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Are You Claiming the Right?

claiming the right!

claiming the right!


All human beings have the right to live sustainably and in peace but how can there be peace until we claim the right?

We the People now have the awareness to respond for the greater good.

We have the “response-ability”, however tenuous but within –


  • to accept the life experience we have created, consciously, or not,
  • to forgive the cause of the whatever disturbs the balance of life and to resolve that in our hearts,
  • to express ourselves publicly, our opinions, in defense of truth and what is right, by whatever way serves to share that awareness,
  • to hold those others accountable for actions that disturb the balance of life that they may know the truth of their actions.

We now have the awareness of knowing to ourselves the consequences and effects of our actions on other citizens, our environment and on life – as individuals, as communities and as society.

We know ourselves to be the family of wo-man, of human kind.  With inner peace we can make our world a new and beautiful place for human being and for all beings!

With love

Please share - your vision, thoughts and insights are welcome. Thank you!