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Do You Remember Who You Are?

Star consciousness

… through awakening human beings, is again being integrated into the Earth’s Mind, the Noosphere.Druid_new-jerusalem

Today is the seventh day of the new 260 “gestation days” of the Tzolkin (Time Calendar).  It is a day of “Galactic Integration”, of earthing that field of awareness that so many are sensing that relates us to the Stars.

“Earthing” implies an awakening of memory, our recovery of roots, our ancestral memory – so necessary that we may stand on this Earth in spiritual being.  We are remembering our origins, our divine Mother-Father connections. For most Europeans our roots are Celtic. The Druids served as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth. They did not “govern” only serving as guides. The people self-governed for they were in harmony with the heavens on earth and did not need “governments”.  It is who we still are, in the sense that is where we came from, as the indigenous peoples of these lands. Do you remember who you are?

Eroded and all but lost from culture and memory by the Roman influence and world wars, so much fighting, uprooting, dispersing of the original “twelve tribes”, save for a very few fragments and perhaps all for a larger integration?

Sacred Patterns of Creation were layed out across the landscape stretching right across the entire continent.  The Heraklean Way*, the Way of Hercules from which guiding legends of the “Twelve Labours of Hercules originate), begins in Iberia’s most SW point where land meets the endless Atlantic and traces the rising of the Solstice Sun unwavering for well over 1,000 miles through the Pass of the Great Mother to the Pillars of the Sun in the Alps.  Towns and place names recall the alignments, the Solar and Lunar patterns, of the divine male and female recorded in the harmonic constructions of the old round houses. They were times when heaven was brought to Earth in our culture, when there was very literally a “Flowering of Life”, and by these roots, humans lived a more naturally “earthed” life. And so we will again, for by recalling who I was, who we were, I know who I am and we know who we are:

– We are the Sun, the Moon and the Earth amongst Stars, orbiting and weaving their patterns in divine, immortal wo-man.

 Yellow Galactic Star

 I harmonise in order to Beautify
Modelling Art

 I seal the store of Elegance
With the Galactic tone of Integrity
– Guided by free will.

* The Ancient Path by Archeologist Graham Robb brings us right up to date in the footsteps of Graham Hancock, Robert Baucal, Robin Heath and John Michelle – highly recommended.

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