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SOLSTICE – “Standing Still” With the Sun

Inspiring Civilisations – Re-discovering Reflections of Heaven on Earth.

Winter SolsticeThe Solstice Lines of Middle Earth – This Map of ancient roads of Celtic Europe reveals the pattern and pathway cast by the rising Sun across the land at the June and December Solstices – known throughout the ages as the Way of the Solar Hero.

Inspired by the patterns of the cosmos, a society and culture will naturally create a harmony between men and women and with their natural environment.

As humans we observe the Stars and the planets performing their dance in the heavens above.  Divinely guided societies have invoked and celebrated the marriage of the divine feminine and masculine within us.  Seeking the wedding of the two within ourselves, from age to age, human society begins to discover and reveal the sacred patterns that proceeds and lies within all forms that life takes. The Cosmic Pattern has always been the basis of new civilisations.

Celtic Solstice Europe

Our human world is a “Middle Earth”, or middle kingdom or realm designed to reflect a Cosmic Pattern of Creation through human consciousness, through men and women in our role as mid-wives and co-creators of Nature´s reflection that we can find all around when we harmonise with our natural environment.

The Way of Hercules – The Celtic Hero´s Journey

Cultures from the ancient world have expressed the Pattern of the Cosmos in different ways, ways that remain forever in our psyche for us to rediscover and reveal.  Those of us who have been inspired by the “Twelve Labours of Hercules” – the Hero´s Journey of our Western Mythology will recall that this “Son of God who was a Son of Man” having completed all the labours of the Zodiac, went onto fulfill His even greater task of World Service.

Apparently all of Europe was delineated and surveyed and the lines of the Solstice and Equinox Suns laid out across the lands with great precision.  To rediscover the Way of Hercules, or “Via Herakles” as it is known – one such perfectly straight track stretching along the longest line that can be drawn from the farthest West Atlantic coast (the Prominontory at Sagres, Portugal) to the Alps via the Pass of the Great Mother/Matrona to the Pillar of the Sun – is to remember and recall that as a people, we always knew where we were and the direction we were headed, here on Earth and in the higher heavens – for all roads, temples and meeting places were oriented and directed attention to the four quarters of the Path and Rhythm of the Sun, and to the Way of the Solar Hero.

The survey lines shown above are ancient trackways that mirror the paths of the rising sun on the June and December Solstice across Europe. Villages, towns that became cities and of course Temples, were sited along the original trackways. Along the lines are “Mediollanum” place names that literally mean “middle earth” or “middle-land”, Solstice and Equinox, markers placed by the Druid surveyors. The Solar patterns were reproduced across all Europe, through the British Islands and in Ireland. The centre of each land mass was identified as the “Omphallus” or Navel Centre of that land, from which the symmetry and underlying pattern was further revealed.

Marriage of Heaven and EarthIt is no wonder that when a culture is so inspired that it creates itself in the image of the heavens above, that great beauty is revealed as well as a way of living that brings man into harmony with nature.  Such a balance can be achieved only when Love  through consciousness has integrated all the opposites within and according to the plane or level of being. Evolving from tribal living, through the forming of nation states, to a world of one family, humanity is standing once again, now as a whole, on a threshold of restoring a balance through a more symbiotic cooperative partnership between humanity, the Soul or Sun and the Kingdom of Nature on Gaia – Middle Earth.

Ref: “The Ancient Paths – Discovering the Lost Map of Celtic Europe”, by Graham Robb

Impeccably researched by Graham, this is the only book by an archeologist, that I have read that truly inspires, for he recovers and presents a map of the Solstice and Equinox lines that formed the ancient trackways and provided the template for the whole of Celtic Europe.  The “Via Herakles”, one such Solstice trackway, stretches from the prominontary at the further most tip of the West Atlantic coast of Portugal, via the Pass of the Matrona, Great Mother to the Pillar of the Sun in the Swiss Alps. The heavens were brought to the Earth via this template that mapped out the solar rhythm and locates a great many of today´s towns, cities and roads.  Indeed, most of the roads assumed to be Roman were in fact Celtic.  The legends of Hercules are brought to life, as it and other lines aligned the people to the Chariot of the Sun and remember those mythical events. The sacred geometry that came from Egypt via Greece, the science (including the Metaton cycle) and high educational system of the Druids and the simple principles of a divinely inspired culture and harmless to the environment are all presented.

For me this is a significant breakthrough, for it makes one aware that we, as Europeans, have had that experience. It isn´t lost and gone forever as we thought and somehow made alien because quite simply the Celts lost out to the Romans. But it also explains to me how our history has played out from those earliest of days, through European hegemony, to our encounters with other indigenous peoples to the very current disconnect in society between the people and the politics. This remembering of a lost heritage and reminder that people (in Europe) can live in harmony with Earth and order their affairs according to higher principles comes at a critical time when a breakthrough from an unconscious past to the timelessness of a holistic culture is so needed.

The power of free women to stop battles is legendary. “Often when two armies approach each other in battle with swords drawn and spears thrust forward, these Celtic women step forth between them and cause them to cease, as though casting a spell over wild beasts”. Roman – Diodorus Siculus.
Useful inspiration when the battle of our modern times seeks the power of the united hearts to stand for the Love of Life over the love of money and profit. In our united hearts will flower forth the new culture and civilisation.

Discovering the Lost Map of Celtic Europe”, Graham Robb

One Response to “SOLSTICE – “Standing Still” With the Sun”

  1. Jonathan says:

    am a univerSoul
    crystalline spark of the Infinite One
    That exists through all dimensional realms.

    I know Who I am
    and achieve the Greater Purpose of Love
    as One with All That is.

    I manifest my Self here and now
    in my ever-expanding Creation
    as One with this sphere of living Light.

    I radiate Love
    and forever shine Its Radiance
    to and through All That Lives.

    I am a univerSoul
    and the sole purpose of my existence
    is to BE All That I AM.

    So be it and so it is

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