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Applied Wisdom Courses

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Self-initiated Spiritual Growth and Development

Creative Thinking

T his is a course for “free thinkers” seeking to bring your personal life into alignment with your reason for being, so that outer life and affairs may truly reflect the universal in you. As part of a group, we discover and relate to a larger sense of Self with whom many insights come to light one’s path as we study and dialogue together.

Applied Wisdom

Nature of the Soul

T he Nature of The Soul is a course of instruction in self-initiated spiritual growth and development (applied wisdom) which is beginning to make its reappearance in humanity’s life and affairs. The Wisdom is not a religion, philosophy, or science, but an independent field of study, experience, and personal practice.

Creative Thinking is a course of grounding one’ s being in the universal field of consciousness and applied wisdom. It is guided and facilitated with joy and lively humour by one who is a dedicated practitioner of this teaching material.

Would you like to be free of the past and to be more clear about your purpose and reason you came to birth? Simple techniques are shared to enable you to observe your own personality nature, and to change the type of circumstances with which you are repeatedly faced, by learning the specific lessons placed before you to grow as a spiritual being.

Where do you live inside your body?

Even though we may aspire to higher consciousness we may discover that we are mostly identified as a physical body, or as an emotional being, or only in the mind. If we are living mostly in one of the lower centres or energy chakras, we can now begin to aspire to raise our awareness by taking up a new residence in the true centre of conscious being, known as the Heart in the Head or ‘the cave’. From this point of focus, one can begin to realise the ‘ideal’ of being one with the consciousness of the universal Heart, known as the Buddha mind of Christ.

What is the true function of personality?

Each one of us has a three-fold personality of mind, emotion and body. Creative Thinking helps to bring the persona into alignment with it’s reason for being, so that the universal may be reflected through one’s life and affairs. We learn that the mind is a useful servant but a lousy master. Correctly used it is concerned primarily with meaning and reason. It is capable of intuiting the meaning underlying a situation or object upon which it gives its attention, and can, when rightly used, redirect that meaning into outer purpose and manifestation via intelligent activity.

Our emotions can be powerful forces, unseen but felt by us all. Emotions are the “energy in motion” that gives appearance and form to our life experiences. But imagine that you are inspired to create something, an activity or project of some kind. The mind may observe meaning and formulate a plan or intention, but without the clear accompanying flow of power released from the emotional nature, your plan will never take form in the world as you intended. With a clear emotional nature your creativity can be magnetised into expression to fulfill your potential to be of benefit to other beings.

The physical body enables you to coordinate and conduct these creative forces into outer objective reality. These three aspects of thought-mind, emotion-energy and physical instrumentality must be integrated and their activities intelligently directed if the conscious thinking “I” is to achieve its hopes and ambitions in the world of affairs.

What is Soul?

Here is a simple definition of what the soul may be. “Here then, is spirit and matter, our Father-Mother God, and the Christ as consciousness of universal Love in which we are each and every one individualized and identified…”, one Spiritual appearance in many bodies.

A goal of the course is to realise “correct view” of one’s life as an incarnate soul – of seeing the universal essence within each living being. To be in right relationship, in both ‘personal’ and non-personal relationships will lead the individualised soul towards a life of creative service and to fullfil one’s reason for being through which the universal source may flow.

A New Course in Creative Thinking is starting this Autumn 2019. Duration weekly classes over 9 months.

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The Nature of The Soul course is designed to facilitate step-by-step unfoldment from individuality to group awareness, from unconscious activity to conscious service to the One Life.

Initiating your own spiritual growth and development means choosing a path of study, practice, and application which is right for you. This course is a step by step transformative process providing profound knowledge as to who we are, why we are here and what is our purpose.

These series of lessons constitutes a training in the science and art of meditation and of applying by service in preparation for a new culture of conscious living. Students participate in the USA, Canada, South-America, Australia and Europe and in several languages. Teachers and students come from many traditions and are not part of any organisation. Nature of the Soul is offered online as a series of weekly seminars.

Meditation is a scientific process whereby Soul contact is realized and Soul infusion achieved.”

Meditation trains the persona to align with the Soul, discover its purpose, and apply that purpose in inner and outer activity. The Soul becomes causative to the persona, and the persona becomes receptive to the Soul.

Techniques practitioners learn will help to purify, balance and re-align their personality so as to support an unfolding realisation of life’s potential according to the divine plan. Not only will this enable them to take part in the evolutionary path of life within the whole but to become an agent of wisdom in one’s community and in the life and affairs of humanity. Observing life unfolding according to universal laws that we endeavour to understand, the wisdom is applied intelligently by initiating and creating opportunities to serve the greater good of all.

Study of the esoteric wisdom reveals the nature of the human soul and its instrumentality, our origin, role and destiny within a universe of relationships that include energy and forces at every level of being, and the processes of transformation and conscious co-creation.

The Nature of The Soul has a threefold approach:

  • The Lessons,
  • Meditation work and keeping a meditation log,
  • Group dialogue

Together they balance the overshadowing wisdom of the course, the inner experience of that wisdom, and its expression in the world of affairs. During this period as you learn and practice the techniques, you will make the Wisdom part of your daily life and affairs.

The application of the Wisdom includes:

Subjective activity: Most of your service will be of a subjective nature, and may include many of the techniques you learned in The Nature of The Soul and its sister courses. As you continue to practice the Wisdom after completing the instruction, you will create an opportunity to help transform your environment.

Objective service: Your subjective practice may result in opportunities for providing objective service to family, friends, co-workers or the environment.

The complete training can last a year and is presented as a weekly video seminar facilitated by a trained teacher. Students meet online to work through and discuss each lesson and may choose to practise a given meditation instruction during the interval between group study classes.

Which Course should I choose?

Creative Thinking is a foundational course in self-realised wisdom.

Nature of the Soul is a fully integrated course in applied wisdom.

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Creative Thinking by Lucille Cedercrans

A disciple is defined as one who has entered into awareness of himself as a Soul and who works in the world as such

I stand receptive to that Love which is my Soul and Truth is made known to me.

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Nature of the Soul by Lucille Cedercrans

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Ensouling of Consciousness


Please note:  No commitment to ‘sign-up’ to a seminar training season is implied.
You are encouraged to follow and aspire to your own path of learning and conscious development as guided from within.

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Jonathan teaches a scientific approach to self-realised consciousness. A student of the universal wisdom now for more than 30 years, he is schooled in esoteric studies with the Arcane School of Alice Bailey, Creative Imagination with Sundial House and the New Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom of Lucille Cedercrans. Jonathan also recognises the practical Earth wisdom and culture of all indigenous traditions.