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Darkness before the Dawn

Glory on Earth
In the dark night of the Soul
Shadows of illusion all around,
With brother set against brother
And no one to turn to to save our own,
We surrender, for there is no power
Stronger than our own to face down
And overcome the onset of night.

Yet face down the dark face of fear
We will, and surrender all we hold dear
As we await the breaking of the dawn.
For now is the darkest hour of night
And all we can do is watch and pray
Never permitting hope to become hopeless.

Then in the parting of the clouds
Catching sight of stars beyond counting
The song of the nightingale breaks the silence
And we hold fast to the breaking of the dawn,
When rising within and beyond imagining
The golden Sun upon messengers of Light
Rising in our hearts with a joy beyond bounds
Into the clear cold light of a crystal blue sky
Dispells the shadows of our mind.

Reaching across with a gentle touch
From one Soul to another, affirming:
We are one. All life is sacred.
And after all is said and done,
We are one.

31 October 2018
(All Souls Night – Samhain Festival of Death and Rebirth)

One Response to “Darkness before the Dawn”

  1. hazel long says:

    Beautiful. Thank you.

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