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The Disciple & Economy

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in Conscious Self-development

The Disciple & Economy is a foundational course in applied wisdom.

W hat are the laws, principles and characteristics of economy by which the purpose of a soul is fulfilled and the life of community flourishes?

We learn that Economy, from the soul’s perspective, is the organization of the energy, force and substance of any organized life into that activity which will manifest its purpose and plan.

Applied Wisdom

“The group was created to serve humanity as a whole and your growth is your own responsibility to the group.”

As souls seeking to fulfil our purpose, we are faced with the necessity to know, understand and to wield the Economy of the One Life as a Divine Plan in itself.

We learn to see its relationships within the affairs of humanity, and come to understand its laws so well as to be enabled to apply it to further the evolutionary development and plan of the Soul.

Accepting our part within a world service group activity

Observing today’s economy and it’s effects in relation to the needs of humanity and our environment, is to recognise that consciousness is being withdrawn from an old crystallised thought form that has conditioned our societies. As builders of a new more divine economy, working regionally and as one whole, there is a specific activity which is right for each individual and which can only be determined by the individual himself as the society provides him or her with every opportunity of doing so. The society, then must eventually discover how to provide each with that which is most conducive to the individual’s growth.

The Disciple and Economy is part of a series of courses on the path of self-initiated spiritual growth and development.

These courses are designed to facilitate step-by-step unfoldment from individuality to group awareness and conscious service to the One Life, to train Practitioners of the Wisdom to help Humanity achieve its next step in spiritual evolution.

“This series of instructions clearly outlines The Divine Plan for humanity in its economic aspect. It shows those new economic forms upon which the new civilization can be safely constructed, and by which the Purpose of God can be demonstrated through Humanity. It withholds nothing from the open eye of the disciple, in the economic sense, that will enable him to throw his weight upon the side of Light in the struggle now ensuing between the forces of Light and the forces of darkness upon this planet. It is written in an endeavour to give the modern disciple, in whatever nation, position or circumstance he may be placed, a basic understanding of the Economy of the One Life and Its Laws, so that he may serve the Plan justly and wisely in the world of mankind.”

Discipleship & Economy

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The Disciple & Economy has a threefold approach to study:

  • The Lessons,
  • Meditation work and keeping a meditation diary,
  • Group dialogue

Together they balance the overshadowing wisdom of the course, the inner experience and integration of that wisdom, and its expression in the world of affairs. During this period as you learn and practice the techniques, you will make the Wisdom part of your daily life and affairs.

Course Format

The complete training is presented as a weekly video seminar facilitated by a trained teacher. Students participate in the USA, Canada, South-America, Australia and Europe and in several languages. Students meet online to work through and discuss each lesson so as to share the learning experience together. Each group member is encouraged to meditate daily according to the guidance provided. Lessons and meditations are recorded and sent to each group member, allowing you to listen at a time that works for you.

The Disciple & Economy is one of the more advanced books by Lucille Cedercrans. It is recommended to take the Nature of the Soul first, but not essential. Book Availability: and

A New Course in The Disciple & Economy is starting New Year 2021 – duration: weekly classes over 8 months.

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Courses in Applied Wisdom, authored by Lucille Cedercrans, are facilitated and taught by Jonathan Eveleigh. A student of the ageless wisdom for more than 30 years, he is also schooled in esoteric studies with the Arcane School of Alice Bailey, Creative Imagination with Sundial House. He has served with Seed Groups International and the Academy of Wisdom Europe. Jonathan has a special interest in new energy sciences and indigenous cultures applicable to the new communities. He has three children and lives in Portugal.