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BRExit – A Change of Guard

A Review of geo-political forces vying for control of Britain and Europe versus our citizen ability to respond to planetary transition and stewardship with vision.

Global Positioning, The people’s choice – Benefits for IN and OUT,
Media Lie Gets the Vote, Don’t Pick Up the Gun!,
Who Gains the Power?, End Games, Authority and Dis-obedience,
Off-World Repurcussions?, What Vision for Europe and Our World?,
Are you still motivated?

A EU-and-British-flags-referendumt first impact, the BRExit Referendum outcome felt similar to a military flypast breaking the sound barrier above our heads. Once the sky has cleared a view of geo-political events and forces moving in British society is emerging that reveals a manoeuvring of power we would be wise to recognise if we are to avoid a break-up of Western society and respond intelligently to a much needed and critical transformation of society.

Once the background of events is observed it becomes apparent that the Brexit is effectively an intended outcome, a return to national sovereignty, but with no guarantee of popular sovereignty or benefit to the people. On the contrary its impact threatens the dissolution of the European Union, and then also NATO, and unless we are paying close attention to the sequence of events, the potential dismantling of the United States?

On a bizarre note and, if true as spoken, as if to underline how dangerous the course of our humanity we might pay attention to EU President Junker’s words spoken on June 28, “those observing us from other planets afar are concerned regarding the path the European Union is going to pursue”.

In a world aspiring to planetary citizenship as a natural step of being truly a humanity coming of age, the Brexit vote is retrogressive. The reaction from the British themselves seemed to be “What have we done?” A bewildered Brit made headlines after voting in favour of Brexit. Once the reality of the Brexit election set in, Adam said, “I’m shocked that we actually voted to leave. I didn’t think that was actually going to happen.” At the same time Britain’s European neighbours, Americans and people around the world were asking, “Have you lost your mind, why vote to leave such a great trading bloc?”

Isn’t the free movement of labour and access to trading markets more important than restricting movement of migrants and avoiding solutions to the causes of the refugee crisis?

Global Positioning

There is no doubt this June 23 EU Referendum in the UK has had a momentous impact not only on the psychology of the British nation and on her other 26 European neighbours, but on the world. Is this once mighty nation going out at last with a bang, the last nail driven home into the coffin of a lost empire? So what exactly caused the people of Britain to vote “leave Europe” and how can the decision be justified given that only 17 million in a population of 65 million decided the vote, the majority in favour of leaving less than 2% of the turnout, the 2015 Referendum Act setting a precedent for not setting a reasonable margin of say 60%, the Parliamentary denial of the Referendum’s advisory status, essentially a decision by one third of the population that is binding on all future generations? What is really going on, what consequences for Britain, for Europe and the world and most essentially, who stands to gain?

Greater implications than EU membership have more to do with global positioning and security than economic and social issues. Forces of manipulation seem to be in play working with energies few of us know about or even understand. In a sense it feels similar to the fall of Tibet in its implications for global power when China went into Tibet for international strategic purposes not just to integrate the two cultures – as was their story. In the case of the UK Referendum, a campaign of insecurity appears to have won out.

Let’s first review the people’s choice.

The people’s choice – Benefits for IN and OUT

Information is power, they say. When you know what your options are in a crisis situation, you are better prepared to make a good decision. A public that is uninformed is simply a pawn in someone else’s game; the illusion of choice defines the outcome and leaves you free to choose what you are told you should choose.

By way of unbiased journalism, here are some of the benefits of being in the EU and the reasons for leaving the EU. If you can find a similar or better example from the British media during the run up to the Referendum it will have been a rare exception rather than the rule:

Benefits for IN:

  • Work and benefit entitlement abroad in 27 other countries, especially significant for young people. There are 1.3 million British “migrants” resident in the EU.
  • Education, over a quarter million UK students in European colleges and universities.
  • Workers’ rights and human rights better protected in EU law. The UK government has attempted to erode or do away with the human rights charter altogether.
  • The Environment is protected under EU laws that put a stop to acid rain destroying Sweden’s forests. UK beaches and Thames water in London are still some of the dirtiest in Europe and have no doubt emissions will rise without EU protections.

Reasons for OUT:

The European Union is a forty year old ideal that no longer serves the people. To best explain this by analogy imagine you are an American citizen and your country has a trading agreement with all of South and Central America. A condition of membership is that you accept a commission of unelected people who will set 60% of your laws. Although all the countries that are part of the trading block can vote on them, the US has 1/28th member’s say as to whether to agree with them or not.

This block then creates a “Central American” court whose laws take supremacy over US courts. US borders must be open to any Central or South American who chooses to live in the US, there is no quota system in place and America cannot easily deport foreign criminals back to their own countries.

Also imagine this new trading block decides to adopt a common currency, but as a result many South and Central American countries end up with broken economies, high unemployment and economic policies dictated by one nation, which then imposes sever austerity measures to ensure that these countries handle their finances better and pay their dues. Underlying this idea of “unity” is a resentment among the populations of the individual countries.

So given this state of mind, which way would you vote?

It would have been helpful if the British public were informed but they were not. Instead they were told what to think and what to vote by a media propaganda campaign orchestrated from the top.

Media Lie Gets the Vote

Throughout the campaign the public were treated to a media focus only on one issue, “immigration, take back control of our borders!”. This was not limited to any particular media source but encompassed the state BBC and media network as a whole. Europe was being tainted with a kind of mistrust that sees anything different as unacceptable, feeding on fear designed to trigger a basic human “fight or flight” reaction.

As a consequence, the people are blaming “immigrants” and “foreigners” and not the very people behind the causes and the issues the media appear to love focussing attention on, issues that don’t go away. They just keep repeating until we are no longer willing to pay for someone else’s irresponsible behaviour. Unregulated multi-national corporate expansionism, irresponsible central banking and the perpetual war industry just keeps on rolling, stimulating migration, tension and chaos between the peoples and members of the EU community and Middle Eastern nations, and pretty much everywhere else in the world.

Immigrants and refugees, who was telling the difference, yet the argument that Britain would solve this issue by taking control of its borders is a nonsense. Britain already has the tightest border controls in the EU whilst, as an EU citizen, one can drive between 26 other member states without showing papers. France’s amusing response to British paranoia over refugees and migrants is to call for the border controls of Britain to be relocated to Dover instead of Calais. The fact that Polish workers have taken jobs and pay their taxes in Britain should be set against the two million UK people working and living on the continent. Europe has in the meantime failed to deal humanly with the plight of refugees from the Middle East and Africa, an issue created mainly by America with British military support.

Promises made by the Brexit puppet campaigners such as the 350 millions to be spent on the NHS were broken as soon as the vote was in. It was a sham that had the public kicked when down on the ground.

In the aftermath the Europeans are either congratulating the British for waking them up to the overdue reality that the needs of people must take precedence to the selfishness of the unelected bureaucratic elite who have been running the EU their way for way too long, or they are in fear of a Union break up. But that’s the point, the nationalists in our societies are using the self-same argument to further their selfish and dangerous ambitions – fear of foreigners and immigrants exploiting our jobs, and anything that is different, to break up a hard won unity.

What is at stake here is how you and I define and recognise our consciousness of our humanity that unites and celebrates, or divides and creates conflict, around difference.

In the last decade it has become apparent to a discerning eye that the mainstream media is anything but bipartisan and unbiased. Just a handful of corporations are controlling the media as a whole.

It has got so bad that there are petitions out to have the BBC and others investigated and apologise for their slander and misinformation. What we might once have thought was objective reporting is anything but. Does any media not have an agenda? Probably not, but the fact is It is true to say that he who controls the media controls the game. If we are basing our personal decision making on what the main media is saying we are buying into herd mentality based on an illusion of choice: “you choose what we want you to choose”.

In other words the game is played by those who can buy the media. Our democracies, such as they are, have been corrupted by orchestrated psychological campaigns designed to achieve desired outcomes to benefit those who hold on to material power and give a damn about social concerns, human welfare and the environment.


Don’t Pick Up the Gun!

Geopolitical events surrounding June 23 give vital clues as to where the power is playing out:

David Cameron won the British election last year in May 2015 by winning the right wing vote. Whilst the public may have assumed that Cameron avoided a coalition with the nationalist right wing UKIP by promising to hold a referendum on Europe, UKIP was not the originator of the referendum it has just won. The decision was imposed on Cameron from within the Conservative Party and by the Palace.

In 2015 the conflicts in Syria and the Middle East escalated. Without any interest in mediating peaceful solutions, America with British support, engaged their military forces on the pretext of taking out ISIL, a fanatical group formed around a dangerous anti-Western agenda and presented as terrorists for everyone to fear by the media. Russia took direct action with better results creating hostility in the Western media. Syria unplugged a refugee crisis Europe has not seen since WW2 that the EU responded to with more barbed wire than compassion.

The Chilcot Report on the UK’s war involvement in Iraq was made public days after the Referendum result pointing to serious inconsistencies and flawed reasons for Britain going to war. “We have concluded that the UK chose to join the invasion of Iraq before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted. Military action at that time was not a last resort.”

Though the door may be open for prosecuting Tony Blair, the UK’s war leader with Bush, it would set a precedent that the establishment will resist at almost any cost. Is Blair, and people like him, Bush (torture is okay), Clinton (delete those 911 records) and Trump above the law? Silly to put the Queen in that category since she owns the British courts and for that matter, more land title than any other person on the planet.

American hegemony spearheaded by the Transatlantic Trade Agreement, TTIP in Europe, a multi-national corporate monopolisation of public services, including the health industry, is by its nature designed to undermine democracy. It became an almost unstoppable juggernaut but for the amazing tenacity and dedication of citizen networks across Europe. The same phenomenon of international corporatisation is going on in all the continents of the world.

The killing of Jo Cox, a young Labour MP and humanitarian, by a fanatic just days after the Orlando, Florida massacre in America and before the referendum in the UK came as a traumatic shock. Official campaigning was ended by all parties out of respect, that was left to the media that had stirred up such hate violence. What was no longer an unusual event in America had now happened in Britain. Part of an insidious if random pattern? Jo Cox’s passionate appeal to remember that we all have far more in common with each other than that which divides us feels more relevant than ever.

By now we should know that national politics and economy are but pawns in a much entangled game for global power. It is a game with a strategy that protects the protagonists behind secrecy and closed doors, that has the public dumbed down and treated like fools, that plays on fears to tell you what to think, whilst you feel free to make a choice based on instincts alone. It is a game of fight or flight versus informed choice: If you pick up the gun to defend yourself you will be gunned down. So don’t pick up the gun, don’t listen to what you are being told to do, just walk away.

Who Gains the Power?

It was alleged in the British tabloids last year that Queen Elizabeth II had invited various political dignitaries, including Britain’s vice premier, around to the palace for dinner and a conversation on the subject of the European Union, the Queen asking what was benefitting Britain for being in Europe. If the Royals want something to happen it often does. HM was against Scottish Independence and for Brexit. So the Brexit campaign was largely supported by the Gentry and Buckingham Palace, who mobilised the popular Press to call for a return to independence.

Whilst UK independence from the EU returns overall control of the legal system to the UK courts and loses the city some trading muscle, there is now a looming prospect of new infrastructure, trade, and development with Asia. Britain’s decision to join the board of China’s Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank was a manoeuvre as significant as was the visit of Chinese premier Xi Kinping to Britain.

Contrary to what the European Press claims, the City of London is not directly concerned by the Brexit. Because of its particular status as an independent state placed under the authority of the Crown, it has never been part of the European Union. Of course, it will no longer be able to shelter the head offices of certain companies which will retreat back into the Union, but on the contrary, it will be able to use the sovereignty of London to develop the yuan market. Already in April, it obtained the necessary privileges by signing an agreement with the Central Bank of China. Besides which, it may develop its activities as a fiscal paradise for Europeans.

Just as Margaret Thatcher never hesitated to destroy British industry in order to transform her country into an international financial centre, in the same way the Conservatives did not hesitate to open the door for the independence of Scotland and Northern Ireland – and thus the loss of North Sea oil – in order to transform the City into the primary off shore financial centre for the yuan.

A first move by George Osborne, the UK chancellor , after Brexit is to announce plans to slash corporation tax from 20 to less than 15%, giving the UK the lowest corporation tax of any major economy, already defined by the IMF as “an offshore jurisdiction” back in 2007 thus giving the UK a fully-fledged tax haven status.

End Games

Did you say “United Kingdom”? Straining the very idea Is Scotland wanting to stay in the EU as does Northern Ireland who may align with Southern Ireland, the old Celtic nation, set for reunification? The Welsh are regretting their decision too and want to negotiate the terms of exit or call another referendum based on a more realistic majority.

Further rending the veil of stability are over 1,000 Barristers claiming the Referendum as non-binding. Meanwhile the nation is leaderless and in limbo as the departing Prime Minister, summoned by the Queen, rather than volunteering his resignation, has not actioned article 50, the EU membership exit clause.

In Europe, the right wing parties of several countries, including France, Holland and Italy are calling for their own referendums. With such de-stability in the atmosphere there is a real danger of a breakup of structure and stability in the “European Community. We would be stupid if we do not see what is coming.

UK racist crimes have escalated overnight by more than 500%. Where Britain had become a relatively integrated and tolerant multicultural society, not only those migrants from the EU, mostly Polish workers, have seen abusive behaviour directed at them, but also those of any racial type seen as “different”.

The joker card is being played on the fact that Brexit cannot be completed without a Parliamentary debate. In the absence of any real leadership contest Teresa May has been sanctioned and has now assumed the leadership of the Conservative party and Britain. May fully intends to trigger article 50 by the end of the year. This is a person who put the hush hush on child sex abuse scandals, who is against Human Rights in Britain, considers negotiations for Climate Change as unnecessary, and is all for Trident nuclear renewal and for war in Syria and Afghanistan.

Showing her true colours, May stated “Anyone from a non EU country must earn more than 35,000 if they want to stay!”, 16 July – Independent and Guardian. With Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary and in charge of MI6 Britain now has a Clinton-Trump lookalike puppeteer show presiding over the near future of the nation. Any wonder then that 53% of Britains have said that Britain will cease to be a united kingdom within ten years (BBC/ComRes 15 July).

Since May will introduce maximum surveillance across the media, what then stands between us and a Police state break-down and control of society and any kind of sane future? There are three kinds of People, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who ask: “what happened?” Nothing less than a general citizen’s incitement to a more sane evolution will save our humanity.

Inside the EU, the European financial system is quite likely to finally collapse. Italian banks are in meltdown and the DeutscheBank is by far the most indebted bank in existence.

America is next in line to face up to the possibility of an unreasoned vote of alienation winning out in the US Presidential elections this November. Can the UK result serve as a wake-up call for US citizens who are feeling disengaged from the political process?

As Thierry Maysan, French political commentator has stated, “The Brexit vote is not just a referendum on the EU, but on American un-ipolarism and attempts to turn the major powers of Europe into American satrapies”. The Brexit may mark the end of a military-economic domination of the US, since NATO and the EU are two sides of one coin. But the Brexit is only a response to the decline of the United States. Washington’s domination of the world is over. We are moving into a new era.

Is America set for a similar break-down? With the capitulation of Senator Bernie Sanders, the people’s lone voice of reason, we have Hilary and Trump as perceived front runners, both products of an establishment programmed for survival no matter what the cost. Interesting Clinton attended Trump’s wedding and they both play golf together.

When asked what her response as elected leader would be if Iran attacked Israel, Hillary Clinton said “she will attack Iran and totally obliterate them”. Same old same old fear agenda that can only stimulate serious civil unrest within the nation and further endanger the world.

Authority and Dis-obedience

The problem with humanity is “authority”, we are easily led and prone to following orders without question. In this transition era it is “authoritarianism” that we have to resolve inside ourselves. The rise of authoritarianism in the West was the cause of both World Wars and the reason that British, Americans and Europeans fought and died in huge numbers, our grandparents’ great sacrifice lest we forget. Yet authoritarianism seems to a species wide issue with America the cat-alyst amongst all the pigeons!. The propaganda that has influenced so many events in the world has been perfected and applied to American people for more than half a century. Unless Americans can transform their world view and come of age as a nation, the future of our planet looks bleak indeed.

Some people always try to control outcomes, those few who stand to gain. But the roots lie in all of us. The “divide and rule” maxim is a characteristic of authoritarianism. Humans have been practising it, imposing and subjecting themselves to it since history begun. Today we are confronting the last shadows of the forces within us that stand between humanity and our next most natural evolutionary step. That step will take us into an era of unprecedented new horizons, unleash our creativity and genius for restoring equilibrium to nature and our Biosphere and enable us to integrate within a galactic life.

Our resistance to this greater reality is presented to us in the familiar forms of the “establishment” and the “permanent government” that have been unchanging whilst elections, Presidents and puppet ministry comes and goes. Authoritarianism may appear to be on the rise. It is a predictable outcome of a society who values patriarchy lines of command at the expense of the feminine principle and balance that holds all life together. Until this balance is restored in us, outcomes will continue to be limited, tumultuous and controlled.


Off-World Repercussions?

If we weren’t still buying into our fight and flight programming, we the peoples would have prosperity not poverty, preventive health care not disease, leisure and creative expression not taxation until you are too old to enjoy your life, and free energy technology not polluting nuclear and depletion of resources. Can you think of other possibilities?

Strangely, this Brexit issue slides into the same category as “Disclosure” – the acceptance or ridicule surrounding the subject of whether we are alone in the universe. For some it seems a natural fact that we are not alone, for others an absolute heresy. Never mind the evidence, just move along now!

So when the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said “leaders of other planets” are concerned over the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union, is it so hard for us to read this seriously?

He said, translated from French: “We are moving towards new horizons, the ones regarding Europe and the ones regarding the entire planet. You need to know that those who observe us from afar are worried. “I have seen, heard and listened to several leaders of other planets who are worried as regards the path the European Union is going to pursue. So we must reassure those here in Europe and those who are observing us from afar.”

What is the one issue that affects all others, from student education to pension rates, from perpetual wars and the EU refugee crisis, to sky and sea pollution to GMOs and of course to energy and health? We the people have yet to be told the truth about the UFO cover up and the Extra Terrestrial agenda and if you are wondering what this has got to do with Brexit and our future then you need to know that 100 billion dollars of tax payers’ money has been embezzled annually over the last 5 decades into with no accountability on the secret space projects that include underground and off-planet bases and for which no government leader or president and most senior military personnel have no control and no access? Could this be a good reason for Juncker making such an extraordinary statement?

Brexit impacts our human unity and endangers our future. For those of us who have done the research and have experienced contact Juncker’s statement is extraordinary, shocking in its truth, and timely. IF we are in any doubt about it, our future and the future era of this planet, is calling us to climb out of the trenches of duality consciousness and a deadly competing amongst our selves for power and resources, and set our path in the a unified field of consciousness, human kind and life within the universe.

If we are thinking about these things at all surely it is becoming obvious that it is time to stop playing the game: the game of polarity, of a “them and us”, of the “illusion of choice” instead of cultivating an informed free will. We humans are so easily influenced, brainwashed into believing what we are told and misled, even to the point of betraying our own kind. I believe the future can and will change, simply by the assertion of Nature herself, by acknowledging, and so restoring, the needed feminine balance in us that will help our humanity come from a place of self-responsibility, of self-empowerment and of making life choices from an authentic place of authority within ourselves.

What Vision for Europe and Our World?

There is a critical need for leadership with vision to fashion a new way ahead in this world. Britain needs to stay in Europe and only Corbyn has a handle on that with the people’s assertion of common unity and refusal to give way to an authority entrenched in an archaic monarchic paradigm.

Britain’s exit from the idea of a European Community is not the end of the community, but it was triggered as a manifestation of Europe’s inability to deal with the refugees crisis it caused with America by stirring up trouble in the Middle East for all the wrong reasons (energy and control predictably). We don’t want to deal with that humanitarian crisis, so let’s cut ourselves off from it.

The illusion ends when we put our humanity before other considerations. It seems we are born with this intuition but not with this instinct and will often seek out distractions and pleasures until things go wrong. We break when those around us break, when things we took for granted stop working or let us down. Britain is in that place along with much of the world. Europe is mostly bankrupt and on the edge. Human society is teetering on destruction, if we don’t already know it.

The BRExit outcome is calling us to accept and experience responsible citizenship. Are we able and willing to accept our intentionality as the means of changing what we experience “out there”? Are we becoming aware enough to see the effects of our irresponsibility and if so we must surely be ready now to shape our future, to align our creation with a greater benefit than just our own gratifications?

“If it is not good for everyone it is no good at all” Is a natural law.

We need to educate and to get to know ourselves, our rights as citizens and as human beings. We need to learn about and understand our democratic responsibilities, and to enable ourselves to participate easily in the democratic process.

We need a new vision of a more humanitarian society where truth, caring compassion and doing what is needed and right takes precedence over categorising and form filling. This vision is based on the reality of the interconnected nature of all things, the inherent balance of life with nature that science has made known yet has still to be accepted. Human values and our collective wisdom and creative potential is the natural order. When we tap into that rich inspiring source within ourselves we are not afraid to step beyond our limited perceptions, to give expression to previously undreamed ideas and to act from the heart. Rather than campaign for “in” or “out” we need a new campaign for beauty and a human renaissance of love in action.

Some basic questions we would be wise to ask ourselves might be;

  • Is what I am told really true? What makes it true?
  • Where is life going and do I want to go there?
  • What are my real choices and do they serve life as a whole?
  • Who should I give my power to as my representative?
  • What are my rights as a citizen? What rights do we give to our representatives and to our governments?
  • What are our basic responsibilities, mine and yours, as people and as citizens?
  • What is the nature of our relationships as people, between our nations and as a whole in this world?
  • What does it take to make good decisions and to teach our children to do the same?
  • Who do we consider to be the significant players and forces in global politics and can they be made accountable and transparent?
  • Do we consider that we are alone in the universe?

These are some soul searching questions we need to be raising if we are to learn from these events. Feel free to share your own and your answers, by sharing we can learn much more together.

Are you still motivated?

Take heart, where there is love our human potential knows no limits. We are just needing to fall in love again with life as a whole and as a species. The plot is not lost but has just thickened. We are no longer bit players or pawns but fully capable of bringing our intentionality to the game for our highest calling. BRExit is the end of illusion and the time to get real. What is “out there” is not real. What is real is putting our humanity first.

If we needed BRExit to happen it is to know that it can help us see through the materialist agenda, to rise above a victim mentality, to claim a new psychological view of seeing our world that is first inside of us and then out there. This world belongs to our humanity. It is full of magic and the way out of the vortex of fear and the prison of our minds is leading forward onward and upward and together to a new beginning determined from our own heart centres. We only have to dare to live life from the heart and to look up to the Stars beyond all human fear to the wonder and mystery that is life itself for our future direction.


Jonathan Eveleigh is an ex-pat living in Portugal since 2001. He runs a renewable energy business, writes about social development, civilisation in transition and the science of consciousness. He keeps bees and a donkey, lives with his partner Jennie and has two daughters and a son. Contact the author via this website.



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