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Can You Walk on Water?

An onward heartless rushphoenix-bird-fire

… of blind ignorance versus our basic humanity´s need for gentleness, love, mutual respect and freedom of expression may have many of us reeling. Heart rending opposites appearing daily reveal on every hand the stark human and environmental tragedy of life on planet earth.  The illusions of our society are now clearly visible to all but the blind.

We cannot ignore or distance ourselves from what is happening in the world for every one is affected, touched, involved. Neither can we wallow in the deep well of human suffering.  We may not be able to walk on the surface of water with our feet (I have seen you-tube videos of some who try!), though such miracle makers are surely needed at this time, if we are to rise above the fearsome emotions of a polarised world and accept for a moment what we are experiencing we are also actually cocreating, then we give ourselves a chance for change.

Today is “RED SOLAR MOON“, a day of Purification.  This can be said for the whole month as the Sun passes through Scorpio, shining a light down the well of our deep emotions, perhaps to reveal a pure white pearl there in the darkness?  This Purification of the world is flowing from hearts that can join together the world´s opposites, from whom flows the “life more abundant” when Sun and Moon are at one.

Our task is to look to the source of the causes behind the curtains (Wizard of Oz) and beneath the surface of  events. To do that we must engage the higher mind and let go instinctual reaction and what we may be feeling. There in the higher intuitional mind as an observer, in the “cold clear light” a middle way can be seen.

Action lies in that direction. It is important for us to register with our mind what it is that we will do to resolve the battle of the opposites – which can never be resolved at their own level.

And we are not alone. The whole of humanity is feeling the pressure, is reaching for the courage to grasp the scorpion of blind desires and mental illusions and raise them up off the ground to where the pure bright light of the Sun reveals its true nature – the truth and solution to this dying age all around us and, as the Scorpion is really a Phoenix Eagle or Cosmic Dragon – in the moment of amazing transformation – the birth of something new and wonderful is emerging for which all that struggle was somehow necessary provided we truly integrated the duality and took with us the gifts and lessons of the experience.

May our solutions be truly inclusive and elegant and the Way beautiful to be on!

RED SOLAR MOON – (day 9)

I pulse in order to purify
Realising flow.

I seal the process of universal water
With the Solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of life force.

Please share - your vision, thoughts and insights are welcome. Thank you!