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Get Real News – Europe Where´s the Money?

REAL News by People for People

June 2014 – Project Test – 01 – from the Alentejo Live Stock Exchange!

 Get Real – on Your EuroPean Finance – Where´s the Money?

12_Sectors_of_Society? Do you know what critical forces are influencing your life and our Society right now?

? Should Government and Corporations be held accountable for what they do?

? Are you aware of – or part of – what´s happening to the people and our environment and willing to accept responsibility for change?

If You said “YES, YES, YES”, then together we will be able to take actions that meet the real needs of people and our society. Join us in putting truth, meaning and value back into our lives and our world.

Tune in Monthly to the People´s “Get Real” Forum – an unbiased Rant from independent activist journalist duo, Paul Palmer and Jonathan Eveleigh … followed by an “Open Circle” Forum debate between “official policy makers” and “the people”.

Concept:  Monthly snap-shot Review followed by live debate –  “the People´s Forum” identifying the real needs, contrasting official State, Government and Corporate policies with real people´s life experience – focusing on one of the 12 Sectors of Society.

What Topic:  This month – European Finance


  • Where is all the Money going Paul?
  • Policy: Prop up the money at all costs.
  • Empty Money – created out of thin air.
  • Russia – “Humanitarian crisis or “Money at all costs”?
  • Fracking – the new US Export
  • What Nation States – they are all Corporations!
  • Policy: Central Banks creating indebted nations.
  • Governments sponsored by Corporations? Even the DVLA?
  • Junkie-Society – We´re ALL Hooked, self-abusing – In Denial – Human Clones.
    Welcome to the world of the Real.
  • Constitutions are a waste of Space. Devolve the Power!
  • We DON`T want to be part of EUROPE! Or do We??
  • Servants of the People.  Get REAL, Politicians
  • Don´t You just Love the IRS?
    People are the middle men money raisers for those “thieving bastards”.
  • WAY Forward – Local Cooperative Networks
  • Policy: BRIBE the local Communities and FRACK the hell out of them!
  • REAL Sense from Holland – Oh, they just ran out of GAS, what to do?
    FRACK em high or Buy from Russia?
  • Where do you buy your GAS from Paul?


Presented by:

The People´s Get Real News Forum with indi-media rant-mongers
Paul Palmer and Jonathan Eveleigh.

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