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Birthing into Being – consciousness of Stars!

Our Planet´s Birthing into Being

Cosmic_Ouroboros… enters a new cycle of Time today. Time cycles are really harmonic waves within greater cycles.  We observe and feel intuitively their rhythms, when we are not too pre-occupied with “clock” time!  As we enter a new Age so too begins a new Great Year, a precessional round of 26,000 years. The 260 day Tzolkin aligns the human physical, our Soul through the Ages, and Spirit – through earth, moon and sun to the heart of the galaxy in this greater cycling of Time … and today this cycle begins with:

Red Magnetic Dragon

“I unify in order to nurture
Attracting being.

I seal the input of birth
With the magnetic tone of purpose.”

For Spirit – it is a Great Journey of becoming a sacred Earth. Our calling as awakening group-minded Souls is to restore Earth´s bio-sphere to Her former beauty.

For humanity – Red Dragon nurtures new levels of cosmic and Christed consciousness, bridging through us into being.

In the coming “13” days of this cosmic-lunar-solar time-frame, our challenge is to truly listen to the message of who we are – to receive spirit-breath and to communicate and connect our collective awakening as we explore being truly humans together.

Our magnificent Earth, our planet is awakening – we are 7 billion mind-cells awakening – to our Oneness, and as neighbours, to our unity amongst the Stars.

Blessed be Our Sacred Mother!

With love
Jonathan 31 Oct. 2013 – Kin 1

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