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Consciousness of Stars

Consciousness of StarsI am gazing upon the Stars
Shining like clouds of the night
Bright raiments of fire
Blazing a trail in the mind.

Being beyond thought so fine
Our home in You, at a loss to know
How small a life in my wandering
Can express such magnitude?

Love is what connects
Makes it real – somehow You
Above and beyond all time and space
Are one and the same.

Our true Selves depicted
In a cloudless night sky
Casting copies of ourselves
Like single hairs
Of a beautiful man or woman
From a billion worlds.


2 Responses to “Consciousness of Stars”

  1. Jonathan says:

    A beautiful sharing Dave and a real affirmation from the universe! Such moments mus tcome from a higher aspect of ourselves that is in resonance with our earth minds and our infinitely connected hearts.

    And thank you I just needed to be reminded to follow such intuitions!

    Last year I was fortunate to attend a couple of contact retreats under the canopy of stars at night as a group consciously mediating between the cosmos and our humanity. It became clear that when groups of people take this step of trust together with the universe then we can begin to be entrusted with an entirely new quality of experience and interaction with the intelligent lives of the magnificent universe in which we live and move and have our being.

  2. Dave says:

    Awesome Jonathan! Thanks for sharing such great words expressing truth. (“…being beyond thought) I’m grateful because it reminded me of a recent harmonious experience I had, that I don’t believe I shared with anyone! But it was beautiful and an example of your divine message..
    – a few months back, I spent a few days toiling within- stumbling on self doubt. I had an argument with my girlfriend and an overall difficult night, feeling indecision and unable to sleep – at about 2am I walked outside and was looking up at the sky. In less than 3 minutes a shooting star raved across the sky. In total surprise, I stared with appreciation anticipating, (unintentionally forgetting the negative thought train) i was now fully focused- glancing at different areas of the sky hoping for another. About 5 to 10 minutes passed and as the excitement wore off, I got a hint of that negative momentum. But having spent enough time “beyond thought” I was able to detach and consciously accepted the existing circumstances as they were. I felt lighter immediately, and deeply within I affirmed knowing I wa’s on the right path, exactly where I am supposed to be.. as I was walking back to my house, i held a constant gaze into the sky, grateful/loving and as I got close to my front door, i saw another shooting star!! WOW! SO AMAZING!

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