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Health Recovery-2

Our Physical Body of Elements * Light Tonation Therapy * Great Physicians of the Past
Spectro-Chrome Light Therapy * All You Need – Further Resources

Our Physical Body of Colour~Elements

“Our body contains about 9.1 percent Hydrogen, 13.4 per cent Carbon, 2.5 percent Nitrogen and 72 per cent Oxygen. About 1.2 percent more is Calcium and 1.2 percent is Phosphorus. All the other Elements of the World, existing in our Physical Body, comprise the balance of the final 0.6 percent.

Health is maintained when these Elements (Colours) are proportionately balanced. Any disturbance of this Element (Colour) Poise, is liable to produce loss of Health.”

As Light gives rise to the seven primary colours so the energy of each colour gives rise to a spectrum of physical elements: An element corresponds to a specific colour frequency.

Oxygen is an element in the blue-violet spectrum, whereas hydrogen is in the yellow-red.  According to Goethe, who advanced the science of colour and light beyond the simple prismatic experiments of Newton, these two colour spectrums are positive and negative, like male and female or Yang and Yin complementary opposites and combine the physical with the etheric energies. Green is created from Yellow and Blue light, Magenta from the shadow of Green plus White light.  Magenta has no wavelength and the two, Green and Magenta are a true polarity – like our head and heart.

Affinity Colours are those Colours which have diametrically opposite Attributes or Qualities of a Chemico-Physiological character:

  •  Red is the Affinity of Blue
  • Orange is the Affinity of Indigo
  • Yellow is the Affinity of Violet
  • Lemon is the Affinity of Turquoise
  • Purple is the Affinity of Scarlet

Light Tonation Therapy

Light TherapyOur Physical Body has certain areas where the radiant energy from a colour projector can be beneficially irradiated. Bathing the body in light of a certain colour is called a tonation.  The required energy comes through the aura to compensate any imbalance in the natural spectrum of the aura.  Up to one hour of a direct light bath is sufficient at any one time.  Benefit can be obtained from ambient light if a colour filter sheet is simply placed in a window. It will have a tonic effect however for full health recovery the correct colours are to be applied in sequence during the bodies natural bio-rhythmic time periods and to a correct diagnosis.

Given a Light Tonation the body accepts what is given that it needs. The aura will recover its balance of vitality by absorbing the colour energy that corresponds to the physical elements it needs – by matching harmonics of light colour to element frequency.

Colour Wheel

Therapeutic Effects of Colour Energy – CLICK to see full size –

Great Physicians of the Past

 Case history of the last 100 years from pioneers of chromo-therapy such as Edwin Babbitt and in particular Dinshah Ghadiali are extensive and dramatic, even miraculous, in comparison to today´s Pharmaceutical industry that has put profit before true health service. In the late 19th C., leading researchers and practitioners were intimately familiar with the different ethers of light, heat and electrical, both physical-human and universal.

 Edwin Babbitt

Edwin D. Babbitt, 1828-1905

 Professional surgeons practicing energy medicine were achieving results that could not be achieved by regular drugs and mechanical means.  Pioneers in both new energy (Tesla, Moray, Schauberger) and health research (Babbit, Rife, Dinshah) to mention a few, were opening horizons that still promise to transform our world. Ordinary people were more open minded and receptive, whereas today we have a legacy of over 100 years of suppression to contend with due to the material view that has limited our vision and our choice.
 Babbit Atom The Etheric Atom from “The Principles of Light and Colour

The key more than ever is to exercise our own choice – the choice inwardly made over the outer habitually made, pro-life over anti-life, and then to freely share the benefits with others.

Spectro-Chrome Light Therapy

 My Science is based on unchangeable principles. Outside of purely surgical cases of a constructive or reparative character, it was found applicable to all Human Ailments.

This Science, as evolved by me after over 30 years of laborious researches, has been in actual daily use since April 1920 and its results have been fully corroborated along Chemical, Mathematical, Physiological, Spectroscopical, Biological, Psychological, linical, Chromical and Pathological lines. It is the logical result of my researches in Light and Colour and it is to Light and Colour what Music is to Sound Waves.

It is but the matching of the Gamut of Colour Waves to Rhythmical Light Oscillations possessing definite influence on the human organism and arranged in accord and harmony with true physical and metaphysical concepts.”

Dinshah ghadiali

Dinshah Ghadiali, 1873-1966 Originator of Spectro-Chrome

Nothing I have seen or discovered comes as easy and comprehensively applicable as Spectro-Chrome Light Therapy.

There´s nothing to loose with this form of self-help for your health recovery. It is compatible with any and every other form of therapy or medical support that you choose. It is not a choice that limits what any other may say you should or should not do.

Spectro-Chrome Light Therapy is within reach of us all.

What Doctor and Professional Surgeon Kate Baldwin MD has said:

For centuries scientists have devoted untiring effort to discover a means for the relief or cure of human ills and restoration of the normal functions. Yet in neglected light and color there is a potency far beyond that of drugs and serums. Color is the simplest and most accurate therapeutic measure yet developed. I can produce quicker and more accurate results with colors than with any or all other methods combined—and with less strain on the patient.

Let There Be Light DinshahAll You Need – Further Resources:

The following are recommended:

  • “Let There Be Light”, by Darius Dinshah, and
  • “Dr. Babbitt´s Colour Therapy”, both are obtainable from Dinshah Health Society:
  • Colour Filter Sheets – matched by Dinshah in strict conformity with the precise Spectrum Analysis applied to the Higher Forces of Nature operating within the Live Physical Body:



  • A standard 40 – 100 Watt incandescent Lamp (or Projector), non-fluorescent and non-neodymium light source.

Therapy Services: For further help and advice – in Europe, contact Jonathan Eveleigh.

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