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Liberating Our Minds

Today signifies a liberation of the mind …

Rainbow BridgeReleasing our habitual conditionings we can stand in freedom of being.  Time to listen to heart´s guidance and respond from the pure centre of univerality within.

To listen and respond from that centre of all life that is connected to all beings within, is to stand free – free of fear, of conditioning, of limitation, the habitual patterns of acceptable response – capable of doing whatever it is we are called from within to do …

Like simply walking across a bridge without looking down, to reach out and take the hand of a lover, stranger, child or friend, to do what we are meant to be doing on our one planet of Love.

Blue Spectral Eagle – 22 Feb 2014

“I dissolve in order to create
Releasing mind.

I seal the output of vision
With the spectral tone of liberation.”

– Galactic keynote guidance of the Mayan 13:20:260 Tzolkin.

Please share - your vision, thoughts and insights are welcome. Thank you!