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A Journey of Consciousness – Returning Soul to Our Origin

I magine tracing a thought back to its origin. Pause for a moment in reflection. Who or what is there? For we know that we are not our bodies, neither our emotions or the thoughts that play through our mind. Where did the original thought come from? Thoughts so easily lead to emotions that lead to actions and their consequences. But we know that we are not this projection. What then are we? Let us trace a journey of the divine spark from its inception into form, into creation and the birthing into being of consciousness.

Before the created universe was formed, before a fall from a divine state into one of appearances, there was we are told, what may simply be described as, a boundless sphere of pure unconscious Beingness, formless and void. Yet there is within it a latency, a threefoldness. Arising from within at some one point, as if upon still waters, an impulsing of Will and Purpose upon the clear still surface of Mind of Intelligent Light, Atma upon Manas, the infusing of Spirit in Matter, of Father and Mother, gives rise to the projected appearance of the created universe, in space and time.

Perhaps there is awareness of this creation but not identification yet by Its Creator? There is the creation and life within it but it is a projection, a thoughtform not conscious of itself. The divine spark has yet to move through the condensing layers and awaken to the crystalline frequency of manifest Light, the phyto-plant kingdom to become … the first tree. Then animal Man appears too and, as if in a flash, the divine spark infuses the seed of consciousness and awakens in man for the first time the dawning of self-awareness. For aeons there is the identification of the soul – consciousness with the projected appearances – the Fall from an original divine state of pure boundless Being, into finite reflections of form-stuff, a prison of sensations and duality within a projected world.

Now, turning back upon the long journey of evolution, we willingly bring consciousness into being; consciousness being the magnetic field of Love-Wisdom attracting Divine Will-Purpose to the Intelligent Light of Creation in right relationship. We are letting go of our identification with thought-form experiences. Instead of a dualistic and polarised world projection, unconscious of its origin, we are beginning to restore right identification and right polarity between Atma and Manas, Will-Purpose – our united will with Intelligent Light – our higher mind. This trinity we call Atma-Buddhi-Manas or the One in Three and Three in One. We are discovering that our true nature is Consciousness itself, the magnetic medium of awareness capable of mediating between the Plan and the Intelligent Light of Appearances. Instead of a fallen world of so much pain and suffering, we, the many who are one and the One who are many, see a sphere of great Beauty, the Earth rising upward up toward a divine inheritance, a fully conscious Synthesis of Being.



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