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Group Consciousness – The next step for our humanity

Planetary Group ConsciousnessA new and more direct way of Spiritual life, founded on the teaching of Love and Light that Christ and Buddha taught, is opening up now for humanity’s exploration and growth. From individual enlightenment to Love your neighbour as yourself – the next step in an evolving journey of life on Earth, is to develop an inner  group consciousness in service to the greater Life that pervades all things. This synthesis of Life itself opens to direct experience and expression through the consciousness of an inner group of unified individual souls.
Buddha taught that human suffering is caused by attachments and to release oneself from all attachments is to become self-enlightened.
Christ taught that Love is the Way that leads towards an inner divine union or wedding of the twin poles of life, being Spirit and matter, symbolised by the Sun and the Moon in Man, and as this union takes place, the field of consciousness that pervades all of Nature, becomes known and life becomes sacred.
Synthesis of one lifeThe Way and the Truth leads on to the synthesis of the One Life of Cosmic dimensions and origins, of which synchronised group consciousness becomes the instrument by which the Plan of Creation can manifest on Earth – Earth being the microcosm, reflection or hologram of a cosmic Life when renewed in Her former beauty through a wedding of human intention in cooperation with the Angelic or Devic kingdom who bring all forms of life into being.
Developing our inner telepathic synchronsised group consciousness to evolve the Planetary Light Body of Earth as part of the Cosmic Life of Stars of which our Sun is one, is the next step for our humanity.

With joy, love and companionship on the One Journey

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