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Recognition brings Alignment – Capricorn Full Moon (American Presidential Inauguration)

The Ancient of DaysW hen synchronicity occurs between the numerology of different calender systems significance is indicated. This occurs today, the Capricorn Full Moon, which esoterically is said to align densest expression of spirit, the matter aspect and instrument of spirit through which consciousness is born.

By the Julian Calendar, the one we are most familiar with, the numbers of the date are “121217”, subtly indicating a 1 – 3 – 7 flow from Unity, through the Trinity to the one Soul’s sevenfold expression of consciousness. The numbers cascade into significance. The sum of 2 x 7 or 14, encapsulates a year of time (3 + 6 +5 = 14) signifying consciousness circumscribed upon our rotating Earth.

By the Mayan Calendar the Capricorn Full Moon falls upon the 12th day of the 9th 13-day wave-spell or sequence indicated by Kin 129 … or “912129” – “9” being the number of spirit and 1+2+9 = 12 and 9 x 12 = 108, a Christ number and 12+12+9 = 33 that of initiation.

The Tzolkin’s unified timing frequency evokes soul aligned living. This is the most significant difference with the mechanical or time separative Julian calendar.

Kin 129 is “Red Crystal Moon”, which invokes group dedication and alignment of humanity with the principle of cooperation. It’s keynote is:

I dedicate in order to purify
Universalising flow.

I seal the process of universal water
With the crystal tone of cooperation,
Guided by the power of Birth.”

An image might be invoked of the Aquarian waters of Life pouring into and through the chalice of the crystal kingdom, the devic foundation for life’s most dense physical expression.

This is the day the Dweller arrives on the Threshold and voluntarily aligns with the ensouling Angel. It is a first (or Third) initiation moment of humanity in the cave of Silence. The Dweller or form instrument is aligning with and raised toward the “supernal light” of the soul to willingly accept the initiation of a self-purification process. In group formation humanity is impressed with the soul’s dedication to the vision and plan of an emergence, like the butterfly emerging from a cocoon – the birth of new consciousness.

Recognition brings alignment!

In eight days time Donald Trump will assume the role of President of the United States, on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, the American nation’s 45th president … 2012017 (13) and 9 – precipitating for himself, the nation and the world an extraordinary transition. The Mayan keynote is given here.

Kin 137 – 20 Jan 2017 – Red Resonant Earth – Resonant Moon of Attunement

“I channel in order to evolve,
Inspiring synchronicity.

I seal the matrix of navigation
With the resonant tone of attunement,
Guided by the power of universal water.”

Jonathan, 2017

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