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2016 − Entering Conscious Synchronicity

Calendar of Cosmic Ideation through the 2016 Year of the Mayan 20:13 Time Frequency

A s we enter the new Gregorian Year of 2016 a few thoughts are offered on attuning consciousness to the synchronicity of telepathic Time, the realising of higher dimensional planetary consciousness, and the potential for the releasing of energies that “drive the very wheel work of the universe” (Tesla).

On 1st January 2016 through to 2050 the Earth´s meridian at Giza, Egypt is said to align with the Star Sirius.

Giza - Sirius Meridian 1950 - 2050Cosmic ideation is the impulsing of the field of universal consciousness of the fourth Buddhic or Intuitional plane through the rhythmic geometric and symmetrical pattern expressed as Time. The dimension of time is brought into effect by the movement of spirit into physical expression. The process of the individualisation of consciousness from the synchronous order of universal consciousness causes spiralling and periodic motion in Time of rotating vortexes in the universal ether of Space (described in part by Marco Rodin 3-6-9 vortex maths[i]). Time and Space are interchangeable reflections of one thing. As Pi and Fibonacci in-formation as the accretion of matter forms around individualising solar consciousness in Space so too is all harmony and measure reflected in Time. There is but One Life expressing through the geometry of Space and Time.

Sourcing Energy from Planetary Dynamics

The heat energy emitted by and sustaining the life of all the planets from within, in contrast to solar and cosmic radiation, is apparently derived from the total angular momentum of solar and stellar bodies acting upon the etheric field. Richard Hoagland´s presentation of Maxwell´s finer work on “hyperdimensional physics and astrology”[ii] is confirmed by such scientists as Paul Dirac (see article “Dirac’s Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy”[iii]).

Faraday Motor by DePalmaIt is interesting to consider that Bruce DePalma´s homopolar induction “N-machine” which Hoagland references, an overunity energy invention[iv], using rotating magnetized gyroscopes based on Faraday´s original Disc Motor, is said to derive its energy source from space through angular momentum. Nicola Tesla produced the first patented device based on Faraday´s Disc Motor but chose not to develop it further in favour of his later experimental work of the transmission of dialectrical energy utilising extra-luminal (synchronous) longitudinal telluric wave without wires). The Faraday disc motor appears to replicate a planets electro-magnetic field characteristics. Also of interest will be to note that Eric Dollard is apparently currently writing the maths for longitudinal (dielectric) analogue transmission through the earth that will remove velocity from the equation, i.e. synchronous transmission and reception of electrical (AM frequency) energy.

Attuning Consciousness to the Galactic Field of Time

Upon studying the Mayan Tzolkin, a pattern is revealed that describes the induction of subtle energy from higher dimensions over time. This pattern is in the shape of a subtle vortex field, rather like an Anu, or “Babbit Atom”, the spiralling motion of inner-Yin and outer-Yang solar and lunar energies.

Mayan Tzolkin Anu
The Sacred Mayan Tzolkin Calendar and a depiction of the Anu – etheric atom

The Tzolkin describes 20 x 13 day archetypal cyclic wave period of time in an overall geometric pattern of a vortex field. Vortex maths show interlinking between dimensions and the 20:13 number ratio maps the solar to lunar (Yin-Yang) geometry of one Earth year (52 weeks) to the Star Sirius.

73 x 260, (20x 13) = 52 x 365 years = 18,980 days = 52 years,
one Sirius B rotation around Sirius A.

The timing frequency of the Tzolkin is a gift of the Mayan civilisation and is a means of attuning the human consciousness to the higher vibrational frequency and channel of the Galactic Star Council, the Great White Lodge of Sirius.

Cosmic Star Family
Join a global contact groups meditation first Saturday every month.

Cosmic Ideation through the 2016 Year of the 20:13 Time Frequency

The following 260 day chart, starting 20 Dec. 2015, ending 5 Sept.2016, is intended to provide a notion of a transpersonal reality – the cosmic impulsing of the planetary Noosphere through the new 260 day Tzolkin cycle, further integrating of mind and consciousness that characterises all intelligent life throughout the universe known – unknowable except through the eternal synchronous moment.

Dates: Archetypes: Keynote: Strengthened by: Activated by:
~ Skywalker
(space, prophecy)
Initiating the birthing of
cosmic ideation
Cosmic impression Intuition


~ World-bridger
Enchantment of world antahkarana Transpersonal Vision The fearless quest


Hand (healing)
~ Storm (vortex)

Seeking wholeness through
cyclic regeneration

Identification as
One Soul
Electric Antahkarana


~ Human (will)
Integrating solar fire through service to humanity Grounding Group communication


~ Serpent (instinct)
Awakening human intuition Receptivity to
the Plan


~ Mirror
Humanity is a reflection
of cosmos
Wholeness The Over-Soul


Storm ~ Monkey
(play of illusion)
A transformation of paradigms Duality, choice
Human ~ Seed Choosing the path of service Continuity of consciousness Meditation


Serpent ~ Earth Evolving One
synchronous Life
Cooperation Group endeavour


~ Dog (Love)
Appearance of Cosmic Presence Self-generation Sacrificial action


~ Night (intuition)
Evoking the new paradigm Human influence Embarking on
an adventure


Seed ~ Warrior Living between dimensions Instinct and circumstance Perseverance
Earth (synchronicity)
~ Moon (purification)
Transformation through conscious regeneration Separation Bonding the
group life


Dog ~ Wind Sounding the word of love Maya Wisdom is
love in action


Night ~ Eagle Envisioning the reality Dispelling illusion Transmutation
Warrior ~ Star Establishing the truth Synchronicity Consensus



Moon ~ Dragon Liberation through forgiveness Desire Enacting out
the drama

A “Day out of Time”


Sirius conjunct Sun White Planetary Mirror
“I perfect in order to reflect – Producing order,
I seal the matrix of endlessness
With the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of death.”


Wind ~ Wizard Telepathic Communication Abundance A common vision


Eagle ~ Hand Universalising Galactic Consciousness Integrity Telluric activation


Star ~ Sun Completion and transcendence
of cosmic ideation
through cyclic impulsing
Redemption Universal Love

The Gayatri Mantra

Oh Though in Whom we live and move and have our being
Who givest sustenance to the universe
From Whom all things proceed and to Whom all things return,
Unveil to us the true face of the Spiritual Sun
That we may know the truth
And do our whole duty
As we journey to Thy sacred feet.




Archetype indicates ideation in its noumenal or intuitional form,
Keynote Tone and Seal indicates energy or qualities emerging through form,
Strengthened by suggests an element or aspect that is providing a bridge toward integration,
Activation indicates a catalyst of transformation.

If you would like to know your Mayan Galactic Profile including galactic signature, life orientation and transpersonal group potential, just send me your date of birth.

For a downloadable desktop daily readout of Tzolkin keynotes click here for a simple version or here for more advanced.

Namaste and blessings for living in the now year!

Jonathan Eveleigh


[i] Intro. To Rodin Vortex Maths – and

[ii] Richard Hoagland´s article on hyperdimensional physics of the solar system in 3-parts –

[iii] Dirac’s Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy, part 1 and part 2 (pdfs)

[iv] Bruce DePalma´s overunity N-machine –

Please share - your vision, thoughts and insights are welcome. Thank you!