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A New Spirituality – Impressions of Cosmos

A new spirituality is unfolding on the Earth.

Healing GeometryA seeding, in the fertile soil of group conscious humanity, is taking root. The signs are everywhere. In the way of all things gifted by Nature, it goes by one simple word, “Cosmos”.

Cosmos transcends all paths and traditions yet includes them all. The cosmos brings people, young and old alike together in childhood inner-sense. Across all divisions of time and space, from all faiths and nations, cosmos finds a most natural expression in a simple communion with the stars that shine for us nightly in the sky for intuitively we know we are not alone in the universe and never have been. This simple act can awaken faint memories within, between the inner and outer realms of our being, recognising perhaps, as if invited by all of Nature, a reflection of ourselves, of distant origins, of kindred spirit, a sense of completion, of coming Home, somehow to the beginning; our quest for meaning and purpose and being.

I was fortunate to be a part of a group of such people from all over Europe for a weekend. Our purpose was just this, to consciously build an inner connection between ourselves and the great lives that guide our evolution, both planetary and galactic. It was an eye opening experience. Imagine, being in a circle under the canopy of stars, meditating together. That first evening, like a miracle, we were suddenly surrounded by electric fireflies, blinking, pulsing, dancing lights all around, like a scene from Avatar. It was as if the stars themselves had come down to Earth and out to play!

The key focus of such groups, and there are now a growing few in many countries, is a recognition of an unconditional love and group service that links all beings to a higher plan. Such groups are really the early bridge builders working towards a more open contact between humanity and our Galactic Family, the humanities of the constellations. First contact is very evidently telepathic and very clearly affirmed, acknowledged and guided from beyond. Minds are reaching across the space between the stars in mutual recognition of oneness and being. It is a collaborative beginning ushering in a new era of cosmic brotherhood.

“I feel this love connection … as the base for all the work we’ll be doing in our communities. It will expand every time we’ll think of it with the purpose of anchoring the new frequencies… Just BE in love.” – Dora

It is clear to us humans that the Earth is in an unparalleled crisis of tension and transformation. Our societies have become corrupted. Our humanity confronts its own enslavement to a monetary price tag placed on any and everything that has the nations and the people indebted to themselves! It is close to the last minute before midnight and the hour of transition. Without a vision, without the willingness of governments and leaders to build solutions to the problems we are facing, what chance the future? Yet who are the leaders if not ourselves?

External factors cannot be relied upon. Only our humanity, our good willingness between neighbours and friends, family and group companions, our ability to adapt and to respond will save the day. It is an extraordinary moment to be alive. And not for the first time have civilisations come and gone, like passing tides, whilst the few held the light for all who are and have ever been.

Let us not kid ourselves. Nothing short of self-sacrificial willingness guided from within will see us through a releasing of the old forms and structures we have depended upon, our own limiting beliefs, of expectations and attachments, for now is the time to be living from the heart. Knowing, as we do so, that anything we are needing or wanting just happens in perfect timing, and that, with Love, there are no limitations.

Milky Way Galaxy
This tender spirituality, a flowering of our Earth, we are all a part of. Look up to the Stars of an evening, stretching like a blanket across the heavens. Take a full moment to surrender the mind and begin to commune with the boundlessness of Space in which the Earth floats and all the Universes are living. Was there ever such an ocean, uncharted, full of unknown horizons, waiting to be explored? This ocean of pure unbounded consciousness within, bridging between worlds, is beckoning to us to be like early navigators, our intuition at the helm of new ships of great mystery. A new journey is beginning.

Shooting StarBreath and be with this deeper healing and knowing of Self, and when you are least expecting it, the Stars will come down and out to Play with you, as shooting stars, as dancing lights, as orbs, and maybe even as fireflies and an extraordinary energy steeped in waves of unconditional love! And when They do for us all, all of Nature will be at peace once again. We came from the stars and we are coming home in conscious groups where Cosmos is the common ground of our universal being.

Jonathan, June 2016