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Our Body of Light and Sound

We are Living in a Musical Universe.

Angels Paint with Sound

Angels Paint with Sound

All is light. All is frequency, vibrating with tones and colour. All things are created as wavelengths of light. Sound is color we cannot see and color is sound we cannot hear – all are harmonics of our Environment – a physical field or body of sound and light.

Consider the statements:

  • “Man is two octaves below God”, accredited to Pythagoras
  • “The body is light and responds to consciousness. All disease is also white light. With love the incurable disease is nothing but light, and the atoms of the body can be reformed into light”. D.M.

Imagine the universe naturally amplifying the sounds you make when you are singing or playing music – the universe naturally resonating and dancing to the Music of your Soul.

The universe sings to us for all things resonate with sound, to which you would imagine human music would echo back a sympathetic harmony.  Yet the music we humans play is out of tune with our Environment, like a mis-tuned radio.  By re-tuning ourselves to the natural cosmic harmonics of Light, the environment will reflect our own transformation and that wholeness within will radiate to the wholeness without.  To retune our music is an easy and joyful change we may choose to make,  explained below.

Music Colour Wheel

Music Colour Wheel

An instrument tuned to a ratio of the speed of light, will naturally resonate with the Environment. Such music is uplifting to heart and soul. A ratio of the speed of light is 432 Hz, whereas standard Concert Pitch is 440 Hz. The difference is small, but like an off-tuned radio one generates distortion, the other a clear signal.  Concert Pitch is not naturally tuned to anything and falls on a dead note, as far as the universe is concerned.  Cycles per second work out to whole numbers with A432 and not with A440.

Our environment is receptive and echoes to frequencies of light and sound that are in tune with the natural harmonics of our earth and her family of planets, to the Sun and to the infinite Universe.  Our bodies and Spirit are uplifted and respond to the harmonics of Light.    Frequencies of Sound are 40 octaves down from the Visible Light Spectrum.

  • The diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles or 432 * 5.
  • The sun´s diameter is very close to 864,000 miles or 432 x 2,000.
  • The Speed of Light is 432 x 432 = 186,624 (lately measured as 186,282.4) miles per second
  • 216, 432 and 864 Hz are all musical “A”s on the natural Pythagorean Diatonic musical scale of octaves.

In contrast there is nothing harmonic about standard pitch music in relation to the Environment to which all modern music is produced. Our music may sound good and beautiful, but, in comparison with “natural light music” the difference can be felt by the whole body, for the Environment is moved by it.  When one fully appreciates music as light as consciousness, one wonders why it is not a cannon of Law – perhaps it will soon be as it once was in the ancient world, as we dance again to the Music of the Spheres.

The same “mis-tuning” occurred with our measurements. The adoption of the “metre” is a similar disconnection from the reality of implicit harmony in proportion with the greater whole in the Mind of the Creator. “Man” is the measure of all things in Space and Time.  Our “common measures” make a huge difference to the “common man”.

In terms of natural proportions,

  • the circumference of the Earth is 360 degrees (of Space) x 365.24 days (a year of Time) = 13,148,640 in feet.

The mystery unfolds in sacred geometry revealing an elegant pattern the holographic universe.  All is in harmony and proportion of Light, Sound and Degree represented by frequencies of an incarnating Life – the Life of the Universal One.

For healing our environment let´s affirm:

We are instruments of the planetary life.
This is our body of sound and light.

How to change our music?

freq_chartTo bring the outer into alignment may mean we choose to adopt the 432 tone for our music and re-member to measure the sacred dimensions of our earth-cosmic temples in harmonic proportion! We might as well realign our calendar with Synchronous Time as “time out of mind” – where the Song of the Cosmos is being composed.

For now there are limited sources of 432 pitch music available. But changing mp3s from 440 to 432 pitch is quite easy, as simple as running a software program.

Download free Audacity. Import your mp3 music. Select the track and choose “Effects” then “Change Pitch”.  In the “Frequency” panel, enter  from  “440” to  “432”. Save your harmonized music.

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  1. The number 432 is considered sacred in major temple complexes. Multiplications of 8 cycles gives one the significant 432 (54 x 8, and 6 x 72), which relate to cycles of Precession. Many ancient structures have the ratios 864, 432, 256, 144, 108, 72, etc.
  2. The heart has the least effort for pumping blood to endocrine glands, when operating in a rhythm of 72 beats per minute, it beats literally with the hologram of the planet and the universe — 72 bpm is the foundation beat of compassionate love.

One Response to “Our Body of Light and Sound”

  1. bob says:

    dude, honestly, if you change pitch to 432 through the audio program, you’re not changing the intervals(distance between the notes) of the scale used, the intervals are still the same, it doesn’t change anything, but the Tempered 440hz to Tempered 432hz. the whole composition has to be written in Pythagorean intervals, which is different harmonic value.

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