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On my 58th …

On my 58th, he said …

Free Will - Dance of the SoulI n every man a goddess
In every woman a warrior born
Seeking harmony and balance,
And between every polarity
There comes a point of stillness
Needing no answer, asking
No questions, being only still.

The man is 58. He said, “I love you,
Is it just a question of time?”
When “5” and “8” are “13”
13 moons for the goddess,
5 for the complete man and
8 for the warrior born.
There beyond time and empty of space
A woman and man embrace.

We are like leaves upon a breeze
Each one fluttering in the light.
It is the wind that blows upon our faces
Like the sighs of a breathing planet.
It is the space between us
That makes each one unique.
So I embrace the uniqueness in you,
For it is the wind that stirs my emotion.

Does the light know what the wind blows,
The movement of each leaf, the feeling?
How can I show you the beauty
The miracle being born inside you?
You will not find me in any one place, but
Dancing freely between the light and the shadows.

Emotion can be like a thundering wave
Fillng the harbour –
Let the waves keep to the ocean,
The little boats riding to their anchor.
When a wave breaks upon my shore
Let there be laughter.

Do you say, “I am the leaf” …
That claims the tree,
Or a wave the ocean?
The truth is closer to the wind
That blows freely, but
The light is eternal, being.

JLE 16 Aug 2014.

2 Responses to “On my 58th …”

  1. Aisha says:

    Lovely poem, Aisha x

    • Jonathan says:

      Thanks A, intuitive poetry gives me a way I like to express plain ordinary facts, like “it´s his 58th!” with a sprinkling of de-light. You write poetry?

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