3 days and 2 nights

Day 1 – Pick up until mid-day
Journey to Sacred Site 1, Dinner at hostel

Day 2 – Group orientation
Relax and enjoy the City
Journey to Sacred Site 2 for Sunset
Dinner at hostel

Day 3 – Departure, an option al visit to a special site arranged if time permits, and return to airport.

Casa Shanti

Typical guest accomodation
Single or double room options,
Vegetarian dinner + breakfast.

Discover Sacred Portugal – 7 days + 7 nights

Day 1 – Pick up until mid-day, Journey to Evora Cromlechs, Group Orientation and Dinner at hostel./span>

Day 2 – Relax and enjoy the City of Evora Journey to Dolmen enclosure for Sunset

Day 3 – Journey to Old Lisbon via the Alcântara valley and to the “Mother of Waters” Temple Reservoir.

Day 4 – Visit to the “August Way”, from the Pillars of Gemini of the River Tejo to the Praza Rossio, heart of the old city and the underground tunnels of 12 fountains.

Day 5 – Journey to Sintra and to the sacred gardens of Quinta da Regaleira.

Day 6 – Journey to Tomar

Day 7 – Morning in Tomar, afternoon visit to the sacred Temple complex.

Day 8 – Departure and return to airport

We are now taking Pre-Booking for September + October 2017.

Space is limited – Please make your provisional reservation, to avoid dissapointment and to help reduce costs.

Prices are for groups of 5 minimum and up to 10 people.

Evora visit

Costs per person:

Long Weekend – 379.00€ (5 in group)
275.00€ (up to 10 in group)

Discover Sacred Portugal – 990.00€ (5 in group) 750.00€ (up to 10 in group)

Our intention is to make these sacred sites tours accessible to everyone whilst providing a personal and quality experience with treasured memories.

Please contact us now to reserve your place to discover sacred Portugal in September or October 2017:

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Thank you for your interest !


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