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The Price of Being Human

How Money and Law have corrupted our society

When there is lawlessness on every hand it is said there will be a reestablishing of a true spiritual Law for a new world society. Can ours be fixed when its very foundations were corrupted from the beginning? There is no point fighting against corruption either for the solution is not found at the same level. Humanity has forgotten to use its conscience for its compass but the way forward will only be found within.

Occupy Movement
W hy is our world so broken? Is it beyond our control, the inevitable consequence of man’s inhumanity, slaves to an insatiable desire to consume it all? Are we capable of liberating our humanity and what will it take? Diseased but knowing the cause it brings the possibility for wiser choice and opens the way for a healing to take place. Our society is sick at heart. People are suffering everywhere, our environment endangered and so many of us haven’t a clue how society is structured or how money and the mechanics of power work – and yet we depend on it, apparently, for our daily survival. And yet it becomes simple and clear to us if we are willing to look at true causes and how money and law in society have been set up to work. We can learn what it is our human nature has created and how we have enslaved ourselves. No longer just children at the mercy of our fear and instinct for survival we can come of age, awakening at last as a maturing species capable of taking our place in stewarding our planet.

The situation on our planet is so grave we need to know why things are the way they are. With some understanding we can release the ties that bind us to the past and move on, not spending our time trying to fix things outside our control, but join in consciousness with others for the creation of the entirely new civilisation.

The Price of Your Freedom

You would rightly consider yourself to be a free human being. In many ways you are. You have free will, sentience and infinite capacity for higher creativity. You are capable of magnificent things. Yet you are born into a society that has been set up to limit your capacity from the outset, from the moment you were born – at the moment when your parents signed your birth certificate to the moment you quit your body at the signing of your death certificate.

Birth certificateFrom the point of view of the state and the law, your birth certificate identifies you, by means of your capitalised name, JOHN DOE for example, as an individualised corporate asset, a chattel of the state. A Birth Certificate and a National Insurance Number are Funds held in Trust that can be liquefied through a Bank, a Fund is the value of a title for the underwriting of payments.

The rights of free humans are limited in legal terms at the moment of the “berth of their vessel” (Corporate Maritime Law) by registering a birth certificate. The right passes to the state to administer your affairs as a corporate asset and to take care of you, for in the legal sense of the law, you are seen as incapable of independent free-will and self-governance. From this moment on real human beings are not recognised in law, but as legally incorporated assets of the State.

Every Country a Corporation – Every nation in debt

Corporation: “A body of persons legally authorised to act as an individual; authorities of town or city.” – Collins Dictionary.

Every country and every nation, government and parliament, with almost no exception is listed on the US Securities & Exchange Commission as a registered corporation. You will find there, and on other listings, the corporations of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, UNITED KINGDOM, ITALY REPUBLIC OF, ISRAEL STATE OF and most every other nation, state, government, parliament, down to incorporated city and state departments.

Constitution burnedEvery corporation has a board of directors, shareholders and a Chief Executive. All corporations file annual accounts and are designed for one thing and one thing only, to make profit. That is all they do. They extract the wealth from the people and the environment, with inevitable consequences. This is how society is structured. When the 14th Amendment entered the US Constitution in 1868, the “corporation” was given the same rights as ordinary citizens. A very few own and control almost everything and by rule of law and force of arms, almost everyone. The world as a civilisation ends up broken and a great experiment of millennia is over, leaving the Earth as a living organism on the point of collapse … or species transformation if we so choose to turn and face our fear and surrender to life itself.

The Corporation and the Bank

Most of us believe our governments control the issuing of money. This is done by the central banks in most every nation who are private corporations. In America it is the Federal Reserve, a private institution that operates beyond the rule of law. It has never been audited. Former chairman Alan Greenspan said “the Federal Reserve is an independent agency whose decisions cannot be overruled by any agency or elements of the legitimate United States government and that because of this, … the president of the USA has no effect on the decisions or activities of the FED”.

As is the case with all central banks, the US Federal Reserve in America loans currency to the nation’s Treasury to which the people pay interest for the rights to use the money. And as we have seen, when a bank fails, even when a nation’s banking system fails as in Greece with the whole world watching with much compassion, it is the people who are forced to bail out the corporation, not the shareholders or the bank itself. This is because the banks have been the controlling factor behind what the governments are directed to do for which the people are considered to be their assets, “a Fund for the underwriting of payments”.

How Money is Created

How money is createdWhen nations or people no longer trust the currency, they often resort to gold or silver. Gold was held in reserve to cover a bank’s lending, the same for most nations, up until the 1930s. The digital currency circulating through the world of commerce is no longer tied to anything of substance. This is called “fiat money”, meaning a warrant or a decree that you take the word of the bank, but this is no substitute for the real thing. In recent years the Western governments have sold off the majority of our nations gold stockpiles without ever really explaining why. This was called “the economics of a mad-house” by the Chairman of the World Gold Council. The reason will become clear.

Banks lend many more times what they actually have in stock in the safe. It is totally immoral, like usury, the charging of interest on something that doesn’t exist in any other sense than the debt you have accepted and signed for under contract.

With money we think we can do so much more, that without it we are poor. It represents a spending power, the means to do great things but the control of it has not been in our hands.

Money is issued as debt, as a “promise to pay” for something you, or the bank, don’t yet have. It is when you borrow money, take a loan out from a bank, that money is created. You are issued with a contract, you sign your promise to pay, and the bank credits your account. You have not been loaned any real money, you have just enabled the bank to charge you interest on something that substantially does not exist, only in your belief and confidence – and your consent. This is the same for a nation as it is for you as a citizen of the state. With your time and your labour you will fulfil the debt economy and realise a profit for the bank.

homeless repossessedAre you aware that when you signed for the loan or for the mortgage to buy your house, for example, the main contract is left undated until you start paying for the loan? The point is if you have a relationship with a corporation there must be a contract, which implies an agreement to receive products or services in exchange for something of substance. Yet the bank has provided nothing more than a debt while you have contracted your “promise to pay” in time and labour and, since you are lawfully identified as a corporate asset, the bank own your house and will take away your keys and repossess it if you default. The people have their Constitution but the Corporations have contracts. How will a Constitution stand up when the whole world is incorporated, the governments along with the central banks that control them?

We are living through dark times. When a constitution is being torn up in favour of the rule of corporatocracy we must internalise the principles and become that which was enshrined within it – we have to live the Law.

When a Nation Flourishes – Lessons from history

Revolution is LoveWhen a government is in control of issuing the people with its own currency the nation flourishes. We only have to look around our world to see what happens when governments really don’t have the control. Presidents have warned us and some have been assassinated trying but more often than not the private central banks have won out.

Many wars have been fought for this being the cause of many of them. Nevertheless there have been times when the control and issuing power has been with the government and the people. This is what happened.

In 48 BC, Julius Caesar took back from the money changers (bankers) the power to coin money and minted coins for the benefit of all people in the Roman Empire. With this new and plentiful supply of money, Caesar established many large construction projects and built great public works. Rome was healthy, Caesar was loved and the people prospered. But this is not what the money changers wanted, they wanted control of the money supply and we all know what happened to Julius Caesar – he was assassinated.” i

The British King George 3rd refused to allow the American colonies to operate an independent honest monetary system. Mayer Amschel Rothschild made the following statement, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws”. The American War of Independence (1775-83) plunged America into so much debt that it was forced to accept the founding of the First Bank of the United States, set up in 1791 as a private central bank that took control of the issuing power.

Twenty years later Congress refused to renew the Charter of the private bank.

Then in the 1830s, President Andrew Jackson “succeeds in blocking the renewal of the charter for the Second Bank of the United States and went on to become the only president to actually pay off the national debt created by the bankers.” He survived an assassination attempt on his life.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA made the following statement circa 1780.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

President Lincoln subsequently issued the Greenback dollar note to finance the American civil war but by 1913 the banking family had campaigned extensively to force the establishment of the Federal Reserve System which stands unaudited today.

In 1963 President Kennedy ordered the US Treasury to issue a new public currency called the United States Note. It was created by the US Government and backed by silver stockpiles. “Some four and one half billion dollars went into public circulation, reducing the interest payments to the Federal Reserve and loosening its control over the nation. Five months later JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, and his United States Notes were pulled from circulation almost immediately and destroyed.”

Germany succeeded in rebuilding its industry prior to the Second World War when Hitler issued the nation’s own currency. The media called this “The German Miracle”. Financed by the private banks and to defeat Nazi fachism, Britain went to war against Germany, but in 1960 Churchill admitted “We butchered the wrong pig”.

This single factor is the cause of most wars, who controls the money and the desire to profit from the energy that powers our societies from the riches of the land and the sales of arms. No wonder the world is in such a crisis.

The Land is Owned

Every unpaid debt carries the contracted promise to pay. So then the ownership of the people’s assets, properties and lands have been steadily transferring to corporate entities.

We cannot own the land or the sky” say the indigenous peoples and in truth all our lands belong to all the peoples and all living beings. Yet we find that the lands and resources of the Earth are claimed by the multi-national corporations operating outside the control of the state or the people. Any country whose people seek to protect essential public services or resource extraction from the land is threatened when the multi-nationals claim their right to sue a nation’s government if they do not comply thereby over-riding national sovereignty.

In the year 2000 the few exceptions of countries that did not have central banks were those of Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. Today it is Cuba, North Korea and Iran. Do you see where the motivation comes from that is the cause of so much of the wars of our time?

Every land and every nation, including our governments and territories, are administered by one corporation or another and all the humans are registered or certified as corporate entities.

Who claims ownership?

Plant a FlagHistorically, when a new territory was colonised and settled by “The Crown” the custom was always to plant a flag and open a post office. The land was then registered, the word “register” comes from Regis which is the crown, to surrender or submit to, and becomes a Crown colony.

We tend to think the Crown must refer to the Queen of England. However while she may be the Chief Executive of more land on the planet than any other person, the Corporations of these legalised States are all registered at Grays Inn London within the City of London, an independent nation state of its own. Grays Inn itself is a private society or club. Along with the Inner Temple, The Middle Temple, and Lincoln’s Inn, these entities constitute the Temple Bar and their numerous Bar franchises who operate the law of the land around the world. They have no charters and no statutes. To understand how we go about the dissolving of our own complicity within a structure of such a world of secret commerce and power, this is a key – since you cannot make a claim against a non-entity or non-being.

As we unravel the threads we see to the core of the illusion, the deception that has beguiled us to be “under contract” to some other person or entity for so many generations and thousands of years. Our new Society must be an open accountable system. Were we taught about this we would also know that the British Crown and all its possessions are apparently bound to the Pope and to the Roman Church – forever! We would know that all this notion of possession, of the control and issuing of money, originated when “Kingship” was “lowered from Heaven” at the very dawn of civilisation in ancient Sumeria. For the eventual time when man recognises his own divinity and is sovereign of himself as a spiritual being we will know that none has any power over us that we do not give or consent to. This principle of kingship, of enlightened self-hood, was “lowered from Heaven” by the Gods from beyond this world and has played out throughout history as a duality of oppression and liberation. If we are ready to recognise our oneness, there is no duality, and we are the gods come down to earth.

The Law of the Land

There is the Spiritual Law and there is the rule of Law, embodied in our Constitutions.

Equal JusticeIn principle the law must function to serve the people within the Constitution. The banking industry and central banks in particular, have circumvented Constitutional law by dictating their law to the governments. It is impossible to challenge a central bank in a constitutional high court. In any case they are all corporations.

Common Law is based on customs and principles that have stood the test of time. They are the bedrock of our society. Jonathan Shackleton in Unlawful Society writes, “examples of these principles include the presumption in favour of open justice, the right to equal protection by the law and the right to freedom of expression, unless words incite violence, racism or harm” and the freedom to travel. Further that “the people can act within their common law right, for example, to withdraw their consent to being governed”ii.

Acts of Parliament and Statutes require your consent and only apply when you consent to being identified as an individual corporate asset. In other words, when you accept this notion of being the person listed on your Birth Certificate, your National Insurance Number or other capitalised naming.

Today we see a withering of the Law as God given and interpreted by self-serving man. We must know how to protect ourselves and take a stand when necessary for our humanity, our freedom and our rights to be human.

The Truth will set you free” it is said, and that is by adhering to the law of the inner spiritual reality. Freedom is a state of consciousness.

Whenever there is a withering of the law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law, I come to birth, age after age. (Bhagavad Gita)

That time is surely now and this re-establishing of the Law must surely come through awakening people in every land.

The Patent on Free Energy

Whenever someone invents something, they want to get a patent for it to protect it. With a desire for ownership and protection against someone else stealing the idea and profiting from it this makes sense. But this is not how nature works. Nature gives.

So much of nature’s free gifts for health cures, natural foods and plant species and many new energy inventions have been patented and big Pharma and big Energy corporations have seen to it that the many thousands of genius innovations have never seen the light of day.

Our people desperately need health recovery from endemic dis-ease and clean free sources of energy. Should we look no further than the Patent Office we would find all the solutions, all secreted away. This work of so many brilliant minds suppressed and stolen from the people and many lives needlessly sacrificed just so big energy can burn up more fossil and nuclear fuel.

That’s not the way. Freely sharing and knowing one’s needs will be met by so doing within a community of like-minds, is the only way forward.

The Way Forward

Occupy LoveIt is for each and everyone to discern the true from the unreal. The unreal is so in the face and disturbing that it may as well be a judgement day of species fitness and perhaps it has come down to this: are we ready for stewardship as human beings willing to lay down our lives for our humanity and for life as a whole or are we not? If we are not we will still be lured by the illusion and caught in the trap.

If we are we will no longer identify ourselves with our possessions, with ownership or any kind, or as assets of another’s game, with safety in conformism afraid of difference – them and us.

The future begins with such choices.

Discernment – What is real?

What is money in reality?

It is an inner energy you wield, the quality of your intention and the actions you take to realise your part within a greater whole. It has nothing to do with an outer symbol, its reflection. The money is in you!

Will there be money in the future?

Can money be restored into the service of the people? Not by corrupted governments while we consent to them. We have known probably since we were babies though, what it is to share and we know how good that can feel. It’s called co-operation, community, barter and exchange, and … Ubuntu Contributionism?*

What is the Law?

Every being in the universe knows right from wrong” – Prout, from the American movie K-PAX.

If it’s not good for everyone it’s no good at all” – meaning of the African word Ubuntu,

and, “all according to divine Law and order”, as they say. That will do!


Imagine living in a world where everything imaginable is created, obtained, designed by the people, for the people – this is the world of UBUNTU Contributionism. The Old Paradigm has proven detrimental to the Earth and our Civilisation so a shift from an old to New Paradigm is paramount for our existence yet the transition from the old to new can seem a daunting task. Like all great evolutionary leaps through the ages, it is those who are willing to turn from the known to the unknown who will define the future of mankind.

Letting go of the old mind-set, structures and patterns while moving into a flow of creating new realities is key to unlocking abundance and success in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner’’. (Michael Tellinger founder of Ubuntu –

It can be good know what we are dealing with and how we got into this mess. It becomes easier to accept, to let go the fear and to get a grip on the world situation personally – and to take a decision as to what we determine to be our own Right Action.

It is an amazing time to be alive and we are ALL in this together. And really we all know what to do. We are beyond hesitating. We must “Occupy Ourselves” be “Idle No More” and live for all our humanity.

Let’s inspire and breath life into the new gloabally awakening dream, one more closely tied to the natural order of things, to the rhythm and Law of the universe and our incredible human creativity and capacity for wisdom – and finally let’s live it!

As our society is unveiled and people wake up to the reality of what has been going on there will be reaction and resistance from both sides and the old will not go gently. We can help by consciously dispelling the illusion. But now is the time for us to see clearly rather than through a glass darkly and hold our gaze. We are not the children in kindergarten we once were but a humanity coming of age at the dawn of a new civilisation, more galactically attuned and recognising our place in a free universe – One Being, One Life.

When Consciousness changes everything changes.

by Jonathan, of the family Eveleigh


iUbuntu Contributionism – A Blueprint for Human Prosperity, by Michael Tellinger

iiThe Lawless Society, by Jonathan Shackleton