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Call for Liberty

Sacred ThoughtThe call of liberty from old forms and structures is now a world wide chorus, an appeal from the soul of our humanity to strip bare the real being within each of us from the illusions of the past.  It is a blazing forth of the light of conscience, an assertion of the freedom and of the right to simply be.

In every moment comes a decision, always the choice of holding back, of surrendering to the conformity of the known, the complicity of double standards and the comfort of what has gone before.  But this appeal cannot be silenced any longer for it is the Earth herself that is wedding with Her Star Being, lifting us out of chaos to beauty and from the transient to the eternal, upon a wave of Light and Sound.

We are Star Born and the door of self-denial is being shut forever, and, as one door closes another door always opens, onto a road beyond our imagining and as yet untravelled.

Please share - your vision, thoughts and insights are welcome. Thank you!