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The Soul and Its Instrument

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in Conscious Self-development

Self-initiated Spiritual Growth in Applied Wisdom

T he Soul and Its Instrument is a course of instruction in Applied Wisdom, a field which is beginning to make its reappearance in humanity’s life and affairs. The Wisdom is not a religion or philosophy, but a universal field of life learning, experience, and practice. This course in self-initiated spiritual growth and development (applied wisdom) is for those who may still be on the borderline between searching and realisation. It is designed to facilitate a step-by-step unfoldment from individuality to group awareness and conscious service within the One Life.

Applied Wisdom“The group was created to serve humanity as a whole and your growth is your own responsibility to the group.”

The desire to help humanity out of its crisis is a natural response of our soul. How should we relate the universal Love of our soul through our personal lives so as to respond effectively to humanity’s needs?

Have you ever wondered why full Soul consciousness has not been possible, how to create a less resistant more responsive personality instrument or how to create a truly effective service activity?

The Soul and Its Instrument is offered online as a series of 18 weekly webinars.

This series of lessons, written by Lucille Cedercrans, constitutes a training in self-awareness designed to shift the polarisation of the student out of the personality instrument into the Soul.

Students participate in Europe, the Americas, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and in several languages. Teachers and students come from many traditions and are forming an organism (not an organisation) for world service.

The Soul and Its Instrument has a three-fold approach to learning:

  • The Lessons,
  • Group dialogue,
  • Meditation and keeping a meditation diary.

Together they balance the overshadowing wisdom of the course, the inner experience of that wisdom, and its expression in the world of affairs. During this period as you learn and practice the techniques, you will integrate the Wisdom into your daily life.

How to Participate:

Students meet online to work through and discuss each lesson and may choose to practice meditation to maintain continuity between group study classes.

There is no charge or fee attached. You may give a donation to support the economy of the teaching function without obligation by Paypal.

Please note:  No commitment to ‘sign-up’ to a seminar training season is implied. You are encouraged to follow and aspire to your own path of learning and conscious development as guided from within.


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Accepting our part within a world service group activity

As we become an integral part of a group of “minds” who are dedicated to the work of the Soul we realise our purpose as service to humanity. The world group is not alone in this endeavour but inspired to serve by the Christ (the planetary Heart Centre) and by those who are the teachers and guides of the race. This course will help you to consider your motives and to master the personality instrument so as to consciously integrate with the other members of the group as a whole.

The Soul and Its Instrument is an intermediary course between the sister courses: Creative Thinking and Nature of the Soul. It is part of the three-part Path of Initiation series which provide a very accessible and excellent introduction to the basic principles of The Wisdom. This series is recommended for anyone seeking to enter into conscious self-development and service through Applied Wisdom.

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Jonathan teaches a scientific approach to self-realised consciousness. A student of the universal wisdom now for more than 30 years, he is schooled in esoteric studies with the Arcane School of Alice Bailey, Creative Imagination with Sundial House and the New Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom of Lucille Cedercrans. Jonathan also recognises the practical Earth wisdom and culture of all indigenous traditions.