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Principles of Hyper-Space Flight

Demystifying Gravity, Consciousness and the Reality of Faster than Light Speed Hyper-Space Flight

Contributing to a more enlightened science

Still firing rockets? * Are you ready for hyper-space flight?
Redeeming Our History * Cost of our humanity
You know what Love is? * Hyper-space flight naturally
Mercury – The Winged God * Mer-kah-ba – Vehicle of Ascension
What is Gravity? * Positive Buoyancy
How Gravity and Electricity Work * Gravitation Explained
The Gravity effect * Spinning balls go faster
The Magnetic Effect * What is Inertia?
The Homopolar Generator * Tapping the Zero-Point
The Inertial Effect * Cancelling of Inertia
Freedom of Thought and Energy
The Ionised Field Vortex Space Drive
The Way to the Stars

CoCreators of Earth believe
that The Days of Warning
have past and we are now in

Project Earth Light Ascension
The Age of Sacred Activism.

Still firing rockets?

T he space race that was – is over. After that first “big step” onto the Moon it´s now all about who has the advantage on providing regular affordable flights for business, research and tourism. SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, ESA and NASA along with India and China are all up there in the big league – with more than a desire to get a commercial edge yet still locked into using fossil fuelled highly expensive rocket technology.

Still firing rockets?

Wasn´t it the Chinese who invented fireworks in the first place? Have they just got bigger? Is this really the best humanity can do?

What would get you into Space? At a quarter of a million dollars a ticket you must be kidding …

What if rockets weren´t the only spaceflight technology out there and humans have in fact been venturing to the nearest planets in recent years. What does it take to imagine the impossible, and then create it? So what if it´s already been done? The question is not so much how or even who but …

Are you ready for hyper-space flight?

Are you ready for hyper-space flight?Let´s be clear – we are on an evolutionary path – the universe would like to welcome us to the stars as we would like to journey to them. Life itself, if there is anything to evolution, would love for us to free ourselves from our past – an earth-bound species endangering our own biosphere – the very life that gave birth to us all. Separated by self-imposed rules and boundaries, minds of comparisons programmed for survival at all costs, is that the end of it? The Earth that spawned us has not given up her fossil fuels so we could end civilisation when it all runs out but has set us a species wide challenge:

Let go limited thinking and the denial of imagination
– believe that all things are possible.

It is not a question of technology, for that is known, worked out and proven by a few, but of conscious maturity. Have we matured enough to accept and to resolve our past, all the way back to the beginning? Can we fully integrate our psyche with our true nature in recognising both the unity of consciousness and the field that interpenetrates all living beings? If we can, on both counts, then the gift of cosmic flight is our birth right and heritage.

Redeeming Our History

Neil Armstrong“We have only completed a beginning;
we leave you much that is undone…
there are… breakthroughs available to those
who can remove one of truths protective layers.
There are places to go beyond belief…”

– Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong

The past is often what people like to chew over. It´s a trap for there is so much of it to literally get over, except there was a common root. The problem is with our reactive minds and the issue of responsibility – how many of us have moved on from a “survival of the fittest” mind-set into mindfulness undisturbed by outer events, the still place of being? Who is taking responsibility for being here anyway since, in terms of quantum consciousness, there is only you?

Integrate the shadow of your past
and not go in ignorance any longer.

The journey that brings us to this day can be traced throughout history, a long and often tortuous journey of mankind from our origins as the progeny of celestial beings to where we stand today, on the very edge of self- and environmental destruction, or upon the threshold of an adventure that can take us towards the stars, guided by and cooperating with the more enlightened beings who overlight our destiny and Who have always been here. Not everyone will be ready but everyone is capable of making the choice. For those who are, it is a journey that calls for a lot of forgiveness, a redemption of all that keeps us apart and an integration of our perceptions of who we are and why we are here on Earth. Nothing new in this quest, except, since so many of our nations are venturing into space, it is no less than a species-wide challenge. Shall we answer the call together?

Humans are the prodigy of the gods who came from the Stars. The creation of mankind is accounted for very well in the Vedic texts of India and the Sumerian tablets, predating Egypt, and on which much of the Old Bible Testament was based. There have been many civilisations of which an extraordinary megalithic legacy exists in every continent. No way did we construct them with muscle power alone. Whatever else might be said, the principles of civilisation and all the skills of agriculture and of the sciences have been given to us to develop in order that we can become responsible for our own home planet and then to go beyond. To go forward in this way can only take us back to our beginnings and, from there in expectation, towards a more conscious cooperation with humans from other worlds.

For the origins of humanity based on the Sumerian testament recommended reading;
“Genesis Of The Grail Kings” by Lawrence Gardner,

Vimana craftIllustration by WD Clendenon of a concept of a Mercury Vortex Discoid, the propulsion of one type of Vimana craft. Many current “UFO”s may well use a variant on this design.

ancient Egypt flying craft
Curious images from ancient Egypt indicating flying craft.

The oldest Vedic texts of the Mahabharata, an Atlantean war between godlike light and dark forces, recount the use of mythological flying ships called Vimanas (Vimana meaning “chariot of the gods” also known as Vril meaning “to be godlike”).

“Strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury (vortex or turbine) engine with its ion heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky.”
Sanskrit Texts: Vimanas, flying machines

Evidence points to the rediscovery of such flying ship technology by scientists of Nazi Germany during the final years of WWII and that fully operational prototypes were further developed by “black-ops” secret military projects from the 1950s to this day in the USA.

Modern man made flying craft
Modern man made flying craft

Cost of our humanity

President Eisenhower tried to warn us. Kennedy got assassinated before going public with it. The truth is the military chose to place their orders with those corporations who have developed the technology and have used the public as their source of finance. We the people are just as complicit too, albeit unconsciously, as much as the personnel involved in the greatest extortion of money and technology the world has ever known. We are complicit because, though largely unaware, we have as yet been the willing tax payers caught up in a dangerous divide and conquer game of survival that has put a price on every aspect of life – all at the cost of our humanity.

Such technology, potentially clean and non-polluting and silent running, originating from man´s rediscovery of extra-terrestrial sources or from crashed craft, has been kept from the public, access denied to all Presidents since Eisenhower and produced at vast cost, trillions of dollars, all embezzled from the public.

You know what Love is?

You know what Love is?Love is an energy that requires no proof. It´s an energy that interpenetrates all living beings. If you know what love is you have a soul. It´s what created the universe.

If we understand how to attune our consciousness from the personal to the universal, it´s because the field of consciousness, which is Love, is found within all of Nature. Man and Cosmos are a partnership. If we understand this then the principle of hyper-space travel can be achieved and mankind will reach out to our human relatives from other Star systems less like a gang from Star Wars and more as adventurous pioneers. We are all essentially one. This is an important starting place.

From this place, for those who would seek self-survival at all costs there can be no tomorrow without accepting that survival means all of us together. In acceptance of being one human, seemingly dysfunctional family on the edge of civilisation collapse and species survival, there is nothing else to loose but to go within and to ask for forgiveness. Not for anyone “out there” so much as for what it is in ourselves who are also the ones whose selfishness has kept the rest of us in the dark whilst seeking power and control and stealing wealth by means of fear. Can we do this? What is true love for after all if not this universal energy to be given without sense of separation, if it is not in fact our true nature and, like space itself, all pervading?

“All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct”
– Carl Sagan

We need to clear the way of unconsciousness that surrounds the secrecy and wrong motivations of the past. Before there can be any considerations of venturing into space at all, we have to accept and deal with a planetary environment crisis. Our fixation on polluting explosion technology reflects a gravity bound culture of mind. For the sake of Earth and for a more enlightened and self-liberated humanity let us go forward as free citizens, capable of taking that next big leap towards greater wholeness, in furthering the Plan of the One Galactic Life.

Hyper-space flight naturally

Methods of achieving space flight, free from Earth´s gravity, are now known and no longer need to be a kept secret. It is for humanity to freely benefit once our selfish tendencies have been worked out. Shown to us by Nature, it´s principles are quite simple, combining a more harmonious understanding of natural processes with a symmetrical arrangement of technology.

Mercury – The Winged God

In Greek mythology, Mercury was the winged messenger. His name in Greek is derived from Greek οὖρος (by analogy of Arcturus), as the “keeper of boundaries,” referring to his role as bridge between the upper and lower worlds. He is often portrayed in statues with The Caduceus, a winged staff with intertwined serpents.

 Caduceus - Chakras  Mercury - Caduceus

The Mercurial Caduceus depicting the twin spiralling energies of life force
from base to crown through the chakra system of man.

When we consider the powerful role of elemental mercury, in its role in affecting gravity, etc., we shouldn’t be surprised to see that The Caduceus is literally a blueprint of ancient understanding of how to bridge between “the upper and lower worlds”. The central staff represent the polarised toroidal magnetic force needed, the two serpents represent the counter-rotating fluctuating electromagnetic fields, and the wings represent the mercury capacitors/reservoirs – all simple mercury vortex technology that produces flight, and can even be used to affect the time/space dimensions.

Universal Toroidal Creation

Mer-kah-ba – Vehicle of Ascension

MerkahbaAwakening of consciousness corresponds to an activation of the Light body that surrounds the human form. Harmonising the sphere of consciousness with the form of the human body can be effected by the practise of the Mer-ka-ba, meaning “Chariot of Light” from the Hebrew.

“Love is the very life of the Mer-ka-ba. Love is half of the light that is swirling around you, knowledge is the other half. When love and knowledge become one, the Christ will be present” – Drunvalo Melchizedec (The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life)

The practise of the Mer-ka-ba is one of visualising and creating two tetrahedral counter-rotating fields of light. The one, counter-clockwise and ascending, expands consciousness and embraces wholeness, becomes love. The other, clockwise and descending, radiates a forgiving unified field. This movement within the ether links the individual to the unified field of life, interpenetrating all things and all beings.

bi-directional vortex The twin counter rotating electro-magnetic (EM) fields create a bi-directional vortex in the ether. The vortex stimulates dual electron spin which propagates an ionised plasma-like field around the craft equivalent to a mer-ka-ba “light-body”. This high frequency gyroscopic like ionised field rotating around the central axis causes both a dampening of inertia relative to the larger body or mass, and a decoupling from the larger electro-magnetic gravitational field of the Earth.

 What is Gravity?

The origin of the English word GRAVITY means to “overpower (by force)”, the Latin gravis (weighty) is also traced to the Indo-European “root” gwer (heavy).

The heaviness, weight and GRAVITAS is seen in words like gravaman, tax burden; grave, severe, heavy; gravedad, gravity. Gravity also can mean a very serious quality or condition: the condition of being grave or serious.

Scientific use of the word denotes the natural force that tends to cause physical things to move towards each other: the attractive force that causes things to fall towards the Earth, the gravitational attraction of the mass of the earth, the moon, or a planet for bodies at or near its surface.

Gravity is said to be a fundamental physical force that is responsible for interactions which occur because of mass between particles, between aggregations of matter (as stars and planets), and between particles (as photons) and aggregations of matter, that is 10-39 times the strength of the strong force, and that extends over infinite distances but is dominant over macroscopic distances.

Gravity, the pull of matter keeps us firmly rooted to the terrestrial sphere. There is no escaping it until or unless we identify as and experience the pure field of consciousness unbounded by physical matter. Energy follows thought, instantaneously and everywhere for the physical universe is mind created. The field of space itself is said to be consciousness, therefore all pervading. Where the mind goes the body can follow. A freedom of universal travel begins then with imagination.

Gravity is purely a result of atomic bonding and spacing, which can be changed to allow through the magnetic flux lines associated with a larger mass, such as the earth, but which originate in and flow from the universal field or fabric of Space, thus causing an anti-gravitational effect. It is true to say that gravity and element density are one and the same. This may sound complex but in fact it´s quite simple, it´s really like pulling apart the elasticity of a cat´s cradle. Herein also lies the secret of monatomic gold, the “bread of the gods” given to the Pharoes and Elders of ancient civilisations, said to elevate the consciousness and to have levitational properties, simply because the atomic structural binding of the physical metal has been pulled apart and the elasticity dissolved, the equivalent of superconductivity and super-consciousness.

Gravity is a force of identification with form. In relation to the unified field of consciousness, it is purely a reflection of the material ego or personality. For one who is not so identified but knows him or herself not to be of form but of consciousness, the atomic bonding no longer binds the indwelling life to that unit of mass. The soul is in effect free to move between the worlds by dint of spiritual will. That force that is wielded in the world cannot touch one who is not identified with it. This is a necessary preliminary step before physical hyper-space travel really becomes viable. This is so for any civilisation less identified with materialism and more preoccupied with art, beauty and culture, with our place and responsibility within the scheme of cosmos as a living whole.

Positive Buoyancy

Positive BuoyancyNormally on Earth, we absorb the magnetic field lines causing “negative buoyancy” — what is referred to as terrestrial gravity. The magnetic lines of force pull you to the surface of the Earth. The gyroscope and the induction coil prove this absorption to be true.

No object can shield itself from this form of magnetism unless it is shielded by a high-density plasma field or sheet — like a “Faraday cage” effect for gravity.

The primary basis of the magnetic buoyancy theory of gravity is the simple concept of hydromagnetic displacement, originating from the work of James Clerk Maxwell’s 1868 displacement and lines-of-force theories.

Simply put, if a plasma is charged to a high-enough density it will act as a superconductor and will repel all external magnetic and electrostatic fields. If the area of the plasma is sufficient, positive buoyancy or antigravity occurs.

Such an independent EM gravitational field around a space craft allows the occupants to be unaffected by inertial and gravitational affects from outside the field. It´s this shielding that enables such a craft to perform the instant turns and speeds often witnessed.

How Gravity and Electricity Work:

Gravity is a force that keeps man “bound” to a sphere. Considered from a higher perspective, when mankind has given up trying to avoid his godlike divinity and is willing to accept his role as a guardian of the nature with numberless other beings then he will no longer be bound. It is simply fear that binds him, and this that must necessarily be confronted, man´s potential for self-destruction. Once confronted, tragic as it may mean, mankind is then capable of making a more conscious choice and will side with gravity bound materialism or with our capacity to be a guardian of life.

pulse of lifeThe effect of gravitation is as easy to understand as electro-magnetism, except that few know how electricity works or even the slightest idea of what it is either or ether! Electricity flows with his counterpart magnetism throughout space in the form of longitudinal or standing waves as well as travelling waves, the waves we commonly see. Longitudinal waves are like pressure waves in the vacuum, the universal medium of space and as such provide for synchronous extra-luminal transmission (without time delay) known to and researched by Nicola Tesla and subsequently utilised by the early AM radio companies.

It is commonly thought that AM radio waves only travel through the air, which are received by an antenna. Those would be Transverse or electromagnetic waves, which diminish in strength the further they travel, like ripples in a pond.

dual spin vortexHowever, Tesla knew something else, which is not widely known and that is the fact that every AM station is simultaneously transmitting its signal through the ground longitudinally – and that signal does not diminish over distance in the same way. This means that correctly receiving the longitudinal transmission allows you to gain electrical and radio energy that can be used to power bulbs or other devices. This is a Tesla style Longitudinal transmission or correctly stated, a “dielectric/electrostatic” transmission.

The ground transmission happens at a speed that is not limited to “light speed”. You could say that it is “faster” than the speed of light or more correctly, extraluminal. Extraluminal transmission means that the signals are propagated in a way that are not subject to light speed limitations.

On the surface, this may seem to violate popularized “laws of physics” but shortly, you will see that it is a simple mathematical and engineerable fact.

Travelling waves are often the effect of longitudinal impulsing “scalar” waves, as a pebble dropped into a clear still water propagates such waves becoming visible and more familiar to us at light speed in the atmosphere.


Longitudinal waves become demonstrably visible in the beautiful patterns associated with Cymatics – the art of playing sound waves through the medium of water.  These standing wave patterns correspond to the vertical axis of impulsing sonic force.

Gravitation involves counter-rotating EM forces, and when liberating a space craft from a larger sphere such as a planet, particle density and nuclear hole-spacing. Gravity and light speed are not constants but vary with electro-magnetic conditions that can also reduce or dissipate inertia.

Gravitation Explained

Visualise a trolley car on rails inside a water tank.

  1. Water can be pumped into and out from the tank. When the pump is activated, a water jet is directed at the plate in front of the trolley causing the trolley to move away from the water inlet (a) toward the end wall (e) with no visible means of acceleration of its own to an observer outside the tank who is not seeing the water jet. The trolley car will come to rest flat against the end wall as shown in figure (3b).

gravity demo

  1. Now the same process is repeated this time with several holes having been drilled through the trolley car’s upright plate (3-c). The trolley no longer comes to rest flat against the end wall. Instead, it stands back from the end at a certain distance. To the observer, the trolley car has oscillated toward the end (e) very briefly before coming to rest in a new position.

gravity demo 2
The water from the jet strikes the plate driving the trolley toward the wall however, some of the water passes through the holes in the plate to rebound back onto the trolley plate creating an ‘energy-cushion’. An observer might assume some ‘force’ was at work which had either ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’ the trolley car into a resonant or stable equilibrium.

In reality, all mass on the surface or outer shell of the Earth is matter whose nuclear density (like the holes in the upright) has caused it to ‘gravitate’ to that distance or radius. This position of equilibrium is the result of an energy input passing through its nuclear holes, meeting itself in the centre of Earth, and reflecting back toward itself.

The centre of the Earth is like the end wall (e) while that spot where the trolley car gravitates to is like the surface of Earth. 

What is happening energetically is:

  1. Gravity is the result or effect of a pair of bidirectional forces.
  2. Gravitational force has higher oscillation frequencies the closer the observer approaches to the centre of the input-energy wave reflection point.
  3. A mass whose nuclear ‘hole-spacing’ gives it a greater ‘particle-field’ density than another with more ‘holes’ per unit area will not reside at the same radius from the ‘centre’ as the other will. It will, in fact, reside closer to the centre. This effect can be detected on the Earth’s surface, by a study of the, so-called, ‘specific gravitational nature’ of the elements – which will show that:

Gravity and specific gravity are the same phenomenon.

Even though acceleration due to gravity, for a non-rotating object, is basically a constant on Earth, when a mass takes on a “gravitational radius” from the centre of the Earth it is related to the ratio of its atomic ‘particle-field’ areas divided into the atomic spacing areas (or ‘holes’).

Therefore, those masses with higher ratios of ‘particle-field’ densities to atomic ‘holes’ are found more closer to the centre; and are referred to as more dense objects. That mass whose ratio approaches infinity converts to pure, radiant energy from the centre of the system

In other words, a vehicle or body within a surrounding vortex field
that achieves a spin frequency approaching light speed has zero mass and inertia.

The Gravity effect

The ‘gravitational’ effect is, in reality, the result of more than just two opposing forces. As any object must have spin around its own axis to have the effect, it follows that the ‘gravitational’ effect is the result of the spin/anti-spin moments and the convergent/divergent moments. Since objects are immersed in an ocean of etheric energy, the actual energy potential of a gravitational field also depends on angular velocity in free space (by the fourth power).

Such a theory of gravity also predicts an illusion that ‘gravity’ reverses its direction as one approaches the centre of the generating field. These field effects are known as “gravity shells”. Like the trolley car experiment above, if one were to drill a hole to the centre of the Earth, and drop a stone down that hole, one could expect the stone to fall only a portion of the distance to the centre before reversing direction and ‘falling’ back up the hole until it found its shell of balanced forces!

The Sun has at least one such inner shell which can be ‘seen’ through the sunspots. This inner shell spins so fast as to indicate orbital radius versus relative velocity, as defined by the hyperbolic equation formulated by Laplace.

Vortex Sphere of LifeWhen applied to consciousness itself, it all becomes a matter of identity. An inward directed identification with the larger symbiotic field that supports the lesser causes a vibrational increase, whilst reducing particle density thus expanding consciousness itself from the particular to the larger whole. This is the basis of what is known as ascension.

Visualising an individual´s life unit in relation to that of a planet supporting that life unit also gives an explanation to the basis of overunity energy efficiencies of “open system thermodynamics”.

Spinning balls go faster

A rotating object will accelerate faster and return to earth before a non-rotating object of equal dimension and mass. This was demonstrated in the “Gravity and The Spinning Ball Experiment” performed by Bruce DePalma of MIT in 1977 and independently applied to the Explorer space mission.

Spinning Balls

Newton did not distinguish between rotation and non-rotation, Einstein did not distinguish between the so-called inert and ‘gravitational mass.’ The fact that rotation affects the mechanical properties of objects, places Newton’s Laws as a special case related to closed systems and invalidates a geometrical [Einsteinian] interpretation of space.

“… in a strict sense, the precise application of Newton’s laws have to be restricted to non-rotating mechanical objects in field-free space. In a gravitational field, the possibility of extraction of greater energy by a new mechanical dimension [rotation] opens up the possibility [against both Newton and Einstein] of an anti-gravitational interaction …” – Scientist, Bruce DePalma

The Magnetic Effect

‘Magnetism’ is the same type of phenomenon as ‘gravity’. All things in normal states can be ‘magnetised’ to some degree. ‘Gravity’, also, normally affects all things in its field. ‘Gravity’ has frequency as does ‘magnetism’. ‘Gravity’ has ‘shells’ of balanced forces and so does ‘magnetism’. The difference is that if a mass (like the Earth) spins around its own axis, the resulting reductions of pressure in the ‘fluid of space’ produces ‘gravity’.

Dipole gravity fieldAs the sub-particles of this mass (like electrons) orbit a chain of atoms in spiralling courses – thus reducing the pressure at right angles to the particle path in the ‘fluid of space’ – an interlocking series of vectors give the illusion of ‘magnetism’.

The motion of Earth around the Sun could be called a ‘magnetic’ moment while its motion around its own axis is a ‘gravitic’ moment. 

The frequency of a nuclear magnetic field is very high when compared to the frequency of the gravitic field that contains the Earth. ‘Gravity’ is a source of power and so is ‘magnetism’. Both are results of balanced but dynamic forces.

By introducing shielding or a method of diverting the energy density of one ‘shell’ to a lower state ‘shell’ one can draw energy from both fields.

What is Inertia?

Gravitation and Inertia are not equivalent as demonstrated by De Palma. Contrary to Einstein’s assumption, rotation alters both gravitation and inertia, making them both variable under its influence.

Bruce DePalma’s primary contribution to Science is the discovery that “Inertia is not a property of Mass. Inertia is a property of Space, and Space confers its Inertia on the Masses that occupy it”.

He further discovered that the Inertial Field of Space can be polarized simply by rotating an object. Conventionally, this situation creates the appearance of Centrifugal Force at the perimeter of a rotating object, but DePalma discovered that it also produces a corresponding reduction of Inertial forces at the centre of the rotating object. Neither Classical Mechanics, nor Quantum Mechanics, nor General Relativity predict or account for this phenomena, rendering them all helpful but obsolete.

There exists a generally unrecognized ‘mass field’ of polarized inertia around a real rotating object. This field affects the properties of matter, energy and living systems exposed to it.

The Homopolar Generator

Faraday discovered that a simple rotating magnetized gyroscope does not conform to the Law of Conservation of Energy and conventional closed-system thermodynamics.

By cementing a copper disc on top of a cylinder magnet, and rotating the magnet and disc together, Faraday created an electrical potential. After pondering this phenomenon for many years, he concluded that when a magnet is rotated, its magnetic field remains stationary. Thus, he reasoned, the metal of the magnet moves through its own field, and the relative motion is translated into electrical potential.

Faraday Motor by DePalmaFaraday Gyroscopic Homopolar Motor
Extraction of electricity from the energy field of space.

Faraday’s experiments led him to the revolutionary conclusion that a magnetic field is a property of space itself, not something attached to the magnet, which merely serves to induce or evoke the field.

Known for over 150 years the Faraday homopolar generator has been viewed by a handful of visionary inventors as a basis for evoking the free energy latent in space. They see it as the prototype for a generator capable of providing its own motive power with additional energy to spare. When the world embraced Faraday’s two piece induction generator, whose drawbacks include mechanical friction and electrical losses, the enormous potential of the Faraday homopolar generator was in fact abandoned.


Tapping the Zero-Point

Dr Bruce DePalma reasoned that “… the metal of the magnetized gyroscope moving through its own magnetic field, when rotated would produce an electrical potential between the axle and the outer edge of the rotating magnetized flywheel.”

This insight led to his N machine, essentially a one piece rotating magnetized flywheel, Instead of having a rotor and a stator, as do conventional generators, the n machine only has a rotor. Half of the flywheel is the north pole, the other half is the south pole. One electrical contact is put on the axle, another contact is placed on the outer edge of the gyroscope, and presto, electricity is taken directly out of the magnet field itself.

Spiral Faraday magnetEssentially, the etheric energy is being drawn in through the centre of the disc and is radiated out the sides. If you could see the basic magnetic energy field as this was happening, it would look like a donut-shaped sphere whose central axis was shared with the axis running through the disc. The radiated etheric energy could be visualized in a similar manner as the water that flies off of a wet dog’s body when it shakes itself dry.

In DePalma’s case, he discovered that even having a separate conductor and magnet was not necessary to produce this effect. All he needed was a single strip of flat, magnetized material that could also conduct electricity. This strip was then fashioned into a flat, disc shaped spiral like a giant lollipop, such that one end terminated at the spinning axle and the other end terminated at the outside rim of the disc. One pole of the magnet would be wound up into the centre, and the other pole of the magnet would be at the outside edge of the spiral. By simply rotating this one-piece magnetic conductor, electric current could be drawn from the disc.

God is in charge of this world. The truth is only for those whose ears
hear the truth and who’s eyes see the truth.
– Bruce DePalma

The Inertial Effect:

In terms of the real behaviour of a rotating object, the inertial mass is found to increase for measurements performed in the direction of the axis of rotation, and found to be decreased for measurements made in the direction of the plane of rotation.

Output voltage goes directly as speed and magnetic field strength. Geometrically the output voltage increases as the square of the machine radius.

The Faraday Disc uses inertial (centrifugal) and magnetic forces to elicit the pattern of electrical potential on the rotating disc. Electrical energy is produced without drag from a Faraday disc with the flux path is closed through the disc. This is the basis of an N-machine, which shows that mechanical work input to the machine does not in fact have to be equal or greater that the electrical power withdrawn.

On the practical side the operation of the machine is unaffected whether the magnets are rotating with the disc or not and the machine may be made self-exciting by cutting a spiral into the portion of the disc covering the central pole face.

 dual spin flux

The Faraday disc is the original free energy machine. When the magnetic flux path is closed symmetrically through the disc instead of around the disc, the drag associated with the flow of current disappears.

The centrifugal extraction of energy from the inertial field of space was first demonstrated by Faraday in 1831. The proper interpretation of the experiment as a free energy machine has taken some time since the other possibility, of closing the flux path through the disc had not then been thought of.

Cancelling of Inertia

The important discovery is that the inertial mass of a rotating object becomes polarized and increases in the direction of the axis of rotation, and decreased in the direction of the plane of rotation. Complete inertial polarization of the rotating object takes place when the inertial mass taken in the direction of the plane of rotation decreases to zero with increasing rotational speed.


The N generator is characterised by a very high current, low voltage. A typical machine constructed by scientist Adam Trombly produced an Output: of 3 Volts at 15,000 Amperes. Trombly estimated such a machine could produce 100,000 amperes without difficulty. The N machine was replicated successfully by Paramahamsa Tewari, a Director of an Indian power company and by Adam Trombly from DePalma´s initial work

It is our conviction at PROJECT EARTH™ that without immediate and radical change on a level never undertaken in any prior epoch of history that the human race is in a potentially terminal phase of a long and tragic decline, hurtling towards disintegration like a wave that has broken against the rocks of collective, cultural and educational inertia. Humankind has the opportunity in this moment to transcend the errors of the past and participate
in the healing of the damage.
– Adam Trombly

Freedom of Thought and Energy

Adam Trombly points to a necessary liberation of thought.

“The powerful physical principle resulting from the interactions of rotation, Inertia, and magnetism, for the liberation of unlimited controlled energy directly from the energy medium of space, opens the door to the continued social development of a society freed from the limitation of the present energy conservation paradigm.

Freedom from the limitations imposed by the present formulations of the Laws of Physics is, important since it allows the upward spiralling of free thought which eventually expresses itself in new forms of machinery. In terms of 1979 science, it is an unexpected pleasure to be reminded that the present closed system of equations of electricity, Maxwell’s Equations, do not represent all there is to know about electricity and magnetism.

A thorough intelligent analysis of the N generator will show that to produce any voltage whatsoever, such a combination of magnets and a conducting disc in rotation as shown, invalidates the Physical interpretations of Newton and Einstein´s special relativity and general relativity. The loss of these ideas I do not regard as a terribly great tragedy since in their overcoming we shall eventually perfect the anti-gravity spacedrive and will send men to the stars.”

dual spin toroidThe Ionised Field Vortex Space Drive

The ‘gravitational’ effect is, in reality, the result of more than just two opposing forces.

“The essence of electrogravitics thrust is the use of a very strong positive charge on one side of the vehicle and a negative on the other. The core of the motor is a capacitor, and the ability of the capacitor to hold its charge is the yardstick of performance.”

– 1956, a British research company, Aviation Studies (International) Ltd

Tesla Coil Vortex DriveWhen a series of capacitor plates are charged, the negative plate lifts towards a positive plate. This is known as the Biefield-Brown effect – a levitation effect. The natural arrangement is a set of 8 alternatively negative then positive copper plates.

The basis of a Vortex Drive is a Tesla coil. The orientation and symmetry of components is really the key to making the system work.

Since the capacitor disc plates are divided into 48 different sections, like the segments of an orange, it becomes possible to control the amount of electricity in any one area or part of the disc as a whole.

Tesla Coil Vortex DriveThe Tesla coil, which forms the central column of the craft, generates electrostatic energy which can be directed into specific sets of the individual capacitors. This in turn enables the amount of thrust and vectoring to be controlled.

Einstein said was that you could never accelerate anything up to and past the speed of light because mass, and so therefore inertia, increases.

On the other hand, as outlined above, take a device and a system, that:

  • mass cancelled ion spaceabsorbs zero-point energy,
  • ionises the field around the vehicle,
  • shields the atomic structure from the external gravitic field,
  • whilst providing additional power to the capacitor section.

In effect, the faster you go, the easier it becomes to go up to and exceed the speed of light.

As the system begins to tap into the zero-point energy field, the whole craft becomes lighter in weight. It then becomes partially mass-cancelled. For this reason there is extra energy available to drive the capacitor plates to generate thrust and directional control.

When the electrons that are flowing through the Tesla Coil also become mass-cancelled, the system then becomes super-conducting, which means the efficiency of the systems goes exponential. This accelerates the craft to extra-luminal velocities.

The strong, dual-spin rotating electromagnetic fields when increased in voltage create high frequency oscillations in the plasma of space. Unbounded by gravity, essentially the craft has then entered hyperspace.

Cosmic Star Family

To Seek out New Life and New Civilizations…”
– Gene Roddenberry, 1966

The Way to the Stars

The way to the Stars is the way of consensus with the human race as a whole, not by any one group competing for an advantage over another – it is first a way of inner consciousness before that way will ever be open to physical space flight.

There is a choice to be made – between the force of materialism of which gravity is a symbol, and the recognition and assertion of our humanity, our eternal nature and values which underpin our families and society, human civilisation on earth, our part in the wholeness of life.

The choice is yours to make and with it the promise of returning to our origins amongst the heavens rests.


Anla-shok – “We live for the One, we die for the One”
– The Rangers

galaxy merkahba

JonJonathan Eveleigh de Gaia lives in southern Europe. His career in process control (CERN; the JET fusion project) led him to research consciousness and new energy physics. He writes and teaches on ancient wisdom sciences, philosophy and citizenship in transition towards a galactic civilisation.

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