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BREXIT – Britain in or out of Europe? You Decide on Get Real News

Britain Europe ReferendumWill British people make a wise choice
on 24 June (Midsummer’s Day)
to stay in or quit Europe?

We Help You Decide what it is
really all about …


With 60% of British people polled as considering voting to Exit Europe there is a real danger of the UK Referendum being hijacked by right wing corporate media spin. To help you make an informed decision and to have some idea of what it is all about, Paul and John, two citizens of Europe, debate the real issues and what it means to be in, or out, of European community.

BRExit Shout – A Citizens Debate
with John and Paul on Get Real News

You care about Britain and Europe being IN or OUT?

What happened to “A European Community”?  Is OUT a right wing corporate stitch up? Murdoch “Europe an evil empire”? What is your response and what are you the people saying?

Get the myth and the facts, what’s really going on behind the scenes, pierce through the spin to real motives and agendas. And what matters to us, what is more important to you the people?

The British Referendum is on 24 June 2016 (Mid-Summer’s Day). What is Your Vote? Tell us what you feel about it? What matters to You and What the Future?

BRExit Referendum Real News

See for info and misinfo:

Michael Moore tells Owen Jones that a UK vote for Brexit would be like a Premier League team asking for relegation.

TTIP and what the Germans have to say on it,
Bundestag president calls TTIP undemocratic

The UK government is the real villain when it comes to terrible trade deals

Compare with this Policy paper 2010 to 2015 government policy: free trade

Think leaving the EU would strengthen Britain’s borders? Take a closer look:

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