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Living In Harmony With The Spheres

Our Body of Light and Sound

Dedicated to all People Consciously Healing
Our Selves and Our Environment

Insights into consciousness and the work of creating harmony on Earth – esoteric dynamics of light, colour, sound and electricity for healing and preparing for new civilisation by restoring harmony to our earth´s biosphere.

In Synergy with the Spheres, without words, they expand our vision like seeds of dreams of timeless wisdom …” – Jean-Luc

In Harmony With Spheres

Part I – A Journey of Consciousness into and out of Creation

Part II – In Harmony With The Spheres

Part III – Harmony of One Life

“I have written this short guide to show that the same one harmony is in you and me – all things, that what we call Life creates and takes forms just as music is played by instruments of sound and as light takes on colour that we see and call beauty.

(Extract…) The mind of the heart becomes whatever is contemplated. The mind of the Universe is One mind, then we can say the mind of the heart is one mind. There is no separation and in oneness there is also wholeness.

The lower mind is travelling in waves, comparing one thing with another. It is infinitely replicating, endless, never satisfied.

The mind of the heart is like a “standing wave”, standing still with the one that is contemplated. Like two ends of a plucked string, one vibration in harmony and resonance. And the sound goes forth upon the waves …

Travelling and standing waves of head and heart

Travelling and standing waves of head and heart.

Life wills to create harmony from discord and beauty from chaos.

Why do we hide from beauty if it is only to shield ourselves from the power of our true nature which is ever only Life Itself. Yet to dwell in the Silence beyond the mindstuff of swirling sensations we so easily identify with, is to come to rest in infinite being to discover our nature is a source of Love and loving Presence that is unconditional. It is time to let go in recognition that we are not mortal solids but beings of Life – dwelling in bodies of light and sound. Knowledge of ancient measures of number, geometry and music are timeless reminders that reveal the harmonic relationships between the physical world and the universal field of consciousness. Our body is made of the elements – earth, water, air, fire and ether, and can contain a part of the field we call our Soul. Yet the same proportion is found in all forms, from molecule to cosmos – our field of consciousness is a seemless unified part of the One field of Life that pervades the created universe.

The fact of harmony is the natural inheritance and birthright of us all. It is true we have to discover it for ourselves, none accepted. As we learn of this wonder, may we reminder ourselves, as students and young of heart, to look to the Planets and Stars with open hearts and eyes.

We are entering the Age of the Aquarian group that proceeds from an earlier age defined by the birth of the enlightened individual. Our approach to the Source of All Being is now as group conscious souls – new organisms of cooperative endevour, more suited to the larger field of conscious synthesis, are being born through which the greater harmony of the Spheres can infuse the lesser lives. Society itself is being reshaped by empowered individuals working through groups, networks and citizen movements. A great transformation is taking place which will usher in new free energy technology and energy healing from light and sound itself. The conscious group is taking the lead for it has the capacity to transform the larger body of society and planetary life.

In this Age humanity will come to realize that we are but a harmonic, just as light is one of forty nine, in a great chain of being. To see the greater harmony of the cosmos it to loose sight of past, personal and national boundaries. We are closer to the solar rays. The boundary now is between humanity – our one planet of choice and our role as Earth Stewards within a galactic neighbourhood. As we move into the next Great Cycle, the practical knowledge of universal harmonics will be restored to our science and art for it will prove essential upon our Way.”

In Harmony With Spheres

― Jonathan Eveleigh, on “Magnetic White Mirror” Aquarius 2014

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