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Each Seed of Change Contains the Whole of Creation

Toroidal GalaxyToday is a catalyst for renewal and regeneration, between ages of man like a bridge of compassion between Pisces and the new era of Aquarius, between the “eye” of a storm – a centre of unified being, and we the people who are One in that centre.

Today is a Bridge in Time, a birth canal experience, as in a vortex field of consciousness, birthing in us a group awareness of being – One, yet in as many individual parts as there are Suns in the galaxy.

This year the Chinese, the Mayan and our modern Julian Calendars are somehow synchronized.  By the Mayan this year and this day are both in resonance and both are identified as “blue resonant storm” – a catalysing a process of regeneration – hence the day carries the frequency and tone that inspires the whole year. As we have come to know, each seed that is born and planted contains within it the entire creation.

Significance in numbers can easily be missed in time – yet the 12th April 2013 sums to “13”, a number of “synthesis” and this being the 59th day of the Tzolkin resolves to “14” – a number that resonates with “3+6+5” (=14) days of a year, unlatching the key of Time (the dissection of the body of Osiris of a unity in time, from the ancient Egyptian).

In essence, each one of us is awakening to that transpersonal being whose nature we are whose role and purpose is absolute unconditional love to serve each part through us, equally, as we stand together in the circle of our groups to serve the One at the eye of the Storm.

With love and Light

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