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“I See You” – Galactic Time Guidance

We are One Galactic Wholeness – Humanity on Earth:

I See YouISEE YOU. In my heart I see who You are and I see your reflection. We are One, the Whole of creation in each part, the part an expression of One Whole.

Forgive me. In the dance of shadows and reflecting lights I may loose sight of the true You but I am bound to remember for the Whole is Love and Love is who we are.

A cycle of ages is closing, there is a new frequency of consciousness beckoning humanity to close the door to the past and to embrace and accept a more cosmic unity, to live as One life, humanity.

In the coming 13 day cycle the fragments within each of us will come up into the light and invite us to choose with our hearts between our true self and our false self and, in choosing to embrace and accept, to realise the Soul´s intention of the Wholeness. A cosmic Earth born of Stars lives and moves and breathes inside us in a Galaxy we may call Home.

The “White Mirror” wavespell beckons us to integrate our human experience towards a coherent unified sense of who we are. Can we merge with our infinite reflections? Can we step through a door from fragmented illusions, repeating stories and limited thinking to realise a coherence of mind that sees One Earth, One Humanity, One Life through the Eyes of Love?

“I unify in order to reflect,
Attracting order.

I seal the matrix of endlessness
With the magnetic tone of purpose.” …

Concluding on 24th Novemember with White Cosmic Dog,

I endure in order to Love
Transcending Loyalty.

I seal the process of Heart
With the cosmic tone of Presence.
Guided by the power of endlessness.”

“In Lak’ech!” – I Am Another You

With Love

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