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Brexit 2019 – Crisis of Heart

W e know the situation before Britain and the European Community as a whole is critical. There are just a few days to the deadline of 29 March when Britain is set to leave.

World servers can help align the nations as a whole with the Soul of humanity, to infuse the situation with the consciousness of the One Life, so that under magnetic law, the divine Plan may make divine adjustment. The following sheds some light on the one factor behind the scenes few people are aware of.

Almost alone with her ambition to push through a “no deal” Brexit, the representatives of all opposition parties have petitioned the Prime Minister to cancel the no deal option.  Why does she persist as if “no-deal” is somehow the best outcome?

It may be very simple. A no deal punches a hole in the heart of the EU, and permits the corporate multi-nationals to succeed where the The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) failed. The required approval for TTIP by all 28 member states of the EU, along with the US Congress and President was not achieved, the reason being that people got wise to the covert plan and successfully orchestrated a pan-European citizen campaign to put a stop to it. Had it succeeded, EU governments would have signed up to what is in effect, now homing in on Britain and Northern Ireland. A no deal especially and Brexit generally, will leave the country in dissaray, with the privatising corporate trans-atlantic cabal of director-politicians to pick up the pieces.

The UK government has never represented the majority of the people on Brexit. Yet T.May has bullied, cajoled, bribed and lied her way in order to persist with her goal. Suffering the worst defeat of any Prime Minister on rejecting her plan, she refuses to quit or reconsider her ideas. She has left Britain with a no-deal Brexit or bust. There is only one motive that gives her the reason to push though a no-deal Brexit at any cost. She does not work for the people, she works for the network of corporations illustrated here:

Brexit is a crisis of profit and materialism versus humanity, homing in on a nation that is bound to have a global impact. It is a crisis needing a world group to infuse the nations with the light of Love, the Love that sees no opposites, that dispells illusion, that brings to light that which is hidden, that invokes the Soul of the People.

What can one say about Britain’s true function?

Britain’s soul ray is the second ray of love-wisdom (as is America’s), the major underlying spiritual force of the entire solar system. Britain’s soul sign is Gemini through which the second ray of love-wisdom is the only ray to pass.” – Destiny of the Nations – DK.

This recent quote from a national newspaper discussing a possible second referendum:

In the event of another referendum, should the remain side belatedly improve upon the hopeless campaign that led to disaster in 2016, people might finally hear about things that should have always defined the national conversation surrounding this country and its place in the world: the inarguable benefits of an open economy; the complex and often fragile trading arrangements that keep the economy in business and people in work; the fact that our history is not one of isolation from Europe but of being at its heart.

Jupiter, esoteric ruler of Aquarius, and the planet most closely associated with the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. It is this factor that is the great hope for the future of humanity.

There is no doubt that old rigid structures must be broken down to make way for that which more closely represents the new true ideal, that serves the whole not just the part.  Out of the tension of the Brexit debackle, that fuses so many hidden unseen motivations with the higher appeal of the people of such a nation, may we lend the strength of our own conscious heart to attract that which serves the whole, the future generations, the greater good.

Thank you for reading this and if you wish, please pass it on.

In synthesis and brotherhood

Jonathan Eveleigh

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