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The Crop Circle Company Logo – England, August 10

W hatever you may think about Crop Circles, ETs and the question “are we are alone in the Universe”, things just took a turn for the weird.

What is an American company logo doing in a field in the South of England?

Mothership Crop CircleMothership Logo left. Ansty Crop Circle of 10 August 2016 right: overlaid flower of life, ET alphabet of 20 glyphs or seals, nine petals, 33 divisions outer circle. A development of previous Crop Circles depicting a solar theme.

When this crop circle turned up in the village of Ansty on August 10, as if in a blink of an eye as usual, it caused quite a stir amongst those who are observant and interested in the unusual and mysterious side of life.

The idea that they are man-made, in the light of such complexity as the Ansty Crop Circle, is almost ridiculous, that is with technology that is openly available. Even if we could impress upon a field of wheat in an instant such an image without damaging so much as a single strand in that field of wheat, it would take a team of engineers several days, a mobile canteen and a large array of equipment as well as the use of cloaking technology since no human presence was ever noticed.

We are forced to ask questions that scientists and governments fail to explain – who is creating them and how? What technology do they have? Where do they come from? What is their purpose?

These Crop Circles speak to us individually and as a whole and really require a synthesis of impressions and intuitive group work to make meaningful sense of and to interprete. They stretch us to think outside the box and beyond the norm and only when we work together in an open non-fearful way do the puzzle pieces begin to reveal some meaning. In this way, as ever, we are nudged onward in our personal journey towards a deeper sense of connectedness to one’s true Self, our relationship to the Universe and an answer to the burning question, “Are we alone?”.

Taken as a whole, the symbol has been referred to as the “Biology of Light”. Why?

Notice that the design has 3 sets of leaves, 3×3=9, which is a number for initiation. This could represent new life for the Earth and for the human being.

There are 20 glyphs in what appears to be an extra-terrestrial language. There are 20 amino acids in our DNA. We know our DNA is moving from a 2 strand helix to a 3 strand helix to imprint more light into our vehicles. There are also 20 solar “seals” in the Mayan Calendar, perhaps suggesting an unfolding process in time.

The “flower of life” symbol in the center part of the crop circle is the geometric pattern for life and creation, the very seed of our existence, and is associated with Lord Metatron.

There are 33 notches around the outside of the symbol as there are also 33 vertebrae along the spine of the human body. It is a master number for the “Christ vibration” as is the number 8.

All in all, the Ansty crop circle may be imprinting a whole new “biology of light”, the Christ vibration, into our DNA and causal bodies and into the etheric body of the earth to help with building a new earth and a new humanity.

A good reference for anyone seeking such truth may be found in the book “The Keys of Enoch”. Whatever else we each may think, we can agree it is a truly a beautiful crop circle!

If the seeking of truth is what the Crop Circle mystery evokes from us humans, we would agree this can only be a good thing.

But then how on Earth has an American company logo come to be imprinted as this very same Crop Circle at Ansty?

The American company is called “Mothership Glass”. The outer glyphs of the Crop Circle translate as MOTHERSHIP, repeated twice, and can be seen imprinted on their glass products. Their designs and artwork are cosmically inspired and literally “out of this world”. Visiting their website one learns that they have outlets all over America and one in Japan.

Is this some kind of incredible marketing campaign? Who is really behind the company? Are they in league with ET’s, how did they get their logo imprinted in a crop field in the UK? Does this have anything to do with the secret American Space Program and the misappropriation of 100 billion dollars annually over the last 5 decades? This is far more than a mere puzzle; it has created a storm of bafflement and opens our minds to a torrent of questions.

There is no obvious answer though if there is one we can expect it, as truth is, to be quite simple. The powers that be, the media and governments, cannot simply ignore the whole question of the Crop Circle ET mystery and hope it goes away. A Crop Circle logo cannot be explained in the same category as a “man-made hoax” using mechanical means for such phenomena are as impossible for us to produce as are the Great Pyramids for us to construct, we simply don’t know how they were made. Nevertheless somebody does know, be they human or ET. So real answers must be demanded, and with so much deception and conflict in the world, isn’t it time enough for us to collectively begin asking: “What the hell is going on?”

On the darker side, when you dig deeper into the UFO phenomenon, it is now known that certain corporate America companies, on the inside of a huge deception surrounding the extra-terrestrial issue, have gained access to ET propulsion technology. An illegal Space Program has been a prime focus for an off-planet agenda since the 1970s and dates back to Roswell 1949, for which a blanket of secrecy and control has been cast throughout the world’s societies. The conclusion that other corporate entities, who have “inside” knowledge, have gained access to crop-making technology, also back-engineered from captured UFOs, would not be far-fetched.

This 10th of August Crop Circle showing the Mothership Logo is quite plausibly a hi-tech version of the “Doug and Dave” misinformation campaign of 20 years ago designed to cast doubt on the entire crop circle phenomenon.

It may also be an effort on the part of these same corporate entities, on the inside, to promote themselves using their “latest toy” – “back-engineered” technology, which they are very proud of, and which they long to show off to the world!

Placing the Mothership Logo in a wheat field in England, using “back-engineered laser technology” in one crop circle in 2016 does not prove all crop circle phenomena to be man-made any more than Doug and Dave proved the phenomena to be man-made 20 years ago using a ball of string and a few wooden planks.

It is all so easily meant to confuse and bewilder those who are seeking the truth.

This is a definite possibility! Check out the latest advances in drone technology mobilized to promote Intel Corporation if you have any doubts.

Who knows, maybe if you are so “tuned in” as part of the cosmic family, you too can be inspired and have your logo stamped in a corn field? I personally doubt that has any part of the cosmic plan which has everythingto do with consciousness. If there is no changing that, nothing changes, only more of the same.

There is one other conclusion I suggest we consider. The message of the Ansty Crop Circle may be an answer, not only to our own question, “Are we alone in the universe?” but a statement from Them:

“We are already here”!
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One Response to “The Crop Circle Company Logo – England, August 10”

  1. Trevor Ward says:

    I use to study CC’s years ago and got a lot out of the process and then felt in last 3 years that the phenomenon was over, that whatever the purpose had been achieved. I have to admit this one brings it back to the fore. It’s cleverly conceived even if the pattern is copied from a proprietary logo.

    Speculation about man-made vs other agencies is a mis-direct. The point is that they’re a product of consciousness. Artworks in nature carrying a narrative for whoever wants to work with them. Like an artist’s canvas, beyond the title it is open to observer what is being conveyed on whatever level of reality. You’ll be aware on the CCC page I pointed out the copying of the 20 glyphs from the glass pipes. Only the designer of those pipes knows the true source of the characters. Maybe inspired via smoking cannabis to open up communication with other dimensions. Hence an ancient script or light language. Or just doodling on glass or something like Arabic Calligraphy.

    One thing that remains constant is that it is still an enigmatic phenomenon. But usually mundane when I see formations with a “corduroy effect” [ie: layed down with planks in rows]. This formation doesn’t seem to have that effect.

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