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Creative Thinking Course in Applied Wisdom

Join an online study group in Consciousness and Applied Wisdom

I am SoulStarting April 2020, this course is for “free thinkers” seeking to bring your personal life into alignment with your reason for being, so that outer life and affairs may truly reflect the universal in you. As part of a group, we discover and relate to a larger sense of Self with whom many insights come to light one’s path as we study and dialogue together.

Do you aspire to higher consciousness yet mostly identify with your physical body, or with your emotions, or with your thought life in the mind? We can now begin to raise our awareness by taking up a new residence in the true centre of conscious being. From this point of focus, one can begin to realise the ‘ideal’ of being one with the consciousness of the universal Heart, known as the Buddha mind of Christ.

How to transmute the persona, from a source of sensations and desires into a vehicle of light, is an essential part of spiritual growth and development. Transforming the persona enables the consciousness to rise up, identify as its true self, and discover its purpose, place and function in the One Life. The new body of light becomes an instrument of the true self, the Spiritual Soul, through which the Soul manifests the Divine Plan in the world of affairs. Creative Thinking is a course in cleansing or purifying the persona, in aspiration to the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul. If actively practiced, it will prepare the persona (mind, emotions, and body), to become a vehicle for serving the One Life.

What is the true function of personality?

Each one of us has a three-fold personality of mind, emotion and body. Creative Thinking can help to bring the persona into alignment with one’s reason for being, so that the universal may be reflected through your life and affairs. Our emotions can be powerful forces, unseen but felt by us all. Emotions are the “energy in motion” that can give shape and form to our projected intentionality. With a clear emotional nature your creativity can be magnetised into expression to fulfill your potential to be of benefit to other beings. The physical body enables you to coordinate and conduct these creative forces into outer objective reality. These three aspects of thought-mind, emotion-energy and physical instrumentality must be integrated and their activities intelligently directed if the conscious thinking “I” is to achieve its hopes and ambitions in the world of affairs.

A goal of this course is to realise “correct view” of one’s life as an incarnate soul – of seeing the universal essence within each living being. To be in right relationship, in both ‘personal’ and non-personal relationships will lead the individualised soul towards a life of creative service and to fullfil one’s reason for being through which the universal wisdom of the One Life may flow.

“Meditation is a scientific process whereby Soul contact
is realized and Soul infusion achieved.”

Meditation trains the persona to align with the Soul, discover its purpose, and apply that purpose in inner and outer activity. The Soul becomes causative to the persona, and the persona becomes receptive to the Soul.

These series of lessons constitutes a training in the science and art of meditation and of applying by service in preparation for a new culture of conscious living. Teachers and students come from many cultures and traditions and are no part is played in any organisation.

Creative Thinking has a threefold approach to study:

  • The Lessons,

  • Meditation work and keeping a meditation diary,

  • Group dialogue

Together they balance the overshadowing wisdom of the course, the inner experience of that wisdom, and its expression in the world of affairs. During this period as you learn and practice the techniques, you will make the Wisdom part of your daily life and affairs.

Course Format

The complete training is presented as a weekly video seminar facilitated by a trained teacher. Students meet online to work through and discuss each lesson so as to share the learning experience together. Each group member is encouraged to meditate daily according to the guidance provided. Lessons and meditations are recorded and sent to each group member, allowing you to listen at a time that works for you.

There are no pre-requisites in participating in this course. If you feel this is for you sign up now! You are encouraged to follow and aspire to your own path of learning and conscious development as guided from within.

A New Course in Creative Thinking is starting April 2020 – duration: weekly classes over 9 months.

To register your interest or enquire please email me via the contact page.

To download the course flyer click here: Creative-Thinking-Course-2020.
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This course is being offered “by donation”, feel free to make a contribution to support continuity of the Applied Wisdom Courses service initiative – by Paypal to: wisdom AT

Creative Thinking is a course in the ageless wisdom authored by Lucille Cedercrans. The course is facilitated and taught by Jonathan Eveleigh. A student of the ageless wisdom for more than 30 years, he is also schooled in esoteric studies with the Arcane School of Alice Bailey, Creative Imagination with Sundial House and has a special interest in indigenous cultures applicable to the new communities. He has three children and lives in Portugal.

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