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The Nature of the Soul

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in Consciousness and Applied Wisdom

Applied Wisdom

T he Nature of The Soul is a course of instruction in The Wisdom, a field which is beginning to make its reappearance in humanity’s life and affairs. The Wisdom is not a religion, philosophy, or science, but an independent field of study, experience, and practice. The Nature of The Soul is a course in self-initiated spiritual growth and development (applied wisdom) designed to facilitate step-by-step unfoldment from individuality to group awareness, from unconscious activity to conscious service to the One Life.

Initiating your own spiritual growth and development means choosing a path of study, practice, and application which is right for you. This course is a step by step transformative process providing profound knowledge as to who we are, why we are here and what is our purpose.

These series of lessons constitutes a training in the science and art of meditation and of applying by service in preparation for a new culture of conscious living. Students participate in the USA, Canada, South-America, Australia and Europe and in several languages. Teachers and students come from many traditions and are not part of any organisation. Nature of the Soul is offered online as a series of weekly seminars.

Meditation is a scientific process whereby Soul contact
is realized and Soul infusion achieved.”

Meditation trains the persona to align with the Soul, discover its purpose, and apply that purpose in inner and outer activity. The Soul becomes causative to the persona, and the persona becomes receptive to the Soul.

Techniques practitioners learn will help to purify, balance and re-align their personality so as to support an unfolding realisation of life’s potential according to the divine plan. Not only will this enable them to take part in the evolutionary path of life within the whole but to become an agent of wisdom in one’s community and in the life and affairs of humanity. Observing life unfolding according to universal laws that we endeavour to understand, the wisdom is applied intelligently by initiating and creating opportunities to serve the greater good of all.

Study of the esoteric wisdom reveals the nature of the human soul and its instrumentality, our origin, role and destiny within a universe of relationships that include energy and forces at every level of being, and the processes of transformation and conscious co-creation.

The Nature of The Soul has a threefold approach:

  • The Lessons,
  • Meditation work and keeping a meditation log,
  • Group dialogue

Together they balance the overshadowing wisdom of the course, the inner experience of that wisdom, and its expression in the world of affairs. During this period as you learn and practice the techniques, you will make the Wisdom part of your daily life and affairs.

The application of the Wisdom includes:

Subjective activity: Most of your service will be of a subjective nature, and may include many of the techniques you learned in The Nature of The Soul and its sister courses. As you continue to practice the Wisdom after completing the instruction, you will create an opportunity to help transform your environment.

Objective service: Your subjective practice may result in opportunities for providing objective service to family, friends, co-workers or the environment.

The complete training can last a year and is presented as a weekly video seminar facilitated by a trained teacher. Students meet online to work through and discuss each lesson and may choose to practise a given meditation instruction during the interval between group study classes.

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No commitment to ‘sign-up’ to a seminar training season is required. You are encouraged to follow and aspire to your own path of learning and conscious development as guided from within.

Namaste !