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Soul Seeding Cosmic Warriors of the New Earth

Mayan Time Guidance towards the December Solstice 2014.

New EarthConsciousness is flowering
Instinctual awareness transforming, for
We are crossing the space between hearts and stars
From past to future, survival to life itself.
We are healing from within, healing as a Whole
Remembering ourselves to be forever guided
By the “long lost stars of myth and time”.
Release, let go all that you thought you were
Resolve all the “other You´s” in One Love
Be now as children, come out to play!
Free of all illusions, if you choose wisely we say
Explore your inner space now breathing with the Earth
In the timeless centre of Her heart where all is one
Standing still with the Solstice Sun –
Let´s fly now together, be the stars we are
Questing fearlessly once more into Great Cosmic Mystery.

These are the 13 days of the Mayan Calander,
from 8 December 2014 – Magnetic Seed

“I unify in order to target
Attracting awareness.

I seal the input of flowering
With the magnetic tone of purpose.”

… to 20 December 2014 – Cosmic Warrior

“I endure in order to question
Transcending fearlessness.

I seal the output of intelligence
With the cosmic tone or presence.”

“In Lak’ech!” – I Am Another You.

With love and strength

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