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The Creating Christ – Invoking the Idea of the New Temple of Humanity

The New Temple of HumanityOur humanity is given a period of reflection. What must we let go of, what are the real needs and priorities that give shape, inspiration and meaning to our lives? As companions we are conscious of the need to shape a new future. It is a moment for receptivity to higher impression that will allow that which is new and seeking expression to reveal itself to our awareness.

This is a death experience for humanity and a birth of something entirely new. We must let go attachment to form and phenomenon, to organised structures, to familiar ways of working, realising that new wine cannot fill old bottles. A new cycle is now beginning that calls forth a new idea, a new vision, the potential for creative genius within every human soul.

Old structures and modes of working may no longer be serving, it is time to move on. Our humanity, love, compassion, and willingness to serve and to support one another has prepared a fertile ground for us to reclaim our innate human ability to create anew. For this new and next unfolding step, we look toward the ideating capacity of our souls. We invite you to join with us, to respond to that which ever guides us forward, to unfold the new creative techniques that give rise to the forms that will receive and express the synthetic consciousness of the group heart.

Every era of humanity builds a new Temple. What is the new idea, the work that will build the new forms within our societies, the more fitting etheric bodies to contain the synthetic consciousness of the incarnating soul, the new wine? What are the new modes – of social (and political) organising, of a sharing economy, of a soul education – the twelve petals of a new civilization reflecting the wisdom of the soul?

An era of aspiring to an ideal is ending. A new era of group conscious creative activity in service to the One Life can now begin. It is symbolised by the Aquarian Chalice pouring forth the redemptive waters of life through the higher mind of the world server group distributing the life more abundantly. It is humanity’s turn – we are Creators capable of creating new realities from ideas born of the soul.

Are you ready for the creative work of the Soul? From where ever you are we invite you to step up in order for humanity to move forward.

In group cocreative synthesis,

For a suggested meditation click here to download.

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