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ELECTRICITY – The Power of Our Nature

Electric ArcELECTRICITY was “harvested” in ancient civilisations – accumulated for practical use in society in Leydan Jars and Pyramids and such other accumulators compatible with nature.  This is “static” electricity as we call it, electricity from the environment, a universal environment described as a “sea in which the earth floats” (Thomas Moray 1926).

How strange to realise that today in our world, electricity is something to be “man-made”, to be generated by nuclear “reactive”, “explosive”, oil, coal and gas burning.  Yet electricity, in its natural state, can be channeled and made to flow just as we collect and use water.

We are all conduits of natural electricity. We are not separate from the power in nature. It is part of our own nature. As more of us realise this, let´s return our attention to the means of collecting and harvesting natural power from the universal field – ultimately to restore our planet to her former beauty and as humanity to regain our freedom and end an era of energy slavery.

Please share - your vision, thoughts and insights are welcome. Thank you!