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A Question of Human Integration?

What is that and what will it take?

Day 34 of the Tzolkin 260 day Cycle – Kin 34 White Galactic Wizard

Phoenix Aurora BorealisWe speak of “One Humanity”, do we mean the species or the soul – that consciousness that sees the ‘other’ as Self? Yet the species is anything but integrated with itself. Two poles side by side – of an extreme materialism, a deadening force for our higher sensibilities, alongside an increasing recognition of oneness throughout the cosmos. Everything in our environment is both threatened on the one hand and would speak to us with words of love on the other.

Will humanity destroy itself? Will life go on without us?

The answer maybe Yes to both, for consciousness is born of the twin poles of Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter; the process “out there” is by natural design, an interplay of cosmic forces, an evolutionary step is being taken from which consciousness itself will emerge triumphant, for it knows no death.

Consciousness is both ‘timeless’ and ‘endless’. Let go, breath and Be the Spirit that moves through all things. A new Earth is being recreated from the Heaven inside everyone of us. Let us stand in spiritual being as one life and allow recreation to work the Plan out!

“I harmonise in order to enchant
Modelling receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
With the galactic tone of integrity.

I am guided by the power of endlessness.”

Solar Moon of Intention – Planetary Service Wavespell – Year of the Crystal Seed!

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