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Take Cosmic Flight with The Solstice Sun!

Take cosmic flight with the Solstice Sun!

Take Cosmic FlightS olstice meaning “standing Still with the Sun” is like a moment between breaths, a pause or interlude for listening into the Silence, when Nature speaks from the well-spring of wonder of the One Life in all beings. It is time for letting go, trusting that the winds of change will carry you leaving behind the broken leaves of Autumn, the structures we cling to, identities, longings and belongings – fly free! Cosmos is rebirthing and life is remembering the Song that sung the universe into being. Fly into being who you are, one of the Stars coming down to Earth!


“I endure in order to question
Transcending fearlessness.

I seal the output of intelligence
with the Cosmic tone of Presence
Guided by the power of Universal Fire.”

Today´s Solstice eve “keynote” for all “Cosmic Warriors” of the New Earth, from the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar.

With joyous love


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