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2016 A State of Change – Our Lives Our Society on Get Real News!

Eye of the WorldJon and Paul get into a new year shout aboutthe Real News.

How is change effecting your life?
Is society going to hell in a hand-basket?
Do you feel it´s time to get off and get out,
how to be free of the ILLUSION?

Get Real – What´s your awareness?

Do you want to consciously make change in your life?

Society is not what we thought it was.
Now we know – everyone knows what is going on.
We are now all of us “in the change”.

Now – how do we take the next step – of reclaiming our freedom, our creativity, our power to be human?

Is life all about feeling secure against future change and comfort or more about acting from heart no mater what cost, our humanity and out traditional values of family and community, leading by example?

The People´s Get Real News Forum
with indi-media rant-mongers
Paul Palmer and Jonathan Eveleigh.

We are just “ordinary citizens”. We can see the evidence and we want to put the truth and the feeling of “human family” back into our world reality. We want you to join us by shouting “the Real News” with your friends and fellow citizens in your part of the world community.

Tell us what You think – we would love to hear your experience, your awareness of change!

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