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Self-Help Health Recovery





  • You may have tried orthodox medicines and many other therapies?
  • If nothing has really worked until now then let´s look to the source!

What is our true nature? * The first step of a journey begins with choice!
Truth leads to choice * Accepting our self for who we are right now
Take action for your self-healing! * Fundamentals of LIGHT Energy
Our Physical Body of Elements * Light Tonation Therapy * Great Physicians of the Past
Spectro-Chrome Light Therapy * All You Need – Further Resources


Toroidal Human Energy Field

What is our true nature?

We are told that the material world is all that is and have come to depend on this world to solve all our problems.  What does your heart tell you? Are you a solid body only – or a being of energy having a temporary experience in a material body that is also made from energy, energy that is at one with all beings?

The first step of a journey begins with choice!

Our quest is to seek the true knowledge and source of health and wellness. Being true to our heart we will seek within to our inner source for guidance. We will not simply give our power to outer authorities who may limit our choices but will retain our trust in our inner compass.

Truth leads to choice

Medical science and society has been focused on outer material forms to the exclusion of the meaning and source of life. There is value in pills, drugs and physical interventions however we must know that they are only a last resort and provided by an industry that sadly has come to put business profit before cure. The truth is there are and have been natural and technological cures for all diseases for which our real choice has been denied. Perhaps many of us are now ready to be informed and capable of making our own choices?  Reliable information is more readily available now than ever before to those who seek and with knowledge it is in our power to choose.

ForgivenessDo you love and accept who you are?

Accepting our present condition is at the same moment to accept the promise and possibility of change.  Acceptance can lead to forgiveness, of giving love to oneself that comes from recognising that one has allowed oneself to have such an experience.  This is a break-through, the first step of self-healing.

Take action for your self-healing!

Acceptance and self-love brings us into alignment with the source of who we are, the nature of our true being.  Surrendering within, asking and listening to the heart source,

“What can I do to heal myself?”

will surely receive an answer. Can we let go and trust in the source – our inner response ability will surely lead to our outer physical healing however distant that may feel.  Our wellness comes to us and through us every moment of our lives, every breath we take, from the source – it is after all, our true nature, who we are as divine being and immortal souls.

LIGHT Energy – Your Body of Sound and Light

Rainbow Chakra

All is energy in vibration. Harmony and health comes to any body or organism that is maintaining energy in tune with natural universal frequencies – the healthy harmonics of a tuned instrument within the larger whole of a universal life.

Every organ of your body, every element, every one of us is created in harmony with the energies that flow through all creation, through our planet, the Sun and the Stars.

Your body has seven energy centres or chakras, just like an octave of music.  The energies of life, of ether and prana, flows through our centres from the Sun and from the Nature.  Altogether there are forty nine octaves of sound, heat and light that make up our physical body. Beginning with the lowest sound of one oscillation per second to the highest octave of light – the forty ninth which gives rise to the spectrum of colours which our eyes can see.  All of creation is made of Sound and Light which has properties of the ether and of electro-magnetism and it is from the Light Source that gives rise to the natural elements of earth, water, air and fire – the elements of our physical body.

From Spectro-Chrome Light Therapy by Dinshah Ghadiali, we learn that:

The Sun is the Source

Rainbow Earth“The Sun is the source of all Life and Energy conveyed to the World by Oscillatory Potentiality of a spiral character, composed of the Elements essential to the chemical existence of the live Universe. All growth is dependent on Solar Energy. Sunlight is a part of  that Energy converted to a specific purpose. From the Mineral to the Human Kingdom all life is dependent on Sunlight. Light is as much human food (a necessity for existence) as Solids, Liquids and Gases.

“The Light evolved from Solar Energy is White. Its Emission Polarity has Seven Main Divisions, which can be resolved from it. They are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Every Chemical Element exhibits a preponderance of One or more of these Colours under Oscillatory Disintegration. The World has all the Elements that are known in the Sun. The potency of an Element depends on the potency of its Colour Waves. Foods (and Medicines) are composed of definite Elements and act in strict conformity with such Colour Wave Potencies.”

Spectro-Chrome Prismatic Light

Spectrum of Colour Therapeutic Energies

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