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Humanity and the ET Question – a spiritual imperative for world transformation?

Unacknowledged documentaryR esponding to the new documentary, Unacknowledged – an Expose of the World’s Greatest Secret, a friend and spiritual coworker wrote:

“The moment that the view upon the world and its inhabitants becomes drastically altered, with great psychological impact upon consciousness may be pretty close, now, I assume.

It may be of importance to relate the great amount of aerial and other phenomena to the Ageless Wisdom”.

I see that the issue has both a psychological impact and is as well a spiritual turning point. It is the pivitol issue embedded in our societies that has influenced every other to the point where the ruthlessness by which the secrecy has been enforced is now visible in the police abuse of civilians protecting corporate assets. Thus society, it’s raison d’etre, the principles of democracy, economy and law, are undermined – at the core – and the people are beginning to know it.

It is a spiritual issue because it opens the door to cosmic awareness, to our place in the universe, and  via externalisation, to a practical bridging between the esoteric and the exoteric life, to a humanity coming fo Age.

What can we learn from the last 70 years since the first ET craft were recovered?

From the newly released Unacknowledged documentary, Lord Hill-Norton, a former Chief of the Defense Staff and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee has said that our response has demonstrated “how not to deal with these matters in the future”.

UFOs and ETs have been shot at, witnesses murdered, their families threatened, trillions of dollars embezzled with no democractic oversight, a reaction born of fear and an unconscious collective projection. But not the only choice. Another, choice is one of recognition that we are not alone, that the unknown need not be something to fear but consciously entered into and collectively envisioned for our future.  So we are dealing with the collective shadow, or dweller, meeting with the Angel of the Presence or Soul. And we are preparing for externalisation.

In my own experience, I have participated in two CE5 retreats where for several days, under the night stars, a group of international participants seek to enter into a group coherent mind and act as an intermediary role or in an ambassadorial sense between ET and human consciousness.  A specific group meditation is followed. It becomes evident that it is relatively easy to establish contact, where the group mind receives telepathic synchronous confirmations. Once They have one’s mental pattern, so to say, such as one can have with esoteric coworkers, the same confirmations will appear back home and alone.

The group itself was, for a time, surrounded by ethereal beings who merged with us, so it seemed, elevating the mind and perceptions that enabled one to see etherically.  It was beyond extraordinary. On one last evening, a visible appearance of the lights of a craft with attendant beings, was witnessed by the whole group less than 50 metres away. It shook us considerably, we weren’t prepared and behaved like excited kids until the group leaders brought us back into coherence, to the group heart and soul, where we were able to respond and play back the event in a more disciplined, coherent and open way. This was a big teaching. They are prepared to work with groups such as CE5 but that such trust was tested that night.

Regarding externalisation my friend remarked “A Master travelling to Sirius may not need his space-vessel”. Might He need a Merkaba or vehicle of Light?  Even so, the Hopi, the Dogon and the Mayan all look to Sirius for the return of the Masters of Light. Accompanying Them are emissaries from Arcturus, Antares, the Plaiedes, Andromeda and others all in accordance with the Plan as interpreted by a Galactic Federation or Council.  They will seek to walk openly among us and the Way towards galactic cooperation will be made available. For those races, including ours, who retain corporeal bodies, such cooperation may help us to evolve similar vehicles of light, both mind made and technological, all of which will transform the culture and life on Earth.

I see that there is no mistake, even though the state of deception and of the Earth is dire. We need to stare at Death in the face and know it to be unreal. A Plan is working out. We as a species have to confront, deal with and resolve our collective shadow nature, the pathological fear of authority, of something higher? As we do so, through forgiveness and self-sacrifice, we also recognise we don’t need governments such as they are today. We need each other. The Path is unfamiliar but our humanity is coming of Age although we are not out the kindergarten yet!

Unacknowledged: An Expose

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CE5 Coherent Thought Sequencing – PDF


“The extraterrestrials have made it very clear that the entry ticket for human civilization to become interplanetary is first and foremost to be civilized, to live together peacefully, to renounce weapons of mass destruction, and to go out into space free of weapons systems with a consciousness of universal peace. Once we do this, the universe is going to open its arms wide open.”  – Steven Greer MD

“Unacknowledged is a film about UFOs, the craft of ancient aliens as well as our own secret fleet. The truth that was once ‘out there’ is here now. Open your mind to the extraordinary.” – JZ Knight

Dr Greer – “Today, the entire U.S. space program is being pushed towards privatization.
What has NASA been doing? Why has it lacked direction ever since Apollo?
The problem over the last forty-plus years is that there have been two space programs:
NASA, which has been forced to use antiquated 1940s rocket technology, the equivalent of riding down the block on an explosive; and the “real” space program, a secret black ops-funded (unacknowledged) venture using high-voltage anti-gravitics propulsion systems reverse-engineered from downed UFOs that are capable of “taking E.T. home… We have things flying in the Nevada desert that are fifty years beyond what you can comprehend. If you’ve seen it on Star Wars or Star Trek, we’ve been there and done that, or decided it wasn’t worth the effort” from Ben Rich, the Head of Lockheed Skunkworks.”

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