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From illusions to Life More Abundant … Galactic Time Guidance

November 25 – Blue Magnetic Monkey – December 7 – Blue Cosmic Night

Star BabyT oday is the day for knowing who you are and what you want from life.
It is said you are in everything but not any one thing,
Like the centre of a circle that is everywhere present.

The choice, the will to choose, this freedom is yours,
To be in one thing and call it “mine”
Or to be in everything and call it Life.

As I look into your eyes, my reflection,
Do I choose with the eyes that see the difference
And call it that, or with eyes of love that sees only one?

In these 13 days of time, we can unify beyond “me” and “mine”
To know who we really are and setting each other free
To be showered by the life that pours forth abundantly to all.


Blue Monkey invites us to bring through the oneness of a more Cosmic Earth
that is in all beings, to experience the natural gifts of life that we might so easily miss if we are too serious to play, and to follow the path to the garden of our dreams and plant a seed of new awareness, our place in the universe.

November 25 – Blue Magnetic Monkey

“I unify in order to play,

Attracting illusion.

I seal the process of magic
With the magnetic tone of purpose”

December 7 – Blue Cosmic Night

“I endure in order to dream
Transcending intuition

I seal the input of abundance
With the cosmic tone of presence,
Guided by accomplishment.”

With playful love

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