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May the Soul awaken in our People!

The coming of Age of “the Mabon”

Divine Child of the Solar Hero and the Divine Mother for the Reenchantment of Our Society

“Mabon” Equinox Festival Virgo 2013

Nurturing Collective PowerDuring the resent “Grand Sextile” of planets,
I began to review the ancient history of Britain in relation to the high culture, spirituality and heritage that defined the society of the indigenous people that ended with the Celtic-Christian Mythology of King Arthur.  This “poem” is an attempt to remember a particular lineage and by so doing, help us regain a conscious psychosynthesis of who we are as a people, a living sense of empowered being, freed from our past. As our lands and liberties appear under threat by the machine of materialism, this sense of Self can unbind us from that illusion and enable us to cross a bridge of mind from that which sees forms and limitations toward a new realm of being, a living conscious community of One Life.

Celtic In ancient days of our once Emerald Isles
Celtic wisdom flowed from Sun and Moon
And all things of the Mother Earth.
Druid Priests guided society by The Stars
And Heaven was Mirrored on Earth
By the sacred Patterns of Harmony in Sound,
Of proportion and place of town and Sacred Grove.
Ten Perpetual Choirs singing for the People both day and night –
An enchantment of their mystic Avalon.

Ten Perpetual Choirs of Ancient Celtic Britain

Ten Perpetual Choirs of Ancient Celtic Britain

When Rome conquered Briton
She discovered not a primitive people but A great order and pattern to their lives,
Of towns and trackways,
A ritual precision
Enabling society to function
In Natural Time as part of a quest –
A journey that wedded the Solar Hero –
The King with the White Goddess
The Great Mother of the Life of the Land.

It is told, from Apocryphal sources, that Joseph of Arimathea
High Priest of the Essenes arrived in the Western lands,
31 years after the Lord’s Passion,               Decagon of Perpetual Choirs of Ancient Celtic Britain
Brought with him the Holy Grail of Christ.
While establishing Tin mining
For the Roman armory and trading of Lapis
Precious stones and such,
He built the first Christian church out of wattle and stone
There on the Wirral Peninsula of Ynys Prydein (Wales)
And married into the Celtic line …

druid_01With the Romans came first twelve Christian missionaries.
By AD156 and at the bequest of the King
The Pagan Churches were rededicated to Christianity;
Three Arch-flamens (Solar) and 28 Flamens (Lunar) –
Druidic orders responsible for ensuring that rites were done to tradition,
Became Arch-Bishops and Bishops of the Church.

When Rome was done and withdrew, civilisation changed.
Ynys Prydein – “Realm” or “Kingdom” of Britain – Wales,
The Britons, being the indigenous peoples of our land,
Were under threat of tyranny by Saxons,
Long since occupying Anglia to the East,
Then by Pictish tribes of Alban, from Powys further north
Who had conquered that land by AD70.
Against this threat the great wall of Offa´s Dyke was built.

So it was the Kings of Prydein sought the aid of Merlin
Druid wise, to choose a Battle Leader as their High King.
Uther Pendragon wedded Eigyr who gave birth to the Mabon,
Divine child Arthur, raised by the Waters of the Goddess (River Dee)
By this wedding – the Chief Dragon with the Spirit of the Land,
The ancient Celtic bloodline was interwoven by design with the lineage of the Christ.

Stones of the Heroes, Cerrigydrudion

Stones of the Heroes, Cerrigydrudion

The Kings gathered at Merlin´s bequest
And from the day the sword Excalibur was drawn from the stone
`till his death, the light of Arthur and Avalon burned bright
Yet the age of Celtic High Magic was ended.
Though the Christian Bishops prepared
The last Rights for Arthur’s body, it disappeared!
Perhaps it was the White Lady’s doing
High Priestess Morgana, the Fay who
Rose up that mighty storm that Stones of the Heroes, Cerrigydrudion
Took his body away reclaimed by the Celtic Motherland?
“All the world’s wonder a Grave for Arthur” –
Ynys Afallach, the Latin Insula Avallonis,
Realm of Avallonis. Annwn, Otherworld
Beneath the Mountains of the Three Mothers.

CelticWomanThe New Age of Pisces set about establishing its pattern
With the conquering of nations both far and wide
And, as if to erase the memory of our own inheritance,
The good English King Edward I, burnt all the old sacred texts.
The “Crois Naidd” (true cross), Arthur’s Crown,
Legendary Relics of the “British People”
Passed into the hands of the monarchy
And Prydein became part of “Great Britain” –
Four Nations made as one, even history rewritten
To suit the Crown by Geoffrey of Monmouth’s hand,
Bones dug up in Somerset, Glastonbury, England
They said it was those of the old High King.

White StagBy this we saw the pattern of Monarchy, Politics and Religion
Set upon its path with the building of nations,
Personalities and Spirit interweaving.
Bt by this birth of the Mabon –  divine Soul child
Born of Father Sun and Mother Earth,
The Soul in us has now finally come of Age.

Remembering and forgiving that which was lost from us and torn asunder
We can make conscious and thus whole again.
Now at a new turn of the spiral in the Womb of Time,
And remembering our ancestral lineage
The Spirit of the One, seeded in us from the beginning
When Heaven was wedded with Earth,
Rises in our hearts and we see with clear vision.

Father Sun, Your Light shines through our eyes and minds
Breathing the breath of life through all beings.
Our bodies made from You the One Earth our Mother.
Of God and Goddess are we so wedded
that naught, nor even death, can tear asunder.

Frackin Balcombe UKTo go once more must we defend the Earth
From the machinery of materialism gone mad,
(fracturing wells in every county,
no public right of appeal, no alternative energy permitted,
local communities offered £100,000 “privileges”?!
Age old trickery – let it go!

All our institutions – with none accepted
Are found to be false substitutions of the One True Law.
Of Sovereign Soul, You and I and the Divine,
Beyond hand of man, beyond mind
In stillness not writ in stone
Unbinding us all but to That which we Are and naught else.

TriquetraAt the close of this age and the beginning of a new
Our lives once more will be woven to the Stars.
The Song and Symphony of that Great Archway and Wheel of Heaven
Defines the melody and magic in each one of us,
Chanting on the pathway of our society to come.

With Love and Strength!


Ref: The Measure of Albion – The Lost Science of Prehistoric Britain, by Robin Heath and John Michell
The Keys to Avalon – The True Location of Arthur´s Kingdom Revealed, by Steve Blake and Scott Lloyd..

A major principle in healing states:

“You cannot heal or fix what you cannot see or know to be broken!”

“I am the Mother and the Child. I, God, I matter, am.”
 – keynote of the Soul in Virgo.

Please share - your vision, thoughts and insights are welcome. Thank you!