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Science of Consciousness

Quarterly Webinars, Weekend Seminars & Monthly Workshops

Jon Eveleigh

Jonathan Eveleigh provides esoteric, entertaining educational insight and teachings for personal and spiritual group development. His presentations and media work are designed to help us consciously shape a new society based on natural prosperity and spiritual laws, to move beyond past conditioning and to prepare humanity for conscious citizenship and entry into a galactic civilisation.

Jonathan is 62 years old. He lives in Portugal with his partner and has two daughters and a son in the UK. After a career in process control (Cern and JET Fusion Project) he now runs a renewable energy business, writes and teaches metaphysics. He has been a student of the Ancient Wisdom for 30 years.

Applied Wisdom

Webinars & Weekend Seminars

New Courses will be offered from Autumn 2019 in the Wisdom teachings – Creative Thinking and Nature of the SoulFind out more.

Topics explored recently – snippets!

The Geometry of Consciousness

Learning to Live in Harmony With the Spheres

galaxy_dodecahedron_zodiac_smEverything in our universal environment has a harmonic quality, in vibration related to the Sacred OM. Can we understand the Languague of God in number, music and geometry and is consciousness evolving in harmony with creation?

  • Discover the cosmic pattern that underlies life and creation.
  • Learn how to see and experience life as a mirror and a miracle of who you are, of oneness and the wonder of being.

With new insight into the etheric dynamics of the Spheres, in this Seminar we will recover, remember and integrate classic Western and ancient Wisdom Teachings relating humanity to an incoming consciousness of a new galactic civilisation.

Consciousness Through Great Ages

and Cycles of Time

An Esoteric Science of Precession

Golden ThreadsPrecession is an ancient science relating to the rise and fall of civilisations and of planetary consciousness through the Vedic Yuga great cycles of time. It is a science of fundamental importance for humanities recognition of our spirit of place in the cosmos.

Contemporary science views the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinoxes as merely a “planetary wobble”. Casting a reversed path upon theconstellations of the Milky Way, Precession indicates a higher way of ascension for the spiritual seeker. Yet what causes it? We will investigate the ancient Vedic science of the Yuga Cycles indicating that planetary consciousness and the rise and fall of civilisations has a galactic wavecycle and may be driven by a binary star dynamic with our Sun. What then are the implications for our humanity today as we step through Pisces into Aquarius and begin an ascension cycle towards a new Golden Age?

Heal Yourself” Seminar

Health Recovery and Healing with Spectro-Chrome Light Therapy

Prism of Light TherapyHow to work with Light for health and environmental harmony.

Would You Like – to learn about the Science of Light and how to use Light for health and wellness and in your home?

Our bodies are made of light. All physical molecules and elements vibrate to the frequency of colour. Light is sound and then electrical at a higher frequencies. We are living in an Electrical Universe.

For every illness there is a frequency of Light that can restore health. Spectro-Chrome has been used successfully by the medical profession, by therapists and privately. It is a simple technique that can easily be used personally at home and is complementary to all other modalities.

Seminar workshop with demonstration and discussion:

  • The Esoteric principles of Light Geometry
  • The Science and Art of Light, Colour and Sound
  • The Scientific Development of Spectro-Chrome
  • How to Use Spectro-Chrome Therapy


New Energy Science

The Ether Science of Electricity

Introduction to the Principles

of New Universal Energy Technology

Induction of energies characterizes natural life throughout the Electric Universe. This “human-scale” presentation shows how toroidal fields, musical resonance and transmutation take place through the universal ether with examples from Tesla, Moray, Russell and Bedini.

Consciously Creating Civilisation

Introducing Seed Groups

12_Sectors_of_SocietySeed Groups are energies streaming into human consciousness from cosmic origins of the One Life. Together they form a matrix or pattern of new civilisation inherent in the consciousness of humanity in seed form that may be brought into being by the work of consciously meditating groups. Seed Groups represent the blueprint or causal energies by which society can recreate itself and by which new culture can flower on Earth. See also Seed Groups International, an esoteric world service group project.

Presentation: 3 hour talk with discussion and meditation.

Are You Consciously Creating Your Reality?

One_world_consciousnessAre you fulfilling your mission in life? Learn how to create the change you are seeking. Find out how “experience matches Self-image”, how to create profound change from within, how to forgive and let go of the past and create new habits of personal empowerment and positive intention. You will receive practical tools to help unlock your full potential and explore together the inner journey to restore our love and trust in Life!

Meditation – a Way of the Heart

cosmic_fire_meditationConsciousness is the medium of our reality. Meditation is the bridge that links us to the Source of Creation and to our true nature of Loving Being. In meditation we can become one with the unified Mind and discover how the Unified Field of Consciousness can be intelligently expressed through our personal lives. Learn how to tap into being who you truly are, to access your true creative potential and to a universal Love/Wisdom that can enable you to become a conscious creator and co-server.

(See Awakening Life Creators Group – Monthly Workshops)

Time is Art – How to Live in Harmony with Universal Rhythm?

Natural_timeLiberate yourself from “man-made” time, it´s too stressful! Learn how to harmonise consciousness with universal Time – discover you Galactic Signature as a key to Soul guided living. It´s all about the magic of the Mayan Calendar and the Time is now!

The Sustainable Way of Living –

How to Create Harmony and Balance in Your Environment

human_communityDo you have some land or a garden? Are you getting the best from it? What is your relationship with Nature? Is it as productive and as fruitful as you would like? This is an opportunity to review your natural resources, we will deepen our relationship with our inner to outer Environment, and learn how to bring the elements into balance – to prosper with Nature.

If you would like to participate in, or arrange a Seminar or Workshop in your area this year, please contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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