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Our Environment – Humanity in Right Relations

wild firesM any of us have been affected by, or have friends or relatives, who have or are being affected by extreme weather phenomena; wild fires burning our lands, the hottest temperatures in one part of the globe and freezing in another, or flash flooding, all creating impossible to live situations that endanger the lives and unbalancing the ecosystems and these events are becoming common place. Naturally we pray for our loved ones and all those lives affected that they will be safe, that conditions will ameliorate, that nature will somehow move into balance so that life can recover and continue. Through our prayer and meditation, especially focussed in groups, sometimes miracles do happen.

Let’s look a little deeper together at what is happening here and discern what is that ‘right relationship’ between ourselves and our environment, and as humanity, for humanity as a whole, and what our function may be as part of a world group?

On a surface level we may ‘pray for rain’ or for some other calming condition to offset the symptom of the environmental effect but what is really happening under the surface? Are we hoping the environment will move into harmony with humanity or do we need to harmonise our lives with nature and how can we do that? What does it take to be ‘harmless’ to our environment? This is in truth a relationship between consciousness and the devic kingdom. So then is it not really about moving into right relationship with the environment – as an extension of ourselves and as a species?

We know that the climate is changing as environmental effects are intended to wake us up to our true divine nature as conscious beings incarnated into a devic environment. This is a world of environmental substance providing forms of infinite appearance and diversity for the One in Whom We Live and Move who gives sustenance to the One Life.

In our unconsciousness however, our societies continue as if there is no tomorrow, and such has become our future. Mineral resources are extracted with no regard to the environmental cost or to the human rights of indigenous people or modern people for that matter. Our oceans are being emptied of fish by the industrial methods of all major nations whilst plastic reefs are moving under the surface and entering the food chain. No wonder that the UN has put out an SOS warning of eco-system failure and of a species crisis within less than one more generation.

For those who are sensitive, we literally feel the pain of the Earth as a living whole Being. There is no doubt that the greatest loss in the last few centuries is that we no longer live in a caring and respectful cooperation with all aspects of Nature.

Student Environment ProtestThis topic could not be more timely and our work more needed, for you may well be aware that in the coming days upwards of 500,000 young students across over 50 countries are organising over 500 demonstrations set for 15 March. They have published a “Climate Strikers letter that headlines with:

We are going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like it or not.” and continues, “United we will rise on 15 March and many times after until we see climate justice. We demand the world’s decision makers take responsibility and solve this crisis. You have failed us in the past. [But] the youth of this world has started to move and we will not rest again.”

Young people around the world are skipping school on the basis that, and I quote, “To study for a future that will not exist, that does not make sense… We will not accept a life in fear and devastation. We have the right to live our dreams and hopes.”

This movement began with Greta Thunberg, now a 16 years old student from Sweden who began a solo protest last August. Recently she spoke out at a Climate Summit and said, “Our leaders are like children”, and that “We fight for our future. It doesn’t help if we have to fight the adults too.” One of the young coordinators in Britain said, “The strikes will stop when there is a clear outline from politicians on how to solve this crisis and a pathway to get there. I could be doing so many other things. But I don’t have time as we have to solve this crisis. My dream is to have a life in peace.”   [ And see the action at  ]

Yellow-vest-global-non-complianceCoincidentally, or not, the older working generations are responding in kind, as the “Yellow Jackets” of France, inspired by their revolutionary motto “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” are calling on all citizens for global participation of non-compliance to Stop all Work for a day in all countries – no work, no school, no shopping, no banking, no trading – on the same day (15 March), the 99% against the exploitation of humanity by the 1% for profit. So economy and environment are inextricably linked, the one impacting the other for good or ill and the call is going out – humanity must awaken and forever change our ways!  When Humanity says “No!” to abuse then we can make right choices in our daily lives for fair-shares, fair-trade, people-care and earth-care!

So I believethat group work in consciousness, and working now as part of a world group in synthesis, can influence and strengthen the magnetic field of universal Love and Wisdom that surrounds our planet, that unites the Spiritual Will-to-Life and to-Be with the creative and intelligent medium of our planetary life to support the true underlying appeal for “right relationships” coming from the young and older lives of humanity.

What is the Environment?

Ensouling of ConsciousnessLet’s attempt an answer to a question, “What is the Environment?” To begin with the Wisdom tell us that “The devic kingdom is completely dependent upon the consciousness aspect for its evolution, just as the consciousness aspect is completely dependent upon the deva for its evolution.”

If we consider the spheres or medium in which we as Souls live and move and have our being, that of “manas” or mind, the “astral” sphere of emotion and the dense “physical-etheric” we realise that they are all in fact devic, and that it is through the divine mind, that universal medium of intelligent substance, that we effect, influence and create the world of effects all around us. Our human lives express a reflection of our use of mind and, as we know it can be a lousy master or a useful servant. Up until now, we have looked out of mind as a dualistic experience that has projected an illusion of separation that has now finally manifested as a conflict of survival and the identity crisis of these times. We might say we are being forced to united around this.

Mind, is that receptive medium for spiritual impression, for the divine impulsing which infuses, creates and evolves Soul or Consciousness through the kingdoms of Nature now being realised in humanity. That divine dynamic Will focussed in the Soul to become aware of being through the use of form that gives Humanity the potential of the Logoic Life to express the Word of Love and Wisdom. And as we learn to wed that Spiritual impulsing, that higher divine Will, with Mind as the medium of creation with the magnetic quality and nature of Love itself, then life can and is being renewed. We are ‘on the threshold’ of realising our place in creation as a whole, with the potential to bring heaven to Earth. Out of the ‘no-thing’ of Mind, something new is emerging into being and as humanity becomes conscious of our Self, so then do we create ourselves.

This is where humanity stands today. We are literally being forced to move out of our comfort zones of our unconscious creation, out of the duality, and into a conscious creation of our lives of appearances. This is the moment when we can invite and allow the universe to create through us and take a step into a life more abundant with the creative impulsing all around us as an interplay of Spirit, of Atmic-Pure Synthetic Will of Being upon the still spaciousness of Mind emptied of the pull of all duality.

The Creative Sound

The Universe came or comes into being upon Sound, upon the Sounds of the Spheres it is maintained, and by the sounds we make it is reflected and out-pictured. Together in our groups and through the medium of consciousness, we are beginning to sound the words that correlate with the patterns of the Heart, and as we do so, Creation is being recreated. As we consciously dissolve all separations in time and space, we sound the tone or note that blends Father-spirit with the Divine Mother, the Mind of intelligent substance all around, and to it the devas respond. They respond and are re-aligned with the divine Plan and Purpose, for we recognise the Whole in which they are a part, and in accepting the Word as a command or new instruction so to say, they in turn rearrange the patterns of the forms through which new consciousness is being born. This is how the environment as a whole is being purified and prepared as a medium reflecting the Cosmic parent.

Mountain DevaMay we align with the Deva of our Environments, as we recognise that the devas are impressed by consciousness, as consciousness is impressed by the actions of the devas. As we identify with the planetary life we can align the devic life as a whole with the Plan for ‘conscious readjustment’, as we, as consciousness itself, invoke divine adjustment into our own lives and affairs and seek to build harmless relationships in and with our environments.

Let us endeavour to live in such harmony through these transition times with the thought for those generations to come after us who will inherit the Earth and create the new culture and civilisation. With our actions and words consciously sounded in unison, we are ploughing new ground in the mind of our garden on Earth. With the eyes of the Heart, we can see endless reflections of one thing, of One Universal Life, brought down and reflected as life in abundance and in wonderful diversity, and by the beautiful and unique patterns of Nature all around. We are the weavers of the web of Creation, bringing the 5th Kingdom of Pure Love-Wisdom, of our divine Selves, into the fertile ground of Being humans on our Mother the Earth.

Let it be in Joy and In loving synthesis


(New Moon 6 March 2019)

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