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A Journey into Self-Healing

Liberating the Soul from the Reactive Mind!

R ecently I discovered a powerful, effective and simple way of emotional healing that can free one from the reactive mind forever. Some real gifts came into my life that are helping me to access life’s true power and potential for me to be in the presence and I would like to share them with you.

We all know the world has to change for the better or humanity and life on Earth faces a dire and uncertain future. A wonderful future is offered to us if we embrace our universal nature. If we do that one thing is certain, we will have let go all ego-preserving habits that keep us safe but not saved, we will have transcended the survival mind and we will have stepped right outside the limitations of our social conditioning and our personal history. If we do this together history will no longer repeat and as a free humanity, connected to Earth and Spirit, a genuine cosmic journey will begin for us.

We all know how impactful emotional trauma can be. An emotional experience can leave us wounded or damaged in ways that cause us to forget our original innocence and then we find ourselves playing out repeated dramas and patterns of behaviour. We may think we have resolved painful memories but then experiences somehow stack up as if rereading from an underlying source code. Relationships fail again or our potential remains unfulfilled while we dream of new horizons and hoped for world changes. Yet the subconscious never forgets emotional programming that spills over between generations and even lifetimes that act as a filter upon our reality. However hard we may try nothing really changes in our worlds until and unless we rewrite or better still erase the filtering altogether from our subconsciousness. If we are to set ourselves free from self-sabotaging our future from the curse of habitual patterning, we need to go beyond changing our beliefs and self-image, we have to resolve and clear our subconscious memories all the way down to the cellular level. And if we do we have a chance to really be the change in this world from the inside out.

It came as a surprise to learn that the cells in our body replace themselves at short intervals. Just a few days and you actually have a complete new set of eyes. Just six weeks and you have a new liver. This being so, why does illness continue over from one cellular generation to the next? The short answer is that the memory imprinted by an emotional event is retained, just as it is in a computer hard drive. Every cell has an electrical capacitance that maintains an induced frequency – of vitality and health, or disease from one generation to the next. You don’t always get sick from an emotional event of course, but in this world of the subconscious, history keeps repeating itself until we wipe the source code completely clean and realign ourselves with the true Source of original unbounded potential inherent in us at the moment of our birth.

The simplest technique for clearing out subconscious memory patterning that I have discovered is called The Journey Method pioneered by Brandon Bay. It’s incredibly powerful. I am assuming you are already familiar with inner visualisation journey work or meditation practises and that you are no stranger to the world of the subconscious and of the soul. Here is a glimpse into a way of self-healing adapted from the Journey.

  1. Find a quiet safe space and time for your body and mind to be clear, calm and relaxed.

  2. Align with the Universal You.

  3. Feel into your body and recognise that every cell in your body has a living mind memory of emotion all of their own. In this world of your subconscious life, there are as many cells as there are stars in the galaxy, all being is within you.

  4. Open your heart’s awareness to receive any kind of emotion that may come up from cellular memory by saying quietly, “I am opening and receptive now to any emotion that may come from within that is ready and willing to be received into my awareness.” Intend this and invite such receptivity between your awareness and your cellular memory.

  5. Be open and feel what comes up for you, any emotion with or without an associated memory. Don’t think just be available to your feeling nature. As you register an emotion, allow yourself to deepen into it, to experience it fully. Then say clearly to yourself, better out loud if you can:

  6. “I accept and acknowledge this emotion (name it)”. When you do so, your body will sigh with relief!

  7. So thank your body with love and forgiveness and take note of any memory that comes up for you: “I am so sorry … thank you … I love you.” Be clear about who you are forgiving, yourself – for laying down these emotional imprintings. Receive the Love.1

The JourneyNow don’t stop at this point. This is just the beginning. Beneath this surface emotion will be others. Emotions are layered. As you continue you will find yourself releasing ever more deeply emotional imprinting down until you reach ground zero, the Source of all emotion which is pure unbounded Joy. On the way you will uncover the core issue that has been the filter around which all your limitations have been built. When that has gone all that remains is your pure potential for being your Universal You.

Healing those memories that come up for you needs some more journey work. Imagine a camp fire around which you invite all those present from that memory, including your younger self. Around the fire is a chance for the younger you to speak out your emotion to whoever needs to hear you and for you to hear from them what they could never say from their heart. This is so special I cannot say more except to invite you to learn more …

This is called The Journey Method. It is a simple but profound way of liberating the Soul. It can help you deal with painful memories, even heal from life threatening illness. It is now being applied by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Brandon Bay was diagnosed with a basket ball sized tumor and given six weeks before surgical intervention was inevitable. She was a life coach and self-development trainer suddenly called to face her worst fears. Trusting her intuition, her own journey led her to discover this technique and as she uncovered core emotional layers so the tumor began to dissapear. By the time the six weeks were up it was gone, it had taught her all she needed and her illness became her greatest gift.

If you would like to know more, her book The Journey is available for free – just pay for the postage. If you would like to master the Journey technique, join one of the international Intensive weekends. (be sure to download the Journey Worksheets).

Quite simply the world is ready for self-healing at this level of simplicity. We render the world a great service by dissolving the fear and the survival patterns that have held us in the past and back from the future. We are universal beings capable of miracles beyond imagining.

Your humanity deserves to experience the power and unbounded potential of your Universal You!

With Love and healing joy


Other Self-Healing Resources:

Hoponopono – The Forgiveness Technique,
“I am so sorry … Please forgive me … I love you … Thank you.”

The Havening Technique – neuron reprogramming from negative to positive emotional triggering.

Before the golden age of the Soul can come into being, humanity must examine the thought-forms which gov-ern its life and affairs. Many of these were created long ago out of fears and superstitions which today have no basis in truth, yet they continue to dictate our experi-ence because we have not eliminated them from our mental environment.”

– Applied Wisdom – “Creative Thinking”, by Lucille Cedercrans.

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