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Get Real News – Citizens Independent Media

– Crowd Funding Project

Inviting You to Support an Independent Internet talk radio and Video/TV news media service run by the people.

“A free and healthy media is essential for society.” – Lynda Williamson, Editor News Net Scotland

The Service

Developing a national news sharing service, owned by the people and answerable to the people.

The Aims:

To create an independent media news service supported by citizen journalists to provide a voice for the people, our communities and our common humanity.

To take political and corporate influence out of news media by providing a news media service for the people by the people.

To enable people to participate as responsible citizens in setting the agenda for social change through conscious response by creating and debating the real news.

To inform both sides of the debate without bias by reporting on official policy contrasted with the people´s real life experience.

To work cooperatively with local communities, NGOs and citizen campaign groups.


Building on net media experience to stream interactive live internet talk radio and Video-TV.


It all comes down to – “We are the People + Our Planetary Environment + Open Transparency + Freedom of Speech” – These are our core principles and our collective responsibility.

Our media service provider does not get involved in controlling content.

News content is provided by independent citizen journalism organized by local regional groups.

Working alongside a social change campaign network such as 38Degrees, people are ensured their freedom to contribute and report without bias.

An unbiased open media informed public opinion enables accountability of official policy by way of transparency.

How is it run?

We are a team, there is no boss. Non-commercial and cooperative, adding value to our community and society.


  • Regular reviews of regional, national and international events, contrasting official policy and motive with citizens experience and response – featuring interviews with leading players and local citizens.
  • A month by month focus on sectors of society to inform and enable citizens to lead the change process.
  • Highlighting the real needs of people and society


  • crowd-funding by the people,
  • paid for by advertising (ethical services only).
  • Audience of people supporting social change and requiring independent news.


Get Real News is intends to be self-regulating by audience response, feedback and participation.

Project Milestones:

  • Project initiated with a website alongside a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Open news sourcing is established with Citizen groups invited to provide content.
  • Social media marketing publicizes the project by developing and supporting a network movement.
  • Advertising service pays for the project´s ongoing costs.
  • RSS feed content is offered with logos and banner images for promoting on supporter´s websites.


Jonathan Eveleigh, media background – independent community radio and news magazine editor for (1980´s Focus) Isle of Wight and for the UNA. Current project in development with Green ISP internet – “Get Real News with the Peoples´ Forum”.

Paul Palmer, CEO GreenISP Environmentally Guided Internet, ex-Green Party candidate.

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