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British Elections June 8 Reality Check

Your Consent to Being Governed

Why you should vote for Yourself!

Real News Radio interview and commentary on Get Real News
with Paul Palmer, ex-Green Party member and ethical business CEO.

  • Is Britain a divided nation?
  • Corbyn for the people v May for the corporations?
  • Corporations first, people come second, banks bailed out people in debt, laws against rights, environment degraded.
  • The tragedy of Manchester – but why does it happen?
  • Britain, USA and Europe sell arms to these militant groups
    We war in the Middle East, destroy Syria, cause the refugee crisis – what can we expect?
  • Election campaigning paused (as after killing of Jo Cox MP and Brexit Referendum) while media distortion and lies will continue unabated.
  • Open Borders policy used to enforce Brexit and police state Britain.
  • After OCCUPY, what next? Is it time to reject a flawed system? Anarchy “without leaders”, are today’s politicians relevant to our lives?
  • Vote on June 8 – vote for your own self-determination, for a life you can be in more control over for your families, for our humanity.

John PaulWe are two citizens concerned with the course Britain is taking, our country of birth. We believe that “we the people” alone can make the difference, and now is very much the time to Get Real.

Please share your comments and spread the Word! Thank you.

– Jonathan and Paul (Get Real News Citizen Radio)

News Alert!

Teresa May has raised the Terror Alert to the ‘Critical Status’ putting the British Army onto the streets and in support of the police force that she cut drastically by 20,000 jobs while she was Home Secretary.

There is a pattern to these terrorist events.

Are you about ready to put “2” and “2” together? Notice the date, for example:

22.07.11 Norway
22.05.13 Woolwich, UK
22.03.16 Brussels
22.07.16 Munich
22.03.17 London
22.05.17 Manchester

It would seem that some but not all these events, like 9/11, are allowed to happen and that, when they do, human rights are curtailed and more enforced controls are placed on the people in favour of the establishment who fails to deal with the cause of it all – arming the “terrorist groups” in an endless pursuit of profit.

Where there is a pattern, there is a plan, some sense of order in what appears as random chaos. If that is the case, why would we as ordinary people wish to participate in a system that has the corporations with their favoured politicians running a game with no way out and no future, one that has been ruthlessly enforced that serves no one except a selfish heartless few?

Is our democracy even capable of restoring the imbalance?

In the midst of yet more tragedy comes the imperative to acknowledge the truth unseen by so many hidden in plain site that is now being revealed.

Choice we have to make, may it be one of recognition – we give our consent to being governed, we can choose! We can determine for our selves, for our humanity, our families, a way of life for a future that is for the greater good of all. Wouldn’t that be a wonder?

For further insight, read my article:

Forgiveness and the Betrayal of Trust – Your consent to being governed

How to reclaim our humanity to protect our ourselves and our lands against the fundamental abuse of power in a lawless society. The ET/UFO question and how Christ’s example of living the Law of Love supersedes the man made laws

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