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Forgiveness and Betrayal of Trust – Your consent to being governed

How to reclaim our humanity to protect our ourselves and our lands against the fundamental abuse of power in a lawless society. The ET/UFO question and how Christ’s example of living the Law of Love supersedes the man made laws.

Michelangelo hands across space Y ou are born onto this planet as a free being but have no right to live freely on the lands of Earth unless you have money to pay for it. It is a natural born right yet any one who tries to live freely on unowned land finds themselves under threat from state and corporate law.

We consent to others the right to impose rules and laws upon us on a daily basis. We have allowed others to impose controls on us without question to the point where our humanity is threatened, society has become an inhumane self-serving machine and our natural environments just another disposable item.

How has this insanity come about? Can we hit a reset button? What does it take to understand the underlying causes and what in fact are the sane choices that freedom loving people can and are making?

These are not casual questions. It is not just about over population versus exploitation or global warming and such agendas. It is about a fundamental loss of vision being replaced by a projection of collective disempowerment rather than a consciously inspired vision of choice personally acted upon. This is an age of transition, that can lead out of such polarity of one group subjecting their will over another, to the self as sovereign soul, of one’s freedom of being truly human with implicit relationship and interconnectedness with all others.

You may say that to be born you had little choice of the conditions you encountered upon your arrival; you just have to put up with it? For those who have learned to live freely on the land, or do so already as indigenous peoples, it is not less than a God given right but not apparently in a corporatised world. In truth the land cannot so much as be owned, only occupied and handed on to the next generations without pre-conditions. The Earth is after all the mother of all humanity, our relationship must begin as one of trust and protection for the continuity of all living beings.

So how has it come to be that all land and all natural assets down to the gene and DNA are “owned”, that such ownership is protected by the laws of the state to whom we have consented to be governed by? How do we extricate ourselves from this net of legalised illusion?​ Once you consent to being governed by another person or state you have given away all your rights as a free human being. You have willingly if unknowingly subjected yourself to state laws, which in general, are those of the corporation. Most of us allow this to happen without question, giving our unconscious obeyance to a system and state we naively take for granted. Starting out as a child or young adult we assume that it, the state, has our best interests in the minds of the leadership, but then comes a big psychological shock. Looking out upon the world today, we see that society is corrupt, cares less about the needs of the people, and imposes the law to pursue endless wars endangering life itself on our planet. We are up against authority, that fearful bogie man with the big stick. But who has the authority to follow their heart, to do what we know has to be, to give or withhold our consent to being governed? We do of course, alone and together. It’s our free-will choicei.

Each of us at any time and together can withhold our consent to comply, to conform and to be governed by others. When we consent we become complicit in their actions, we are just as responsible for the consequences of actions that impoverish the people, suffer war to sell more arms to gain control over more energy resources, to impose central banking and global indebtedness, and strip-mine the natural world. To withhold consent we must reclaim authority over our own lives and we must first know ourselves from the inside out before we can really do that. We must understand how society works, how it’s been set up and too few of us can say that we do – how the law functions, how money is issued, the basic principles that structures our society and supposedly make it work at all. Have we got over assuming “they” know what they are doing, that “democracy” will sort it out, that we just have to be good citizens and keep paying our taxes? Okay we are not that naive any more! Or is it that we are still in too much of a hurry to deal with this, too comfortable feeling insane with our daily lives, too disempowered to make a difference?

We give our consent and daily our trust is being broken. It’s an endless cycle of history. Nations invade other nations. This tragic condition of human affairs, is it just “our human nature”? Perhaps, but why tolerate it, for it is no longer someone else’s issue, it’s total and it’s planetary. Let’s just put this in perspective.

Each of us can probably recollect an experience of broken trust, of being let down or of causing it. What did you do about it? For me the grief has been in relationships, lacking honesty. Isn’t that it for all of us, in relationships of one kind or another, between lovers and partners, sons and daughters, neighbours and others, where the truth was withheld in case of compromising something desired? In being true nonetheless to oneself, the pain and the heartache finally leads to personal resolve, to forgiveness and to forge new friendships and working relationships. Out of such conflict and a desire to do what it takes can come recognition of something larger than self, a cooperative partnership, a group, a tribe, or community; something without price that can never be taken away?

As a species we are seeing what happens when we collectively buy into a wrong path, basically an unconscious projection of complicity and fear. Significantly, I suggest that fear was instilled in our societies as a whole after the two world wars, when the ET/UFO issue was denied public recognition and fear and ridicule installed in its place. Extra-terrestrials began visiting Earth in numbers just as soon as we dropped the first nuclear bombs to warn us against such destructive power and its effects rippling throughout a non-local universe. Whatever vision of a brighter future we and the generations that followed had to this day, has been compromised by the suppression of open acknowledgement that we are not alone in the universe, that we are just one of countless humanities. As a result of that imposed and ruthless secrecy, not only has our science and education been marginalised, but our health, our energy industries and our politics have been manipulated into an endangering rather than liberating and empowering influence upon our lives. There is no need for disease, no need for fossil or nuclear fuels. The suppression of natural health and free energy is the great unacknowledged crime against humanity. What evidence has there been of anything to fear except from mankind itself? That was broken trustii.

To gain one’s freedom as an eternal soul and human being is both a path of self-liberation and a process of releasing oneself from dependency and identification with the phenomenal persona, the person recognised by the state as a legal entity in state law. It does not mean of course one becomes lawless, rather one chooses to live by the original laws of Life and of Creation. Basically you need to know who you are – the message that was originally above the ancient Temple of Delphi and others for all seekers – “Man Know Thyself”.

Under corporate law by you consent, an agreement is established in the form of a contract between you the person and another corporatised person or state. The person, your persona or temporary self, is then substituted for your true self, being a free human being or soul, and you are then bound by the laws of the state. The problem is that your consent is given the moment you agree or acknowledge, verbally or in writing, that you identify with your certificated name as written on your birth certificate, national insurance, passport, credit card, bank account and such. All apparently necessary if one is to function in society on planet Earth.

We would be foolish to have failed to observe today the rising state of lawlessness on every hand in our modern societies where our humanity and our natural environment has taken a second place to the desire to profit at any cost. Standing Rock’s defence of water and the land against a giant oil pipeline installation is just one example where ordinary people from all over the world unite alongside first nations to take a stand between those two places. It is not just that law is controlled by corporations, the law is a corporation.

The modern system has evolved to govern us by consent otherwise we’d simply be slaves. Consent has to be given by individuals for an Act or Statute to apply to them. If you do not agree then there is no consent unless you’ve entered into a commercial contract. All governments and state administrations make annual returns and are registered corporations listed on the US Securities & Exchange Commission website. They exist, as do all corporations, to make profit. By virtue of your birth certificate the government identifies you as an asset of the state, your certificate as a bond held in trust and you, the person, as someone incapable of caring for themselves but having potential value as part of a work-force. But remember, governments are elected into office and not into power, the people carry the power. If you know the difference and consider our world society to have taken a wrong turn, the state of our nations to have become endangering and harmful to our value as humans and to the balance of life as a whole, then you will recognise this time as one of a necessity of re-establishing divine Law. That is to establish the law of truth inside oneself and to live it, that’s all.

When Jesus Christ presented himself before the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate he did so as a free human in the eyes of spirit. Pilate found nothing treasonable in his actions and nothing to associate the Christ as a person subject to Roman law. However in the eyes of the money lenders he was seen as a threat to the status quo and they refused to back down and so Pilate washed his hands of the situation and the Christ submitted to their sin or denial of truth. Once Jesus or Jeshua had challenged their abuse in the temples of profiting from lending money to the people he became a target to be eliminated. He was assassinated by crucifixion but gave no resistance. Rather he said, “for they knew not what they were doing” since they were blinded by their profiteering to the reality of the oneness of all creation. In absolute forgiveness and in oneness with all humanity Christ submitted to a higher Will and to the divine law of Spirit.

This is basically our choice, to really get this. We know that the oneness of all creation is held together by love in its universal manifestation. Once we disidentify with the false illusion we allow the unveiling of the true Self that is in unification with all beings and forms of life within the created universe. It is the reality to be lived when we know who we are.

Roman law was based around enslavement and most of the world’s nations are living by it’s modern franchised implementation. If history is to finally stop repeating itself, the seeming endless political and financial deceptions and warring by the corporatized world we live in can come to an end. This state of affairs must and will end but not before a free thinking public wakes up to the reality and takes conscious action. That action can as well be non-action or non-compliance, that is whatever enables one to let go and quit dependency, to empower our lives in co-creative ways, to do whatever you would love to do whether you are being paid for it or not. Isn’t that where the joy is?

What defines our “humanity”? Is it about our caring and sharing, caring for one another and for life as a whole, and sharing our joy as well as our needs so as to meet them together. I also think it is about harmlessness, a kind of golden rule or an attitude of reverence for all other living beings. Interestingly, our Common Laws of the Land enshrine the principle of harmlessness in terms of not hurting or endangering another, and supersedes state acts and statutes. If you are not guilty of a crime under Common Law you can only be charged under corporate law if your consent to contract can be claimed. This consent is called “Joinder” and is the first task an officer of the law has to undertake, to establish your consent.

Most of us know we are “spiritual beings having a human experience”, and part of one universally interconnected life. But is it a conscious choice we make to persist with consenting to the system and state and the consequences of complicit actions taken by our governments, or to claim our true identity as spiritual beings who can withdraw our consent to being governed. What would happen if we did? Anarchy on a grand scale? Finding a quiet spot on some land far far away? Anarchy has gotten a bad name but just means “without leaders” and that land is there for any and everyone capable of self-governance under the one law we share in common with all beings.

How can we be sure what is real? The Buddha pointed out the Way towards a higher evolution when he said “the cause of all suffering is desire … give up desire”! That’s easier said than done. We desire so many things! There is what I would call “soft illusion” and “hard illusion”. Soft illusion might be a devotion to a belief over a greater unseen reality or truth, to a concept or ideal over simply being oneself. The belief, the religion, the diet, the science, takes a stronger grip than just being open minded. Our hard illusion today is the corporatized nature of the world we all live in that is backed by force, actually the force of fear. Where does that fear come from? It’s in all of us and it’s childish but it’s based ultimately on a fight or flight survival instinct. Asking permission before taking actions, seeking approval to get some recognition, justifying our selves so as to look better in the eyes of others. Soft illusions of ego that can be so easily dissolved with straight honest communication out in the open and acting from heart. A lot of fear surrounds money too, it’s a big issue for many. My most liberating experience was to witness a “giveaway” from individuals to a whole community. I saw how much everyone received, that giving is actually what we love to do and when we can bring that energy behind our joy and what we do, that becomes our economy and money, if it is needed at all is just another form of barter.iii We can get the hang of this! In an age of transition this would be our graduation, but we are not out of the kindergarten yet.

How can we be truly free unless we have freed all other beings, including our governments, from ourselves? In an increasingly lawless society the protection of human rights and of the common law entitling us to live humanely if not in total freedom is being shreddediv. We the people need to know how to dis-identify with the persona, the mask of our illusory selves, and begin walking the path as freedom loving beings of Earth. This comes with great responsibility because we live not for our own but as the consciousness of the Earth within an awakening universe guides us.

To get to this level we first need to be able to say no when the need arises. To do so may require us to stand and forgive unconditionally, for those driven by desire for more will persist until there is no more and self-destruction is assured or there is no one to enslave (as good as the second coming?).

If we can accept that Love really is the common law our humanity will have come of age and that will put us on a path from out of an old crystallising civilisation towards one where borders between nations are a thing of the past. The only border then will be inward and upward towards the new frontiers of mind – the bridge between the worlds and to other humanities.


Jonathan (of the family) Eveleigh, May 2017


Also on this topic: The Price of Being Human – How Money and Law have corrupted our society.

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